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A threesome can be male – female – male, or male – male – female, or female – male – female, or female- female – male.

The trio of male – female – male MFM, is two str8 men have sex with a woman. The male – male – female, scenario is two bi or bi curious men, or one bi and one bi curious man have tree way sex with a woman.

The trio of female – male – female scenario is two str8 women have sex, make love with one man.

The last group is female- female – male, when two bi curious women, or one bi curious and one lesbian plus one man have sex. If she is  lesbian, than usually the man not allowed to have vaginal penetration with her, in fact very often not allowed to to touch, play with her. Continue Reading…

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Threesomes can be a lot of fun, but the first few never happens how it supposed to happen… In the first few threesome something always goes wrong…

Sometimes the couple had different ideas, or the male can’t handle to watch his wife while she having more fun with him… Or some other times the extra guy can’t perform… The only advice I have is: Be yourself, be polite and keep you had cool… than you will do find, and than if they call you back, at the second time you will have a lot of fun… Continue Reading…


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We are here on this website for a while and somehow it does not work for us. We, my husband and I want to try a mfm (male female male) threesome and all men chickens out, before the potential meet…

Actually some of them even earlier change their mind… Usually when they hear, they have to play with me and with my hubby.

My hubby, he is a very sweet guy, he is absolutely not bi, not even close and he is a lot of fun to be around, so I have no any idea, why guys run a way… Continue Reading…


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We are a married Asian couple, originated from Vietnam. She is a truly hot, extremely sexy gorgeous woman.

I am an average Asian man, and unfortunately it means  my penis is smaller than and average North American man’s penis… However our sex life ok, she did not give birth for any child yet and she is, like many other Asian women, very thigh down there.

One of my fantasies has been to watch my wife having sex with a well hung guy. She is into this too, because she want to try how would it be…

I know I play with the fire… because she might like the big cock better, than my Asian… but no fun with out risk… Continue Reading…

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Well, if you are open minded enough, you can spice things up different way. You can introduce yourself as a third person in a threesome or you can introduce someone for being a third person in your couple’s life. It is up to you, but either way, you should know what to do.

Male – female – male threesome sex position related information. How to have a threesome in doggy style? Click on the next picture for more.

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Is she into anal sex? If she say yes, for anal sex than do anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would any woman want to have two cocks in her? How to enjoy the two cocks in you at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

If anal sex does not hurt you, you may want to try to double penetration. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you. Double Penetration Tips for Women


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Women, men both alike if we talk about erotic fantasies. Today more women fantasies about sex with with multiply partners than men. Continue Reading…

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Two men and woman can have a lot of fun together. Of course two women and  and a man also can have a very erotic time… I do not wan to get into any details, about threesome sex and a possibilities in threesomes. Let’s say they are are many… not endless, but with willing partner,  you can have and or any man or woman can have almost unlimited erotic fun. Continue reading…

I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.


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In a threesome people can be bi or strait,  women can bi bi, or full lesbian. She plays with the other lady, and the man plays with the other lady too. It sounds liker fun a.

Some of the women are into double penetration. For a double penetration usually need a man and a  dildo… However a double penetration much more better with two guys… Continue reading…

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Anyways, I do not want to waste your time here, if you are looking for threesome and or threesomes related info, you can find them here.

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My first threesome True based erotic story.

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There are a lot of married men around who want to be a swinger and their wife doesn’t. They say that their wife just not into sex anymore. At first every healthy human into sex. That is for sure swinging is not for everyone, not everybody into no commitment or casual sex. And this is fine. Nobody should push anybody to have casual sex.

Those men who want to swing, but their wife doesn’t, has complained their wife’s sex  drive. They said that,  their sex life became  like Holiday in US. They have once a month and their wife make then feel like she did a favor for them. This is not right and this has nothing to do with her. Unfortunately many married  men knows what I am talking about.

This happens because of her sex drive. The past few years has been a lot of focus on male sexuality, penis enhancement products, mainly to make sex life better, to give her bigger and better orgasm. However the women was ignored. It doesn’t matter how good a man in the bed if she isn’t turned on. If her libido is low she still can fake the orgasm, but sooner or later she will get tired of fake it and she wont even bother to open her legs for any man. Sex became work for her, and sex should be fun…

You as a man can have a giant size penis and even if you are able to get your giant manhood erected several times, orgasm after orgasm, it wont make her cum if her sex drive doesn’t functional correctly. Of course there are love making techniques and clitoral stimulations, that might make her reach an orgasm, but this will need a lot of patience from her sex partner. Unfortunately a horny guy, with a rock hard penis doesn’t have to much patience.

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