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You have heard about cuckolding and wondered if you might be a secret cuckold or at least want to be and not even know it? Maybe you’re just in denial or confused but hey that’s why we put together this list of the Top 5 Ways to tell if you’re a Cuckold.

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Top 5 Ways to tell if you’re a Cuckold, if two or more of these apply to you, than odds are you have cuckold tendencies and don’t even know it!

1. You Jerk Off Picturing Your Wife with Other Men
2. When You Go Out with Your Girl You Hope She Flirts
3. You Buy Her Outfits Knowing They Are Revealing
4. You Get Hard When Your Friends Say She’s Hot
5. Your Idea of a Threesome is Two Guys and Your Girl

If any two of these applied to you than you’ll probably love cuckolding and should let it be known. Continue Reading…


cuckold coupleCaga196000

You are talking about us…  In our case, you hit the nail on the head with your list.

We are definitely a cuckold couple and we are loving it… Continue Reading…

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My wife was cheating on me few years ago with my young neighbor.  He was and still he is 23 years younger than she is. He worked evenings and his wife is like me worked at days.

I became suspicious that he always seemed to be at our house when I came home and,
one day, I just came out earlier than I should and he was fucking my wife in our marital bed… They both looked at me a little sheepishly…

The neighbor got his pants on and left quickly, leaving my wife sprawled on the bed with his cum dripping out of her shaved  pussy. Just to look at her like that turned me on…

I did not know how to react at first. I mean, I am over fifty  years old. My best fucking days are well behind me. So part of me was glad my wife was getting laid by this well-hung young stud.

Few weeks after I told them I don’t mind, but if it happens,  I want to know it,  and if is possible I want to see it. For return the “favor” I wont tell the neighbors wife. I know it is like blackmailing him, but he was the one he started to fuck my wife so deal with it…  And he dealt with… Continue Reading…

older womanSometimes I would get terribly jealous, but mostly I was just obsessively turned on by the whole situation.

On those days when they had sex I began to eat her pussy after sex, I was wondering if I was licking up the neighbors’ s cum. Sometimes it seemed unusually puffy and wet,  I know at those times my neighbor fucked her real hard in details.

In a way it made sense, since I really could not fuck her properly anymore. It was very confusing, but in time, it just seemed like the new normal. When she was horny, the neighbor came over, fuck her. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I don’t but I always eat out her fucked sloppy pussy. She came (or faked) from oral easily.  I think it really excited her to have her cuckold husband clean her lover’s cum out of her pussy. Continue Reading…

Then the neighbors workplace’s had a big shale up and our neighbors had to work a lot more and in  different hours.  Apparently this cut into his opportunities to fuck my wife.

At one night my wife said, ” I think I need my pussy eater to eat my pussy, but  lately there is nothing in to eat out of it”! Right then I knew we need to find an other guy…

That brought us here… but not easy to find a willing man. A man who is able and willing to fuck my older wife at front of me… or if not front of me just to knowingly, I know it and or might watch it…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy

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