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Are you a single man and looking for a lady  to have casual sex with?

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Single Guys & Casual Sex Relationship. Single men & swinging

Single men often wonder why it is so hard for them to get into the swinging scene. It is simple, swinging is couples games. Sorry to say this but it is fact 95% of swingers are couples. Most of them are married. They do not need complication in their life, they do not looking any emotional attachment. Just fun recreational sex as an enhancement to an already healthy primary relationship. For most of them friendship and erotic chemistry is very important. They are very selective about with who they will share their sex life.

Therefore if you are a single guy and you are looking for recreational sex only, you might end up better if you try to find a open minded lady, who is looking for the same… Sex partner to have recreational sex or casual sex relationship. However if you really want to get into the swinging lifestyle, there are many ways…

Bisexual Swinger Women

A high percentage of female swingers are bisexual. Fewer men are openly bisexual but that is gradually changing. Couples generally seek other couples. Couples with a bi female often seek another couple with a bi female, or a single female. This benefits both the man & the woman. Therefore, fewer couples seek to add a second male unless it’s something the woman wants or they are seeking a bi male. As far as married men playing discreetly without the wife, very, very few couples will accept that. Cheating is something that is very contrary to the concept of swinging.

Swinger Couples & Single Men

Probably you already know that, not to many couples looking for single men, and in fact not to many swingers club let single men in to their dances. Clubs who do let single men in, they do it for money. Single men have to pay a hefty entry fee. In clubs like this will be a lot of guys and just few ladies. However some couples seek extra men. Some couples interest in three or more some, gang bang or the husband just like to watch his wife during sexual act and maybe he’ll later participate in too. If you are looking for something like this, it wont be easy but as I wrote it above, it can happen.

Probably you already heard that, “Looking for couples and select single men”. Select means that you must be clean, polite, well dressed and well mannered. If you’re not all of these things this is not for you. If you are a nice, clean, polite guy and if you really working hard to get into the lifestyle, sooner or later, with a lot of luck, you might succeed.

You best chance is, try to find older married couple by browse the Internet. I am not talking about grandma age, a mid or late forties couple can be your best starting point. One important think to understand about couples (and women) who are in this lifestyle, is that every couple plays for this a reason. And this reason is not depends on their age. They swinging for their own personal enjoyment, not yours. They wont entertain you, you have to entertain them. Some of them are interested only in other couples, some of them looking for women only, some others just like the atmosphere and like to watch and to be watched. Also as I stated at above middle aged or older couples often like to play with single men, (this is where you might come in).

Why middle aged or older? Because middle aged couples relationship is very strong, they know each other very well, they might play together for longer time. They not jealous and they know swinging will not destroy their marriage.

Few tips for you how can you start

All couples have a set of rules by which they play, and vary little from those rules. Don’t try to change them, it won’t work and you will appear pushy. Be a gentleman, a classy guy. Just because a woman like to have sex, doesn’t mean she appreciates vulgar language or suggestive remarks. Good manners and social skills are more important here than anywhere else. Be yourself, be real and socialize. Talk with the husband too, try to build a friendship with him. Remember, if he doesn’t like you then you’re not getting anywhere with his wife. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry. It the play time comes, they will let you know, when is the time right to take the next step.

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