Pregnant Women And Valentine’s Day Sex

Guys please make me understand what it is with having sex with a pregnant woman?  I have a friend he is obsessed. He is invited to an erotic Valentine Day party, and a pregnant girl will be there too, and he just can’t stop fantasize about her… Continue reading...

local horny womenWell, different people like different things, and some people do gravitate towards anything that they think of as taboo. Pregnant women are often seen that way, especially if they are pregnant by someone else. Continue reading...


erotic dating adsIf you are turned off by your friend’s obsessions, find ones that think differently, or get pregnant… Continue reading...


I wouldn’t want to have sex with a pregnant woman only
because I don’t want to jeopardize in any way her pregnancy. She has too much invested and if anything went wrong, she would not forgive herself and possibly me. Continue reading...


Pregnant women look and taste better and always wet. That’s why majority of men love them. Continue reading...


adult dating ads I understand your  friend.

Each to their own. Sensual and sexy are taken to a new level with some  pregnant woman.

They hormones work in overdrive during pregnancy, so of course they want tog et laid too… Continue reading...


Pregnant women tend to “glow” – something about them is different (and not just the physical shape) – it makes them more attractive. Continue reading...

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Except for the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy, there’s little risk to the woman or her baby in having sex. In fact, doctors hint that sex is actually helpful to the woman because it stretched the vagina and exercises the muscles she will use during childbirth.

Sex with a pregnant woman can be very pleasurable for both man and woman. The woman’s vagina is usually well-lubricated and her breasts are larger than normal… her nipples are more sensitive.

Intercourse is very enjoyable, and tit-fucking is really nice.

One more thing. Many pregnant women think they are fat and no longer attractive, and a man that let’s them know they are still sexy (and more so) will have a very enjoyable experience. Continue reading...


erotic adult datingIt’s no chance that they can get that woman pregnant if it’s not theirs already.

If you can’t relate you’ll probably never understand, as with many things in the world. Continue reading...


eat my pussyHormones!

Their sex drive goes through the roof and they smell and taste better because of the hormones. Continue reading...


I know that when my wife was pregnant for some reason her body was more sensitive and she enjoyed sex alot more.

For me, it was a turn on, and I really can’t tell you why, to have sex with her while she was pregnant. Her breast were fuller, and like I said, she was alot more sensitive and got alot more pleasure from the things we did.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed the breast milk. There is no reason to worry about hurting the pregnancy by having sex as long as you don’t do something crazy.

We had sex almost right up until the baby was born, which the doctor said would not be a problem, in fact it was a good exercise for her.

I am still turned on by pregnant woman and think most are very sexy. Continue reading...

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adult datingI have had 4 children. At first I didn’t see/reconise the responses from men. But I did see it when I had my second child.

There were 9 years between 1 and 2. My X would get so crazy with all of the attention that I received just being pregnant.

Men would rush ahead to open doors, pull out chairs, carry things for me etc. I swear, sometimes it was like all I had to do was look in a direction and 4 men would run to grab
whatever for me.

I pastes off the ‘GLOW’ falisey as being pregnant for a majority of the summer.

Born at the end of July. Public places… a man had more than once gotten up so I could have a chair to ‘put my feet up.’ Being fanned by a stranger because he thought I looked warm. The list of ‘strange’ goes on.

However, the biggest of them all was the men who would ‘Hit on ME.’ Like most women, by the time I was in my 6th month, I couldn’t wear my rings any longer. Or a watch for that

I noticed several men checking out my left hand before making advances. I was unawaer I guess, that this was an issue for men.

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