Sex during period is just like anal sex

It is just something to add to the yesterday’s sex during her menstrual cycle blog post. Sometimes in some cases things make me wonder. I just want to ask; Are you that hard up to have sex?

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I recently told a guy I couldn’t have sex him with because I was having my period. He said he didn’t mind. I thought that was so gross.

Do all guys think that way? Let me know. Continue reading…


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Many men have no problem having sex when a women is on her period. It’s not that uncommon actually.

Many women like that a man will have sex when she is menstruating, but not all guys think that way. Many men do not like go for it on red tag days… Continue reading…

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I do not have problem with it, even though it would not be my first choice of sexual activity…

I’ve known many women who loved having sex when they were menstruating.  Actually it can be fun… no dry vagina that is for sure. I use condom and she use use some towels underneath us to prevent staining…  Continue reading…


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Me… having a period never bothered any of my partners. I didn’t like it for the first couple of days but after that a couple of towels down and we had a good time, never a problem.

But I must say I am finally glad to be past having them to worry about. Continue reading…


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Wife and I always have sex during her period. We usually wait until about day 4 just because of the mess.

Nothing wrong with getting laid when the gal is bleeding, it sure makes for a wet pussy. Continue reading…



Vaginal intercourse during my period. By the way I loving it…

Menstrual Sex – no fly zone, or adapt and overcome?

Sex – women & menstruation


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Some guys don’t mind, some do…

Sex during period is just like anal sex. You have to ask the particular guy you are curious about, and he have to love it or hate it…

Take it or leave it. If they love it, than is no problem. If they hate it, than they wont do it. The problem arrives, when one of them wants it and the otehr hates it… Continue reading…


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Studies have shown that sex during menses tends to reduce pain and cramping associated with menstruation. True… can be messy but soap, water, and towels take care of that, if it isn’t your cup of tea no one is holding a gun to your head.

However, no need to disparage those who do indulge their proclivities. Continue reading…

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I love period sex with an already established partner, not a new one. The blood is already flowing to the genitals, so it’s very sensitive and the orgasms are more intense especially when I’m cramping.

I get very horny during my period too. Orgasms, I guess, push the blood out quicker,
as it seems as though my period is shorter if I do have sex on my period.

I have only met a few guys who had issues with period sex. One guy said it look like he stabbed me with his dick.  Continue reading…


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It is always up to the individual’s tastes… Some people like it and some don’t.

Not necessarily wrong with either choice. Continue reading…


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Few months earlier someone posted something similar…   I told at that time and I can’t tell anything else right now…

As as a youngster I never had sex when I had my period, as the guys didn’t seem interested and the mess was something to consider.

But I have a friend, and she said  she said she use a diaphragm… I tried it and that thing works fine… no mess, no worries. Continue reading…