Sex tips for men

How do you want to make her night? Sex Tips for Him.

How to satisfy your female sex partner. How can you give an (or more) orgasm for a woman? How to achieve sexual satisfaction with any women.

After number of years of married, men usually do not plan to have sex with their wife. Get in the bed, turn the lite off and it just happens…. Some guys might go that far, they order a pizza and buy few beers, watch TV with their wife a little and spontaneously make love. How nice it is to even talk about it… but isn’t it boring? Where are the sparks, excitement, where is the romance?

Unfortunately the majority of men like this. They only plan to have sex when they want to have it someone else then their spouse. It can be swinging sex or it can be just an erotic fantasy, but they are thinking about to get their fantasy reality.

Well if anyone, not necessarily just man want to have great casual sex, he or she needs three things. They are: Partner, time and willingness. They are the necessary components of great casual sex.

In rush no any man can give a screaming orgasm for a woman. If she does scream in a 2 minutes intercourse, she fakes it… or you hurt her.

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If you want to take your time to explore her inner site too… you have to a find place in advance where you can do her. At this point you know, you would like to have sex with her and you are prepared everything. You have a room, condoms, candles and you are ready to go. Unfortunately this is just 50% of your plan. The other 50% is up to her.

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