Recreational Sex & Swinging

A lot of sexologists states that, our today’s adult world has developed three kinds of sex. They are romantic sex, reproductive sex, and recreational sex.

We do not need to talk about reproductive sex. Everyone know that, this is the sex to have baby…

Romantic sex is for couples, who are in very deep love, they are young and they will spend many years together, but baby making is not in their mind. List not yet. Nothing wrong with this, in fact it is very nice and even will be nicer if you can manage something like this in your life time.

Recreational sex and Swinging is very close, but not the same. Recreational sex is a sexual activity for the purpose of having erotic fun without re-producing anything, basically most of the swingers looking for this too. But people who are married and looking for recreational or casual sex, might not be swingers and they did not want to share their spouse, husband or wife with others. They just want to have some extra fun. In simple English those guys and galls are cheaters…

However there is a way to mix romantic sex and recreational sex for the pleasures, and once again, you do not need to be a swinger. Usually single people do this, but they do not call it swinging. They call it dating, erotic dating and one night stand.

If something like this is in your mind, and if you have found this page because you are looking for men or women to have casual sex with… than you should not go any further. Check out our partner’s members, and I am sure you will find men, women and couples in your neighborhood, who are looking for the same thing. Check them out here.

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