Sex during pregnancy. You do not know what you are missing if you avoid sex during pregnancy.

How do men feel about sleeping with pregnant women? I mean not just sleeping sex during pregnancy.

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Just curious about how men feel about pregnant sex. Does a girl need to tell you before she is showing? Does it matter if its  yours or not? Is it a fetish for some guys? Does it make sex different, good or bad? I’m looking to find out some answers. Continue Reading…

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Pregnant women are very sexy and very hot and they are usually horny. I don’t think it’s fetish, but what ever it is… I find them sexy and they are big turn on for me.

Of course you have to realize “no rough sex” however sex during pregnancy is extremely satisfying… list for me. Continue Reading…


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Sex with pregnant women is usually the best sex. Women usually
have a higher hormones and stronger sex drive during pregnancy time.

Would love to have  sex with pregnant woman,  she carry my child or not would not make any different… Continue Reading…



For the guy who loves his spouse, seeing her pregnant was a really cool and sexy thing. As far as sex was concerned, it didn’t feel any different than when she wasn’t pregnant.

I don’t remember when we stopped but we pretty much followed her doctors recommendations.

As long as she said it was okay, we kept on. Continue Reading…


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I’m not going to condemn it. Married men probably have sex with their wive a lot when they are pregnant. The wives are pregnant I mean.

So I am guessing that its common enough.  As far as single pregnant women go, it probably couldn’t hurt to say, especially if she is showing anyway.

As far as cheating wives go, that’s pretty disgusting in my opinion.

As far as the quality goes, if the woman is not really far along, I don’t see why it would make any difference. I know that some guys do have a strong preference for pregnant
women. Continue Reading…


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During my wifes pregnancies I was very fortunate in many ways :-).  She was healthy and strong as a horse, full of life (pardon the pun) and very “glowing” sexy and horny and we made love well into the latter stages of her pregnancy.

We discovered new positions and techniques along the way and it stood us in good stead for many years so I reckon it’s fine. Continue Reading…

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My ex told me that when I was pregnant that is some of the best sex he ever had. He said I was absolutely sexy when I was carrying his child. Also I was extra horny during my pregnancy…. I just could not get enough… Continue Reading…


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My wife was the most beautiful and sexy during her pregnancies. We had the best sex ever right up to delivery on all.

She loved it and so did I. Then once she healed up her tits would squirt milk when she came and I loved that too. So I would say that pregnant sex and lactating sex is a real turn on and would like to keep doing it (no more babies for me tho!)…. Continue Reading…


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My husband loves sex with pregnant women. He finds pregnant women to be very erotic. We had a whole lot of great sex during all of my three pregnancies.

I was horny beyond belief, I could not get enough! Neither of us has ever understood this
hands off the pregnant lady philosophy that so many have.

How do you think she got that way?!? Um, SEX! LOL!

I get that some cannot have sex during pregnancy, because of some reason, for them sex is  high risk. That’s unfortunate, but it happens. If you have no such complications enjoy the time.

Your breasts are fuller and more sensitive, your entire vaginal area is full with blood, therefore more sensitive.

Take advantage of it and have some fun. I loved being pregnant, I just felt good and the sex was a terrific bonus. You do not know what you’re missing if you avoid sex with your partner during pregnancy. Continue Reading…


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That is what we thought… people try to pick everything apart. Even before that post Teri and I figured she was pregnant close to 30 months.

Not including the time of the lost one we figure we had sex 23 or 24 out of the remaining 27. We say she was ‘showing’ 16 of those months and it I wont deny it was a HUGE turn on to me.

There is something about a pregnant woman that makes her VERY sexy to me. There is a twinge of jealousy in my soul that I can’t feel that ‘love’ growing inside of me.

I love my kids but I can’t even imagine how much stronger that bond is. And how can a woman explain it to a man?

As for pregnancy and lifestyle? Most we know ‘backed out’ PRIOR to pregnancy and were not very active during. Many continue to come to parties and may play orally.

We’ve met one or two who played until the end.

We have met men (in and out of lifestyle) who wont have sex with preggers. And women who wont.

It’s a personal thing, a personal choice. I know with one of our kids a scheduled c-section we had sex before leaving for hospital, it was her wish, because she was hornier than hell. With one child we didn’t have sex last 9 weeks, was her choice again, she wasn’t horny and could not stop vomiting…. Continue Reading…



Pregnant women are very sexy and horny too. The glow they carry and the desire they have to still feel sexy during this time of change in their body allows them to appear desirous!!!! As for who’s child it may be, doesn’t matter if you are both enjoying the moment. Continue Reading…

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