Swinging Tips for Ladies

I can not imagine anything better, than celebrate New Years Eve with sex.  That sex not necessary have to be casual sex, but at the end of the night, which is the beginning of the new year, I should have wild sex…  I really hope I will have.

swingers sexHowever not too many ladies came up with the idea, “Honey I want to get screwed with three men. For the change let’s go to the swingers club New Years Eve!!!” Just think about it,  what you would think and say if your girlfriend comes up with an idea like this…  Women are smarter then this. Even if she wants  to celebrate New Years Eve with a wild orgy,  most of the time she will make her male partner to say it somehow. And it is true,  usually the basic swinging idea comes from the man. Usually the man is the one who ask her to to share their sex life with others. And if she like it she keeps the couple involved.

Why this happens? Because she realized it, things that can be done by one man, it might be done by two or three. And it is definitely true if we are talking about sex.

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