Sex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me

Russian hottieDo your sexual desires, needs, quality change, or quantity as you age?

When I was in my twenties I’ve heard people saying sex is getting better then you are in your forties. I didn’t even think about older than that, no disrespect to anybody who is older than me.

I couldn’t actually believe that! But now I’m forty, and sex is getting better with the age (well, if you are with the right partner). Right when I think it can’t get any better: it does!
How does it work for you? Continue Reading>>>

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I am a over forty, almost fifty years old man. I go for quantity… after one or two quickie, will come the quality… which will take times and a lot of horizontal mambo-jambo… Continue Reading>>>


My needs and desires haven’t really changed. They have basically been the same all this time. One thing that has changed is, when I was younger, I basically just thought about my needs, where as now, I think about both our needs.

Also, in my younger days, it was a 100 meter sprint, whereas now, it’s more of a long distance event. I quite enjoy it for being so. And my partners enjoy it too. Continue Reading>>>


Welcome to the over 40 club!! I’d have to agree. I understand my body and what pleases me much more than when I was a just a young chickie.

My tastes and desires have expanded. Plus my sex drive has increased from wanting 2-3 times per week to at least daily. And then sometimes multiple times per day. It’s all good… Continue Reading>>>


older women younger menA lot better than I expected. I was like you, never thought
beyond my forties. But now that I am in my retired age I don’t think
about it that way, better than…. or any better.

I take what comes and it makes me very happy, thank you, there
isn’t no doubt that at some point it will stop, but I don’t anticipate, it will be anytime soon, because my hormones and my sex drive works the same way since my late forties.

Even better, I don’t think about what will I do, when I will have enough sex for lifetime. Continue Reading>>>


I think its because we are getting good at it. We are more open about it now. Sometime at a stuffy party start a sex conversation, now the party gets fun.

I don’t think we were as brave in our teens and twenties. We also are better at sharing  with our partners what we like and we should be ask them as well.

When I was in young I tried to look like I knew what I was doing. Now I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Yes I am still learning the skill also. Continue Reading>>>

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Sex is like a good wine, getting better with the age. However age is not something, that you most to have to have great sex. Older men and women have experience and experience makes it perfect…

But because the Internet boom,  young people can learn a lot about sex.  When I was young we did not have any love making literature, sex educating videos, etc… We had to figure everything ourself out. Continue Reading>>>


horny womenI think it definitely gets better as you get older. When you are younger, all you care about is getting someone naked.

If you score, fabulous. If you are female and you came too – even better.

But as I get older, I find that the connection with the other person is even more important. That connection allows me to explore my boundaries and  experiment, and do things that never occurred to me when I was in my 20s.

Sex is a completely different experience for me now and I enjoy it tremendously. Continue Reading>>>


It’s gotten much better for me since I have gotten older. The adventurous side of me was forced to behave during a horrible marriage that was very abusive. Sex was his way and I got nothing out of it but had to endure the act.

For two years after the divorce, I didn’t have sex-I had no desire, and didn’t date at all. Then I met a very smooth and very skilled guy, named Mac who was so patient, so gentle with me. He showed me how sex is supposed to be and he led me into a world filled with eroticism and wonderful things!

The adventurous side of me came out with a vengeance and I tried things that I had been curious about. Some I liked, some I didn’t-but I got the chance to try! Now that I have made it to the other side of menopause, my desire is still there.

The fear of getting pregnant is gone. I find that I am more aggressive, more willing to initiate what I want, and am still flexible enough to try out new sex positions! Sometimes it takes me longer to have an orgasm, but with a younger lover, that’s
usually not an issue.

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We are both very lusty and have worked out a great partnership that satisfies both of our desires. We are a bit kinky at times, other times we make sweet, romantic love to each other, and sometimes we hit the bed before even saying Hi to each other.

So, for me, things have definitely gotten better with age!!! I will no doubt slow down at some point, but I hope it’s not for a long, long time.

There are still a few things left that I want to try. Continue Reading>>>


Sex gets better with experience, and experience comes with age. I don’t want to repeat an above post, but experience is cause pretty much the same things, that knowledge does. It mellows and enriches sex it makes smooth, and when sex is smooth, then it will lead into great orgasm. Continue Reading>>>

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maria looking for casual sexSex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me… and I’m 56! Continue Reading>>>


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