How to find women for NSA sex

Is there a magical way to approach,  asking a woman to meet in real life to have some fun? Especially if the lady did indeed put actual 1-on-1 sex in her profile and what not in their “Looking For” section (and not just cybersex type stuff)?

If so,  what are they?

So, yeah, any tips are appreciated! Thanks in advance.


There are tons of tips out there and I’m sure you’ll get some helpful and not so helpful advice here. There is a  guy and a gal, they  works for the site, to help members to find what ever they look for.  In they guy blog [blog community] he has a ton of links to advice and articles and blogs for guys new to the site.

But to answer your question, no, there is no magical way to approach someone that will automatically make women want to meet you.


Local Women Looking for Sex Partners

local women looking for sex partners

Local Women Looking for Sex Partners


oversexed women

I checked out your profile it looks OK. It is fully filled out. You have upgraded so you have access to profiles and emails. Your main pic is a little dark and distant for those of us that can only see the thumbnails.

I will say give it few weeks. Few weeks  isn’t long for guys. Unfortunately for men the ratio is right around 15-1 so it takes a lot of emails.

Read the profiles fully show them that you have read it by mentioning something about it that interested you in their profile and keep at it. It will take a bit of work but it does happen. Like everywhere else in the life, here too, hard work plays off!


r rated play for adults

Well, I guess sometimes members are looking for just some erotic fun online and then maybe get together at a later date. In a world with so many strange people you have to be careful.

When I meet with my husband, I took my sister  to our first date and we meet in a place where everyone knew me.  You can suggest a meeting’s or first date place at  in a well know public place. The you should be able to travel a little.

By the way I met my hubby true on this site and we still play together, with couples or  with bi woman… If you really wanna play, you should check out the couples profiles, who are looking for single men.



Just think about it, few weeks is not long time. If I were to receive an email today from you, I may not read it until tomorrow. And my response may go out tomorrow, or in a day or two, etc. Things stretch out when email is the primary mode of communication.

The equivalent of an hour chat in face to face, might be a couple of weeks of emails.

I don’t agree with the advice given on sending tons of emails. Personally, I hate the short “jump my bones” kind of email, and the long “I’m so different than the jump your bones guys”. These long emails are usually cut and paste duplicates (yeah, members who are here long enough can tell).

Take some time to find local women you would like to meet and email them original notes. Demonstrate that you’ve read their profile, or have seen things they wrote in blogs, etc….



how to get lucky

My advices explained several time on this forum. There is no any magic trick, you just have to stay local, keep your sense of humor, don’t whinge, and definitively don’t get taken in by ladies from Ghana.

Be yourself and always contact ladies on a polite and nice way.   When you ask to meet someone and they disappear, move on.  There are lots of ladies on here who want sex and here to meet men, and are just what your looking for.

Post messages, respond questions, get noticed and sooner or later you will have a lot of fun.


To add to what the others have said, this is how I see it.

1) Don’t expect women to just want to have sex with you without getting to know each other first. The NSA sex some guys expect isn’t happen all the time. We’re women and although some men have no problem being intimate with someone they don’t know, women need to know you a little bit before we can enjoy sex. We don’t need to meet the parents, just want to know you’re enjoyable to be with, and into us and not just our wet pussies.

But there are women here, who are here just for sex only, If you are looking for sex only, then you need to spend time to browse and contact local profiles.

2) Express in your profile what you’re about and what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the single women are for the most part looking for some sort of dating, you have to be careful what your profile says. For example, your profile says something about “this type of lifestyle”.

The term lifestyle around here usually means swingers or multi-partner sex or having sex with people very quickly after meeting someone. So if that’s what you want, than so be it. But if you want to attract women to meet and just do normal stuff and have fun inside and outside the bedroom, you have to have a profile that doesn’t sound run of the mill and doesn’t talk about the lifestyle, which yours is.

It’s a marketing issue, to get what you want you have to market yourself, which is your pics, profile, emails you send, and the women you choose to “direct your product to”. As you’re here longer you’ll get better at the vetting process, who to email, who to keep talking to, and what to say.

3) They have a check box for “1 on 1 sex” but they don’t have any dating, hanging out, or relationship check boxes,  because it is a sex dating site, but I got back to the first sentence. Many woman like to know the man before they open their legs. Yes, women like me,  want one on one sex, traditional intercourse, maybe not on the traditional way… but in the context of dating.

4) Finally, your pic is important. It’s the window dressing that brings people into your store. Women like a nice ass but we’re looking to get to know you a bit to know if we want to spend time with you and jump in bed with you.

Your ass as the main pic doesn’t achieve that goal. We want to see a face pic (to gauge your personality and attractiveness) and a body pic for the same reason.

Furthermore, for me when I see a guy whose main pic is his ass, I think he’s gay or bi.

Good luck, and btw I thought your question was asked very nicely. Alot of guys ask the same question with a resentful tone, more to complain than to learn. And I think  the good questions get past the troll questions, they  can be a useful source of information to help you understand what motivates people on this site.


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