MFM Threesome with a Couple at Halloween

How is the couple experience? I mean NSA sex with a couple, as an extra man… I have been propositioned by a couple who are keen that I join them for a threesome… I just got an invitation to party with a couple at Halloween night.

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They made it clean that would be a hot party… as hot as I dare… I have never done it before and I am straight, not even bi-curious.. But I am in the game to try out such a sexcapade…

Have you been there? Done that? Any advice for me? Continue Reading…


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I (male half) have been in many threesomes, both with my wife and other couples, and loved them all.

Just as you, as I totally straight, have zero desire for male play. That
being understood, you can’t be afraid to have body contact, two men plays with a woman involves closeness.

Being invited to a Halloween sex party with  a couples sex, you must understand that you are basically a live dildo. I would suggest you ask about their expectations her in  particular, and limits in detail if you want all involved to enjoy it.

Nothing wrong asking before doing it, but a lot wrong doing something wrong then asking for forgiveness.

A two men one woman threesome should be all about her, so forget any selfish desires you might have. I (we) have experienced mfm, fmf, couple play, but both like the mfm’s best.

Halloween or not Halloween, at anytime… two men threesome with a couple can be an amazing thing, especially if you find the right couple to get play with. Continue Reading…


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We are agree with play couple.

We will have our own erotic party at Halloween and we are also straight. We don’t desire direct play between males so that shouldn’t be an issue with the right couple, but should be discussed beforehand.

Keep in mind that they are a couple and you should get feedback from both from the husband and from his wife too about what they want.

Don’t be afraid to express how and why MFM play appeals to you, turns you on. A lot of single males are so overly concerned about being polite and respectful (which is all good) that they come off like a dull robot in their communications.

It’s okay to let your sexual personality show too. Best of luck and have a really Erotic Halloween! Continue Reading…


I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.

Threesome Sex Positions


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You may have been propositioned for real… And if you are going to meet them, ask about their rules… but if they have played before, they will inform you anyways.

Things like condoms, what is permitted kissing, anal sex, touching of other man’s body parts, etc.

But MFM threesome it is not for men that are really homo-phobic, even though they may not be bi or the least bit interested in a guy, male body parts may cross paths.

You have boundaries and so do they…

At that times when I played with a couple, we met first and  discussed Do’s and don’t. Just
remember each couple and each woman is different. Communication is the key. Continue Reading…

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I’ve had a couple of couple experiences with married couples (hehe) and it turned me right off. If I am ever in the mood for a threesome, which I’m usually time to time,  when I’m in a horned up, it would be with two straight guys and not a married people.

A lot of married people have jealous issue… Make sure they do you 🙂  for
mutual fun times and they’re both ok with it. You don’t wanna get stuck in the middle of their drama).

They both want to be there and have that Halloween Night’s Three way, and that  isn’t just an excuse for one person to look for another fuck buddy, or sex partner. Continue Reading…


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I have been with married couples from here in MFM threesomes and I am as strait as possible…

If you will get lucky with a couple at Halloween night, or any otehr night, just be nice respectful and understand that your are there as a guest star, for the womans pleasure. Continue Reading…


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Its what we do at Halloween’s weekend and not just Halloween weekends. We enjoy it and we have our rules, almost like a  guideline.

We have to like the look and sound of the guy so personality is important, there must be some chemistry. We do not share personal email details and only use hubbies prepaid cell phone.

Ultimately its down to first impressions when we meet for a coffee, but if there is some chemistry, we play on the first date… Continue Reading…


NSA SexIWantItGood999XX

I don’t like male to male play,  but I  love to try a MFM, and I am between the guys.

Now a couple of years ago, I was chatting with a guy I’d met and played with from Swingers Couple, and he happened to mention he was going to let a guy suck him, which surprised me as I knew he was completely straight with no bi-curiosity.

adult datingHe’d explained another fem had brought the subject up and he’d thought ‘what the hell, something else sexual to try.

I told him I would like to watch as I thought it might be hot to see. So I drove over to his place and the other guy was already there. He was quite a bit younger than both of us and orally bi.

We chatted for a few minutes and then they both got naked. I moved close so I could get a good view. Personally I didn’t think the one sucking was doing a very good job, I do much better myself!

I was also watching my friend’s face. He’d watch the guy sucking him, look at me and then shut his eyes and do this repeatedly. I could clearly see the conflict on his face.

I placed my hand on his torso and rubbed him some and than played with his balls a little… I did blow him some myself and he finished by blowing a huge load all over my chest Yeah…. I lost my shirt in there somewhere!

The young man left soon after as he had to go to work. I asked my friend if he’d ever do it again, and he said “No, he’d tried it and it wasn’t for him”.

I didn’t find it hot at all, and I wont play with bi man ever again… Maybe because I found No attraction to the other male and my friend wasn’t into it??? Continue Reading…