Penetrative Sex During Menstrual Cycle

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Personally I don’t like blood bath, so this one is not for me, however there are a lot of men loving it, my man too.

I know  a lot of women are very horny during their “red tag” days, so if you are like Dracula… go for it, have a blood bath. Who ever is tried, stated… It can be a lot of fun.

You are a woman and your man is like Dracula, he smells blood and that turns him on immediately. What you do? Continue reading…


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I find that my sex drive is stronger during my menstrual cycle, so I am hornier than usuall , however there is a catch.

The sex is better, and some men likes it, or even they just don’t care… but the excruciating cramps afterwards often make it not worth it.

I have a friend, she said sex during her period actually helps and make her feel better. Continue reading…

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For me during my period is when I have my most intense orgasms and its when I’m the horniest too. Plus my pussy extra wet 🙂 , but not all men are into blood bath… I wish I can find someone like your man, that would be nice… Continue reading…


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I never thought much about it in my earlier days, because my x partner would not touch me during those red days…

But my present guy does not care mother nature knocking, or not he enjoys sex on those days too.

He also likes to go down on me, but that is to much, I do not let him but I think just because I do not let him perform oral, it turns him on even more, and I like that… Continue reading…

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In my 20s and 30s, I used to go into HEAT when I had my period! I’d become insatiable.

Fortunately, my partner was not a bit put off by it, so we both made a lot of great thing. I am in my forties now, and my period is very weak, and last only 3 days, but I am still very horny during my period…

And yes, sex during period definitely helps with menstrual symptoms. Orgasms relax all those muscles that tend to want to cramp during my period.

Also, semen thins menstrual flow and breaks down those clots that often cause cramps. What a much more fun solution than Midol and a hot water bottle! Continue reading…


Vaginal intercourse during my period. By the way I loving it…

Menstrual Sex – no fly zone, or adapt and overcome?

Sex – women & menstruation