Sex with a Stranger on Valentines Day

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My partner wants to “watch” me have sex with a stranger on Valentines Day.

horny coupleslacyBelle

I don’t understand why my “man” would like to watch me have sex with another man. He prefers a younger man (20’s).

First, I can’t and have never considered a man that young. Second I’m not sure “where” to put that emotionally speaking. I’m the kind of person who has limited sexual experience as in the number of partners.

I have a difficult time responding if there is no emotional connection.

How could I put those feelings aside to at least try something new? What is so sexy about it? Continue Reading…


erotic datingmdix

I have wanted to watch my partner have sex as well. It makes the sex after wards so much stronger in feeling. It is hard to explain. You may enjoy it, if you try. Do you find the thought intriguing enough to try it?

I just realized it… We should do the same on Valentines day. This will be a really hot Valentines Day. Thanks for the idea… Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

If you are not comfortable doing that or anything else then my advice is don’t do it. Don’t do anything just to please someone else, especial on Valentines Day! There are other ways to spend Valentines Dy…

Talk to your partner and tell him how you feel. If he has any respect for you he will not expect you or push you into it. Good luck. Continue Reading…


sex datingblackcocklvr1

Do not ever let yourself be talked in to something you are not comfortable with. You need to be asking your partner this question and be ready for a very honest conversation with him.

I felt very similar to you when my husband first brought it up. I was also worried that once he saw me with another man that he would think differently of me, not love me anymore and that it would ruin our relationship.

I was turned on by it at the same time and so we talked about it for close to 2 years before we ever did anything about it. And it wasn’t mistake. Sex with others in a present of your partner, is a lot of fun and extremely erotic…

The only mistake what we made… We talked about it for two years. We should not… We should try it earlier… Continue Reading…

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sex datingIamwman

That would be extremely erotic way to spend Valentines Day, but it is my opinion and apparently your partner opinion too.

However because he wants to watch you during sex with others… that is not enough. You have to want it to make it happen. If you do it to make him happy… you would not enjoy it at all, so if you do not like the idea, just tell him no… Continue Reading…


sex adspartyclpinnj

Your partner may be interested in the voyeurism of you with another man for many reasons. Whatever his “reason” is, it all comes down to, he would enjoy it.

You say you “can’t” consider a man that young. If you literally “can’t”, as you said so yourself, then why question it? Why be inquisitive about it? Although, what can’t you consider about a younger man; having sexual intercourse with them or being in a romantic relationship?

Also, just because you are “limited” in sexual experience is no reason that you can’t have this sexual encounter.

There’s nothing stated that, for say, a virgin can’t act in this sexual encounter. You say you “have a difficult time responding if there is no emotional connection”.

If it is fulfilling, desiring, and satisfying your partner, how can it not give you any emotional connection knowing how he’s feeling and this 3rd party male is taking part in making it happen. There’s no “feelings” to put “aside”.

Maybe your perception of the situation needs to be changed. Maybe you need to decide what gratifies you sexually. Does the fact that your partner is being sexually gratified sexually gratify you?

If you so, then this sexual encounter should be beneficial for both of you. If so, that is the feelings you should have about and during this encounter. If you feel that you and a particular younger man are not on a emotional connecting level, then maybe he’s not the right one; just like any other thing, person in life.

And maybe, your partner isn’t the right one for you, either.

To the question of “what is so sexy about it?” Possibly, you should ask yourself, “what’s so sexy about not having it?”

What’s so sexy about not pleasing your partner? What’s so sexy about being close minded and not trying something new?

Who knows, maybe you’ll have your own reasons, besides your partner’s gratification as to why you could like it.

I hope you find the answers you’re looking for within yourself and I wish you the best of luck. Continue Reading…


NSA sexoneclassy1

Don’t do anything you don’t want to with someone you don’t want to do it with.

And if you do decide to get your feet wet, YOU should be able to pick who you are going to have sex with, not your partner! I think if you choose a nice guy… it would help to make it happen… Continue Reading…

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