Recreational Sex

Our today’s open sexuality adult world has developed three kind of sex. They are romantic sex, reproductive sex, and recreational sex.

Swinging and recreational sex, in other word casual sex are very close. Recreational – casual sex is a sexual activity for the purpose the having erotic fun, orgasm, or even several orgasms, without re-producing anything.

This is what most of the swingers looking for. However there is a way to mix romantic sex for the pleasures of recreational sex. Usually single people do this, but they do not call it swinging. They call it erotic dating.
Recreational sex or casual sex can include any form of sex but in the end there is the sexual fulfillment. It can include anal, oral, gay, lesbian, activity in the same room or different room with or without full sex partner exchange.

There are some necessary components of recreational sex.

Adult Personals Vidoe Profiles
Adult Personals Vidoe Profiles

First: You might need and extra partner. Single people just need a partner, however couples need extra person, if they really want to explore recreational sex with out love. No commitments – sex only.

Second: Honesty. Most of the swingers believe, their shared erotic fun enhances their committed relationship. Only open minded, honest couples can share erotic fun with others. These couples know that, love and sex are in two different things. Open minded people understand that, their spouse or mate can experience great sexual pleasures with others. To make it socially acceptable the couple need to be honest with each other. If one spouse is dishonest, he/she will have an affair and hide it from his/her mate. Things like this can destroy anyone’s committed relationship.

Third: Open communication. To find out if there is a way to experience the potential sexual fulfillment and sexual variety with others there must first be open communication between the spouses. It is very simple, you have to talk about it. It is simple to write down, but in some cases it is hard to start to talk, but somehow you have to. The partners should openly discuss their sexual needs, their sexual fantasy, (even if this fantasy includes others) with their mate.

Within an open minded people’s marriage recreational sex won’t ever put their relationship at risk. He might get the opportunity to experience the feel of another female body and have intercourse with another female. He might perform sexual activities that he doesn’t with his spouse and he might watch his wife having a great time with other men.

She will have opportunity to experience other man’s hard cock. If she wants, she can experience the multiplied pleasures of two or more males. Two or more cocks, a lot of women would love to have those and many guys would love to participate in an erotic scenario like this…  If we talk about sexual fulfillment, two guys can do better jobs than one and two males can better serve her her sexual needs. She can try lots of erotic things that she can’t with one man only. Only her fantasy and the sky is a limit.

However the couples should not diminish their love for their primary partner and their relationship will be stronger and better than ever before. Just imagine, a man sees his lovely wife while having an orgasm with another man. He might hold her hand or even participate. All this happens with his permission. After this kind of experience, there is nothing that you cannot talk about with each other. I used man in this example, because in a lot of cases, at first swinging is harder on a man.

Fortunately, day by day more mature, open minded adults – couples and singles – comes to enjoy the lifestyle for the pleasures of recreational sex.

Swingers Magazine with Swingers Forum
Swingers Magazine with Swingers Forum

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