Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners

We have a few very erotic threesome fantasy…  More than a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners, but at first we have to have our  first male – female – male threesome. However, the question is, with who?

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erotic datingDeanneNeedsMakeLove

Should he be a friend or a stranger… If he is a friend we have both selected, would it develop any animosity between the 3 of us.

Do you think this is something done only once with this person, or can we make it a regular thing?

Both my man and I are asking. We are more cybersluts than anything, with wild bizarre erotic fantasies. We’re both excited and real nervous about going beyond the sexual

We really want to re-ignite that teenage horny feeling we used to have all the time when we first met. We think this will help.

He’s not the jealous type, nor am I. He wants to turn his jealousy to lust if any jealousy surfaces from within himself. It’s like pleasure and pain in the 50 Shade of Grey,  the fine line that separates the two.

We are both ready to come out. Put our closet freak days behind… It’s all really just talk.

We have done the 2 girl one guy sex thing, but he fantasizes more about me having sex with other men… I am not bi, so it did not do to much for me.

Eventually, the top of our erotic fantasy is, a weekend long sex fast with multiple male partners. Not gang bang…. just sex with multiply partners. He even mentioned making a video library of all my sexual partners!

Is this normal?

I’M REALLY excited about it and yet scared. I don’t want this change the sexual or physical attraction I have for him. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

You asked it, is this normal? Well everybody have some kind of erotic fantasy, and a lot of people came here, because their fantasy. Me too…

For some people stay fantasy forever, some others try to do something to make it reality.  I can tell you, I made my fantasy reality and do not really have more erotic fantasy, I mean I tried what I wanted too, what I fantasized about.

Anyways, you should not do it with a friend. Friends are for friendships, not for sex. Sex with friend can kill your friendship, or even can hurt your marriage.

Find an attractive stranger.Easy to get ride of a stranger if he is not a good sex partner. But what would you say to your friend?  Sorry man… you are not a  good fuck?

Also if the sex is good, you like it, you repeat it. Friend can get to close… but when a stranger get close, to move on and find somebody else. This is the beauty in NSA sex.

I could talk about this for hours… but at the end the decision will be yours and your hubby’s. Continue Reading…


erotic datingrm_LuieandLucy2

Don’t do it with friend. Friendships mixed with sex is sexual relationship, so if the sex will be over, your friendship will be over too… Find a stranger. I will suggest an other couple, who have experience in threesomes. Single guys can get attached…

Take it slow, use this website to search the groups  near you. You  contact them
and see how they make you feel. The comfort factor is very important when you think about sharing your buddy with a stranger and with your husband,  so try meet and greet

Then about the photo or  video session, you have to have agree on, all of you. Continue Reading…

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adult datingrm_Jerks_it

You’re a druggie and a drunk. You are a married woman. Why do you want to get fucked by other men?

Why not take up golf or bingo, maybe you should dry out by detox, and  then consider your options.


DeanneNeedsLove replies:
Just for your information, I love to drink but I never  been drunk, never in my life.  I know when is enough. It’s been 2 years since I last smoke a cigarette  and I don’t do drugs, so I can laugh at people like you…..

Two things a woman feels uncomfortable discussing or disclosing.  Her age and her weight. If you had any knowledge whatsoever in understanding the basic sociological composition of a woman’s method of thinking… ( it’s quite obvious that you are totally inane, impetuous and quite ignorant in this subject).

You would know that a majority of women tend to be protective in revealing any personal insecurities about themselves to complete strangers. “The masks we wear” as Dr. Freud put quite eloquently. To be completely submissive to people we don’t know could put us in a very compromising and uncomfortable situation, rendering us weak and powerless.

Remember… Mr. I’m not the one who is insecure to show my ugly face and let my disgusting hairy excuse for a dick be there in it’s place….

Things are not always what they seem. We all tend to fantasize about things that may never come to pass, that is the joy of fantasizing, telling you who we really are doesn’t really concern you.

Actually, I could care less what you think of me. All I care about is maintaining a strong, unique, fulfilling, relationship with my loved one and only true love and surpassing the typical boundaries and restraints of society’s perception of what a typical marriage should be. 

Sorry! I’m not perfect, but hey, at least I can show my pretty face without reservation and not give a shit what you and people like you thinks about me. Continue Reading…


adult datingcajunlady4u3075

I think you 2 need to sit down and have a long discussion about it before you go through with it.

Might be better to do these sex things with strangers. But meet them in person after talking to them on-line, etc.. Maybe even someone from another area. Make sure you are clear about what it is going to be, a one time thing or maybe more.

That way no one feels uncomfortable. Be open and honest with your new sex partner and with your hubby too. The best way to do it, choose the guy together. meet with him together, let him know you play together or no play at all.

If you do decide to do it, good luck! I’ve seen first hand, a lot of people try it first whit a competitive couple. Continue Reading…


swingers coupleddfalways

We also used to have the same erotic fantasy! We have also lived it as far as with threesome with another man. It has made our passion grow for each other and it is very hot to have two men have sex with one woman!

We met him on here and got to know each other before we followed through with it. We all said what we were wanting and got all the issues out of the way. We all teased and  frustrated each other.

When it finally happened it was better than we had hoped for all involved. All we can say is go for it as long as you are both sure it is what you want. If you do it right, it will be a wonderful sexual experience. Continue Reading…