Orgasm is the most intensely pleasurable sensation, what men and women can experience

An orgasm can be from a brief ejaculation till a full, mind blowing body rush. People, swingers, men, women, and couples, who are into casual sex, or no commitment sex, they are into, it, because they love to have orgasm. They love to have that incredible pleasure as often as possible.

Sometimes orgasm feels concentrated in my genitals, and sometimes it is diffuse, but it is always an incredible release, and explosion of pleasure that leaves little concentric circles rippling happily it its wake… a member women said, describing her orgasm.

Most of us think orgasm are about as good as it gets on the pleasure scale. Yet some anxiety frequently surrounds the world orgasm. Men worry about their penis size and  coming to soon.

While women worry about taking to long and big stretched pussy… When a woman is aroused, blood flow increase to the vagina, swelling the inner and the outer lips and the clitoris and causing natural lubrication.

With enough inn tense physical and psychological stimulation, she will reach climax, during which the vagina, sphincter, and uterus contract simultaneously, and the blood congested in the vaginal area suddenly rushes back to the body.

horny older womenOlder Women for Younger Men. Older women looking for younger men for casual sex.

The debate over whether or not   women have clitoral or vaginal orgasm or both, still continues.

Also there is and other, penis size and women orgasm related debate. What have to do penis size, love making, sex technique and women orgasm

One out female user asked it: How to orgasm with average size penis?

hot and hornyI have a lot of difficulty obtaining orgasm with men having smaller penises. I rarely have trouble with longer than 7.

I was wondering if any of the ladies would care to share any techniques or specific positions they use when with a partner having an average size penis, say 6 1/2 inches for the sake of this question.

Yes I’ve tried direct clitoral stimulation and yes to using dildos as well. I’d love to achieve an orgasm with just vaginal penetration.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have. Continue Reading>>>


moresomeYou could always just stick to the bigger ones…

An average sized guy that knows how to use it would do the trick. Problem is that all guys will tell you they know what they are doing but you won’t find out until you try them. Continue Reading>>>


LOL yes I am tending to stick to the bigger ones. But I hate to pass up on a really nice fella due to his penis size. Continue Reading>>>

sex positions

Casual Sex Positions

I have heard Doggy style allows the penis to go deeper and this may be helpful.
Continue Reading>>>


I know, doggy style is my favorite position, and it is pretty “useful” in a threesome. Continue Reading>>>


horny ladies I find that the cyberskin dildos give a wonderful orgasm due to their real filling a flexibility.  I am not experienced in such issues though because I myself do not like over 7 inches.

I wish you luck though hon. I know how frustrating it can be especially because I have never had a g-spot orgasm (all clitoral for me).
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older women younger menOverweight makes a woman´s vagina longer, because fat accumulates to the subcutis also around vulva’s area. I have heard and read that BBW women enjoy sex especially in the dog position and with the woman on top.

Additionally, if the guy is not smart enough to note, you might stimulate your own clitoris by yourself during act. Continue Reading>>>


erotic hugsIt does depend on the guy, not just on his penis size, but on his love making knowledge is too… But you can try different sex positions.
There are other, sex positions, not just doggy style, that do allow deeper penetration which you might enjoy.

It would help if he can go longer as well, like ramming you
harder for as long as it takes for you to orgasm.

Using an ANAL toy while he is inside you will help with vaginal orgasms as well.
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better sex tips

I prefer average-sized penises, but I noticed that the woman on top position seems to result in deeper penetration and in clitoral stimulation morose than some of the other

Of course, if you really have problems with this, I think you might want to consider sticking to guys who are 7 inches or longer. Continue Reading>>>


If you really want to come from a guy with an average or small cock, missionary is the best position. Here’s the thing though.

While you are laying on your back bring your knees up to you chest. The closer your legs are to you head the easier it will be for him to hit your g spot. Also if he is overweight do the same thing but rest you legs/ankles on his shoulders so when hes thrusting you hitting your g spot his stomach can rub and stimulate your clit at the same time.

I’m a little over 4 inches erect, and it consider as small penis, and it has always worked for me with many partners. Hope this helps!

Oh, and if you feel like you have to pee during this just relax that’s the orgasm trying to come release… Continue Reading>>>

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