Swingers clubs, what do you think if a woman go alone there?

swingers clubs I have a fantasy of going to a swingers club all alone. I want to experience new things with new people. I don’t know what to expect.

How can I find a good one a good one near me? Id love to hear some experiences & what to expect. Please share with me. I’m willing to share me… Continue reading...

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I had (we had) the most amazing experience when my girlfriend and I went to a swingers club. We learned things I never knew, even imagined it. It was more then spectacular sexual experience… Continue reading...


Women for sexYou could try the “get local in the magazine” section of this site to find a local swingers club near you….

Have fun and be safe. Continue reading...


swingers sexJust click on the “Get Local” link at the top right of the magazine’s first page, then go to “adult places near me.”

Look at the categories section, if there are any near you, you’ll see a link called “local sex/swinger clubs. Continue reading...


erotic hugsWe have been to a few all over US. Mainly in  Philly, Tampa and Orlando.

And we had fun at each…. Continue reading...


I have been a few times. A woman who wants sex should have plenty of opportunity as the ratios are almost always in her favor.

Whether the choices available are to your liking may be a different story. If fun & excitement are what you want I think you’ll find it.

That’s what it was for me. Continue reading...

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couple for couplesWe joined a club for the “educational value when we first went exploring the lifestyle. It was a good way to observe interaction among others.

We now find most of the good clubs as too cliquish and expensive. Also in some clubs nothing ever gets going until 11-12 at night and everyone is drunk and sloppy!!! Continue reading...


horny coupleWe have been to 6 different swingers clubs, from very exclusive to a small privet club. We enjoyed each one for different reasons, but we are in Texas.

Try get a local swingers club from the local section, as written above.

Good luck, Mrs Sin Continue reading...


Usually Swinger clubs have a rule: Only couples and single women are allowed in. Why? I’d say because men shoot their wad in a comparatively short time.

However some clubs let in single men every know and then.

You can expect ordinary to extremely ordinary looking people. There are club rules, so nobody is going to force you into anything, “No means no”. Continue reading...


You should try it out. My ex and I attended several local clubs and I still attend one now when I have a “date” to take with me.

Every club has its own personality and, yes, some can be cliquish. A single woman should be welcome in almost any of them, though as the ratio of males to females, are balanced in the better clubs.

In the cheaper clubs, ratio of males to females, like on this site, tends to lean towards the males, which is why many of them don’t allow single, unattached men, just on special get together…  but unattached women are more than welcome. Continue reading...


adult datingI’ve had some great experiences at several swing clubs around the US.

The atmosphere is sexually charged and the people are awesome. I am a voyeur and I love to perform for a group so having a partner
there with me was awesome.

I don’t know if I’d go alone, may I suggest bringing a girlfriend. Continue reading...

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