Strait Men & Anal Sex

A lot of people believe,  anal sex is for gay men only. Studies proved that they are wrong.  Around 10% of the adult heterosexuals practice anal sex regularly.  This means a larger number of straight people practice anal sex than gays.  In fact anal sex is not a preferred sexual practice of around 40% of  gay men.

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Anal sex is very popular in South America. Studies and surveys found that, 40 – 50% of the South American couples practice anal sex from very young age. Many of them into it, to avoid pregnancy, some others practice it during menstruation, because no blood in their anus… and never been married  girls into anal sex to save their virginity.

 Recent  US surveys,  revealed that :
– 43% of the American women had tried anal sex at least once.
– 40% of  them enjoyed it.
– 49% did not like it.
For the rest of them, who tried, it did not mean anything. They could not form a positive or negative opinion.



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During anal penetration (some people call it anal intercourse) some women want to be on top to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Others like to lie on their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style. Some women enjoy being penetrated while lying on their sides.

Take your time and use plenty of lubricant. If your partner complains that it is hurting, do not proceed until your partner is ready and comfortable. Eventually during your lovemaking your partner’s anus will relax enough to allow the head of the penis to enter.

Anal Sex Positions

The best positions for anal sex depends largely on what stage you and your partner are at in your experiences. Rear entry or the “dogie style” position is the position that most people associate with anal sex. However, rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate deeply, and may not be the best choice for the beginner.

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A good starting position is the “spoons” position, with each partner laying on his or her side, one behind the other. This prevents the penetrating partner from going too fast, and allows complete control over penetration. It also brings you closer to your partner, making it easier to judge his or her reactions to what you’re doing.

Another position for anal sex is a variation of the missionary position. The receiving partner lays on his or her back while the penetrating partner approaches from on top. The penetrating partner lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. The top partner can use his hand to play with the other’s genital, also  open to cuddling as well.

Finally, rear entry offers another possibility for anal penetration. This position allows the penetration to be the deepest, and permits the receiver to better open the anus for entry. Rear entry doesn’t offer the kind of intimacy or ease of communication that the other positions do, but for more advanced lovers, can offer the greatest amount of thrusting and penetration.

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There are many anal sex related information  all over the Internet… that everyone should know before try to perform anal sex. Lot of positions and techniques to try. Many people discover new and exciting positions through experimentation, and most people find the one that best suits them. Good communication is the key to such discovery, and a manual, video or even a picture can help.

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