Our Own Naughty Sex Party

We’ve had more then few mfm threesomes  with guys from  SwingersCouple’s website… All of those threesomes was great, because we select our playmates very carefully. We are going to have few more 3sum, that is for sure. The next opportunity comes soon…

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We will have our own naughty sex party… We will call it Santa’s Naughty Sex party. Of course we plan to have mfm threesome too at that sex party.

My issue is… The other day my wife asked me if she could invite a male customer from her work to join us, and I said no.  I don’t think that would be a “carefully” sex partner sectional… My feeling is; One thing to invite people from a casual  sex dating web site to have threesome with us, because that’s why they’re here too.

But to invite someone from work… is completely different. I don’t think we should mix work with pleasure,  because if the guy start to talk, it can make life  at work very difficult for my wife… What do you think? Continue Reading…


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It would depend on how well wife knows this person, but I would want to meet him first and see what my gut said.

I do understand you wanting to keep your casual sex activities private,  also you need to understand there is always a risk and if your wife want to fuck someone, she will fuck that person, with or with out you anyway… So you are not in an easy position…

The only way out… tell your wife, ok we will play with the guy, but only if he brings his wife or his girlfriend. This way both of you will be covered a little bit. Continue Reading…


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We are new here, I don’t see one bit of difference between meeting someone on here vs. a bar, club, party or even at work.

If you don’t know them you don’t know them no matter where you meet and really, in the long run, aren’t we all looking to meet people to have sex or other types of relationships all the time?

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing our goal is usually to make some kind of connection, even at work.

If you are going plan to have no string attached sex with your wife then don’t turn away a potentially hot time due to where you meet. It can be too hard to find compatible people to turn any away for trivial reasons.

Have fun and allow the wife to get what she wants and you will usually be happy with her choices! Continue Reading…

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Getting mixed casual sex with a customer/client is never a wise move. If things go wrong then her job could be on the line if the customer is the vindictive sort. Continue Reading…



Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading>>>

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party. Threesome as a Christmas present…

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I can see where you’re both coming from but I would also advise caution. There are plenty of places to meet new potential casual sex partners but work place should be special. Unless she works in a swingers club or a brothel, I wonder about the wisdom of allowing your private and public lives becoming entangled.

What would happen if the threesome with the customer doesn’t go well? Think how damaging a disgruntled former lover could be to her professional reputation.

While I think it’s wonderful that your wife is expressing her sexuality, perhaps it’s best to save the idea for a role play or find another playmate…. Continue Reading…


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In retrospect….the people on here are in a sense right “off the street”. For all you know the person she wanted to invite could have a membership on here or even another similar site.

I think a better consideration for rejection might be that since she knows the person (as a customer) it could be viewed in the old adage “never shit where you eat” kind of thing. Messing around with a person that does business with a place where she is employed could in the end open a can of worms that would best remain unopened. Continue Reading…

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