Some women like to have sex on the first date

After a man  get the okay for the first date, there is only one thing going through his mind. How long will it be until he will have sex?If you are a man and you recognize yourself in the above sentence, then keep reading.

Some open minded women like to have sex on the first date, while others will make you wait until you think your nuts are about ready to explode. Sometimes it can depend on how smooth you are, some other times it can depend on how horny she is.

Yes, women get horny too, that is why so many of them have profile here… How long did it take you and your wife, girlfriend or x wife to make out at first? If you did not get any better “womanizer”  then  you might need the same time again…   The time frame with your previous lover, or sex partner probably can be some indicator about how long it will take to bang the next girl. If it took you years, then you going to need a lot of  hand lotion to release your  life seeds… , or learn your moves a little better.

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It is hard to believe, but some women like to wait until they are married to have sex.  Well you are a lucky man, because  our partner’s website is not marriage minded women favorite place… Many of them already married and they are looking for someone to spice married sex life up and the single ladies looking for no commitment sex, maybe on-going sex relationship or just one night stand. Check them out here!

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If you are looking for virgin women for marriage, then you are at the wrong place. And who want to wait to have sex until marriage anyway? Actually I have heard  women who have done this. Waiting until marriage protects their purity. In many religions, this is a must.

Thanks God, I live far enough from that part of the world!

The plus side for the guys over there, they will get to bang a virgin. Every man dreams of giving a woman her first sexual experience. I think most of the men have spent many hours over the years dreaming of  virgin girls.

There is a new trend to be a “born again virgin”. I’m not sure what this is exactly, it sounds to me like a woman who is unsure about her sexual orientation. If you have had sex, there is no way you can be a virgin. Of course, if you are wacky and forgot to take your meds, anything is possible.

Females are a picky bunch. In the wild this is done to make sure that she is getting the best genes possible. Some women can wait months to have sex. In their minds if they do this, they are testing your love. If she were to put out on the first date, obviously you would want to go out again.

If she makes you wait too long and you are unhappy with it, I would break up. She might think that you are breaking up just about sex, but you are. Women don’t understand it. She will think all you wanted was sex, but she doesn’t understand that you have need for sex.

Anyways, our lady members are not virgin and they are not here to play waiting games. If you like them, contact them and if you can impress them with your personality, then you are going to have a lot of fun with that lady.

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You might even had sex on that first date. And if you have sex on the first date, probably you have a pretty good chance to have more sex on the second date, but only if you made her orgasm unforgettable… If you could not make her  climax, and if I were you, I wouldn’t look for anymore sex after wards. Feel yourself extremely lucky if you get a call asking you on a second date.

Then some ladies play games… We all have had dates with women like this in the past. They give you a hand job or allow you  finger them… No intercourse, just some erotic play, play that can be foreplay,  but they do not go all the way. Usually this type of  erotic play doesn’t last. She is just horny but not horny enough to have intercourse or she just like to turn men on. This won’t end up in casual sex relationship. If you meet with a woman like this, you better walk… and find somebody else.

If you want to have sex, when ever you want… you need to know what to do. There is no waiting time frame if you have some knowledge about sex and women.  If you build up excitement, there will be a great release. If you make her very horny, she will ask you to fuck her…

If you want the relationship go beyond one bang, then you need to get to know each other a bit. You need to know if this is a girl that you won’t mind waking up next to after a night of great sex.  However if you are looking for casual sex and or, one night stand then doesn’t really matter who is at next to you, as far as the sex was great.

You are here to have sex, and she is here to find sex partner. You just have to know how to play her game. You just need to select profiles very carefully, you need to read them, and contact those only, who you match with their preferences.

For example if she states it in her profile, she is looking for a young stad who hang like a horse, and if you are 59 years old with a 6 inches cock, then don’t waste her time and your time. You wont have a sex on the first date… Not with her, not even a hand job.

Be realistic, be yourself and  then you do not need to wait to much to have casual sex… In fact you might up have sex on your first date.

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