Speculums for Anal Play

I as told that people use speculums for anal play. I understand the feeling of something of varying sizes going in and out, like a knuckle, a butt plug, or the rim of a cock. But what does a speculum offer sensation wise other than the initial penetration?

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The purpose of this tool is to hold open the vaginal opening so the doctor can insert the necessary instruments for an exam. So if people are holding their anus’s open, what are they putting inside themselves? It has to be something that can’t be inserted by just pushing it inside on its own. Something soft? Something that can’t hold its own shape?

So I’m asking to be educated, what do people insert anally that requires the aid of a speculum? Continue Reading…


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I love anal sex and always loved anal sex. I had anal sex before I lost my virginity… but I am not an anal sex expert.

However in my “younger” age, sometimes in my early teen’s, I used to have a boyfriend, his cock was very thick and I could not let him in true the back door.  He was a medical student and he used a speculum on me to enlarge temporary my anal opening. He told me, I should not do it myself or with an amateur, because it can cause permanent damage… That mean surgery or diaper…

After his warning, I never used it again and he never had anal sex with me again. If someone cock is to thick, then he wont have anal sex with me… I suggest you stay a way to that thing too. Continue Reading…


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I love and my hubby loves anal sex too, even receive it with a dildo… I heard about  Speculum from a playmate cpl. I think it is a fetish, I mean to use it for sex.

Originally Speculum is not made for use as a sex toy. Speculum is a medical instrument intended for the use of medical examination of the vagina or rectum, made of surgery tool quality stainless  steel,  in the shape of a duckbill.

Sex toys stores sell it the cheap version of Chinese, made from plastic. I guess it does what it supposed to do in sex, but I am not sure, I never tried to use it.

How they use it… They lubricate it and insert it in the rectum. After insertion, the “bill” is spread apart to open the anus or vagina.

It is commonly use in medical role playing, and they use it in BDSM play too for torturing… This form of play can be dangerous. Not for the novice. Continue Reading…



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It is for BDSM or for anal play. It not even that crazy… really isn’t any crazier than putting live sneak up your vagina or anus.

I’ve heard many stories of that being done. I guess some people just
take “freaky” to another level.

To use Speculum is not for beginners. To use it need a lot of knowledge… The reason to use it, psychological and physical. It physically stretch your vagina to its limit, if you use it to vaginal play,  and that’s cause  psychologically effect like, you are being fucked with an extra thick cock…

Pretty much the same effect in anal sex… Continue Reading…

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I was searching for a nice big speculum after watching a recent video by Roxy Raye.

It wasn’t easy to find… About 30 minutes of Goggle search I find one but nothing like the one she has. It looks like a normal  speculum, but obviously bigger. It have a screw on the bottom of the handle that stretches the opening even further.

I got so horny and wet just think about it, I just needed to buy it it. The feeling to use it is a big turn on, as someone said it above, it feels like you have sex with a large cock you never imagined to take it in before… But self play is a little uncomfortable as I’m not that flexible than those girls  from cirque de soleil… Continue Reading…


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