Spicy sex relationship or spice up you relationship with sex. With swingers sex…

My thoughts have been on my sex life and relationship. I am happy with both… and I can’t complain about them. Sex is great and my relationship never been better before.

Spice up your relationship with sex (we did many years ago). Expand your sexual horizons.

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How is your sex life, and your relationship? Or if you like, you can call it love life. So how is your love life? With your partner do you feel that you need something different to spice it up? I red on the net, earlier today, and  I think this is 100% to be true: Truly good relationships are rare and wonderful, they don’t just happen by chance. They are the result of open communication, chemistry and a lot of learning.

The Internet is an excellent place to start with spicing up your relationship. The best way to do it, browse together with your partner or spouse. Look for websites that contain information for both of you. Website like this, you can find a lot of erotic dating related goodies here.

We partnered with a great community with around 30 millions member. A lot of couples and singles seek out new sex partners, info on swinging, love making techniques, advices on erotic dating, casual sex, or they are looking for exciting erotica, pictures, stories and videos here.

There are a couple of sites on the net, like this,  that do cater for couples. For example couples and singles visit our erotic on-line dating magazine, because they can  and enjoy the stories and fantasies together without having to hide the fact that, they are in need of hot, wild sex.

Anyways, there are two way to spice up your relationship. The first one, make your routine sex life, wild sex life with new love making technique. You can find everything that you need to know about sex, love making and love making technique at here.

The second option is not for everyone… You can spice up your love life with casual sex, or with swinging. There are many ways to do this. You can “swing” as a couple, or as a single person. You can share, or to be shared, or you can just watch, or be watched. I do not want to talk about this erotic option right now.

Instead please read what our members think about swinging and swingers couples. The next member asked the question from other members.

younger looking womenQuestion for swingers couples
We’ve been married for a long time and have a great marriage. We can honestly say that exploring our fantasies “swinging” in the last few years has been a positive experience for us and we wouldn’t change a thing.

We were just wondering if many other couples feel the same way. Continue Reading>>>

local erotic adult datingErotic Dating Video Profiles

WE are married for 20 years and love each other very much. Both college grads and we  enjoy sex every day. We are into swinging since last 3 years and enjoying immensely. Wish
we had started much earlier.

We strongly recommend all married couples that love each-other must experience swingers life 3-some, 4-some and same room sex with other couples.

Swinging is divine and most wonderful. Continue Reading>>>


horny moms and wifeWe are together for 30 years and married for 24 years and started playing 2 years ago. It has been incredible.

Our sex life was great before but since it has been mind blowing. We now play regularly with one extra guy and are looking to add more in the near future.

The wife has found out she loves two cocks inside her at once. I found out I love serve her erotic needs with a guy and I love to watch her while she makes out with other men. It has opened a whole new side to sex for us. Continue Reading>>>


Bi coupleFor us it has been a lot of fun to experience new things and share the enjoyment with others and in front of each other.

If we born again…. We will start to “share” many years earlier. Continue Reading>>>


Yeah I agree good for you, I find all these comments real hard to believe..I was in the life style and found it ruined the marriage… Found the people we met didn’t help their marriage at all.

Exciting as all hell I will agree, but ends there. Best of luck on your experiences. Continue Reading>>>


sex bombsSorry it was bad for you. Every relationship isn’t the same though.

We have been married 26 years and swinging for almost 3. Couldn’t be any better. We love each other very much and enjoy sharing the experience with each other. Continue Reading>>>


We have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, both as singles and as a couple and we can assure you, swinging is not for everyone.

We absolutely love what it offers us. Continue Reading>>>


I doubt that I would call myself a swinger but as I have gotten older my repertoire of sexual experiences has been expanded as a result of attending hetero-sex clubs, nude beaches, etc. What etc includes, I don’t know, but these activities have addressed my sexual needs to a satisfactory degree.

Mutual discussion of like and dislikes and simply trying out new things helps to expand our sexual horizons. After all, sexual experience is largely a question of exploration, a learning curve as it were.

How do you know you won’t like it until you actually do it or try it. But as someone
pointed out, it can ruin a marriage as well, so go in with eyes wide open.

Erotic Internet dating show us the range of possibilities and potentialities. Continue Reading>>>


adult eroticaWe have loved swinging. It has been a great experience, and of course very erotic.

We have met some very nice open minded people. We do enjoy it a lot and hopefully we will enjoy it to many years to come. Continue Reading>>>

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