Getting wife involved in Interracial Black & Asian Sex

I’m caucasion, she’s Asian. She is a truly drop dead gorgeous woman and always turns heads. One of my fantasies has been to watch my wife having sex with a well hung black guy.  Continue Reading

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no string attached sexCorum_Jahalen

I’ve explored this fantasy with my wife during sex and she goes along with it. I use vibrators and dildo’s on her during sex talking about the fantasy and sometimes my wife surprises me and brings it up before I do.

I know the difference between fantasy and reality. Some fantasies are better left as just that, erotic fantasy. I asked her if she would like to try the real thing when we weren’t
having sex or fucking around and she said she would do anything
for me.

Thats the problem. While it is my fantasy, I think that she should want to do it also, not just to “do it for me”. Should I take her up on it or just leave this as fantasy? Continue Reading


NSA Sex1Str8Man

I would go for it. You will enjoy the experience and so will she. If you hesitate to much, she might do with out you… so than you will be in a really bad situation… and you started it with your fantasy.

Or If she will do anything for you, you should try and set up a 3-some. She has brought up the idea, so go with it. The worst  thing she could say is no and then you have to go with the original plan. Continue Reading


NSA sexteamplayer

Fantasies left alone are good and all, but, how often do you get to live one out?

My advice to you would be to go for it. Enjoy it if you are truly ready to take this step. Beware though, if she does like what she is getting, you maybe cast aside.

If this is the case then go on…  let her go. Chances are that sooner or later she would have left you for this anyway. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea…Continue Reading



I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

Women’s top erotic  fantasy


NSA sexrm_hottie052079

I think she wants to try… But maybe she is afraid that if she admits that she wants to do it that you will become jealous and behave differently. Continue Reading


Swingers Sexjustonecurioscpl

The well hung black guy says crack the fortune cookie open. There is only one life to live so live it to the fullest. Go for it man… Do her in a threesome, it will be a lot of fun.

Your best bet would be with an other couple. This way everyone can have some kind of fun… and the possibilities are endless in a two couples erotic play.  Continue Reading

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swingers sexwewantgroupfun

It depends on whether you think “YOU” can handle it yourself here really! She sounds like she’s ready and willing to fulfill this fantasy of yours!

It also sounds like she’s a bit ready and too willing if you’re asking me! Heck, she might be doing some kind of erotic play with others herself already behind your back… So you started it, now you have to finish it. Continue Reading


swingers sexcurious-cpl

You said that this was a fantasy of your’s. It sounds like she has some fantasies of her own as well. Find out what her fantasies are, you might get some suprises.

But if it’s a fantasy of your’s,  would you want to see your attractive petite Asian wife  get fucked hard with a big black cock? Would be able to handle it? A real cock is not a dildo…  Continue Reading


swingers sexIwantMore

If she says she is willing to do it for you, I will bet you anything she wants it for herself but doesn’t want you to know it.

She let you set it up… and her wish and your fantasy will get reality in the same time. It will look like you wanted it. I would definitely go for it, or she will do her own. Continue Reading

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no string sexvoyeurs69

Looks like it is not only your fantasy. If it is her fantasy too. Do it under your control and protection. She can get into trouble looking for a big cock alone.

May get into some bar scene where people are drunk and possibly violent. They will fuck her really hard… Choose your own venue. Continue Reading



It was your fantasy. You asked her, she gave you an honest answer, a yes answer. Deal with it & stop trying to make yourself feel bad about because it might be her fantasy too.

Ask her what YOU can do for her, maybe she would tell you, go get a black guy and lets have a threesome… Remember, you started it. Continue Reading


NSA sexnew-hotshot

Well if she wants to do it because it interest her as well then great, if she doesn’t and she just wants to do it for you there could be set backs somewhere down the line.

If this is something that you still want to partake in for your own personal reasons just make sure that it is worth it. If you do it right, the pleasure will be incredible for both of you. Continue Reading


casual sexsex-seekercpl

Let me start by saying, I have watched my wife several times
with a well hung black man. For me it was the greatest turn on I ever had, and still do have to this day.

We got on line on this site together and kind of looked for a guy together. We met a really nice guy who was 37 and had an enormous cock. I know my wife had never really had anything over about 7 inches and nothing that came close to his thickness.

You have to find a nice guy, who will respect both of you.  If she brings it up , she
must be interested.

I think by her telling you that she will do anything for you is her way of saying yes without telling you she wants to do it and you thinking she actually wants another man. If she’s interested I say go for it , she will love it as you will also. Continue Reading

I am a married woman and have decided that, it is time to try a MFM threesome.

threesome adsscrtlvn

Have decided that it’s time to try a MFM threesome. I’ve fantasized about for a long time.

Have one male ready and willing… We need one more volunteer. Any takers? Or any advice how can we find a competitive guy?

Can’t have any hangups about being with another male, but will have no male touching the other male at any time. He is very straight and we need a guy who is straight also. Continue reading...


threesome sexyBgood69

Our problem is almost the same….We are new to this and have never done a full swap, but we had FFM threesome, which mean I never touch the other woman.

Are couples offended that you only want to be with your wife?

We are thinking about going to a swingers party but don’t want to be out of place…. Continue reading...

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swingers couples adsHappypeople61

I think for both of the above questioner a swingers club will do… There are people with many different preferences…

It is best to become friends first. Go to a meet and greet and get to know the people from the group. Find out their preferences, their rule and let them know yours.

We have gone to a sex party and had a great time just getting to know the people. There was no pressure to get involved. Everyone was there to have fun and enjoy being around like minded people.

You just don’t have to jump right in, or don’t have to jump in at all if you don’t want too. Once you get to know them you’ll start to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Then you’ll start to have fun…. Continue reading...


swingers couples BBWnMan4Play

Yes, there will be some who will be offended – those who only play as a couple with other couples who have their belief that singles don’t belong in the Lifestyle  (yes, these closed-minded people still exist). I know you are a couple, but if man can play form the other couple, that is consider as you are looking for a single woman.

But don’t be discouraged. There are couples both who play together and separately. Sometimes the male partner prefers to just watch. And there are usually single females at most swing parties as well.

You need to make your needs known. The best time to do this at a party is during the social time when everyone is mingling and getting to know each other. Ask others what their preferences are and if the female plays alone.

Ask the host or hostess if they know of any females (single or partnered) who might be interested in playing in a FFM 3-some.

You have many options open to you depending on your limits and boundaries, likes and dislikes, and personal preferences.

You just need to be patient. What you are looking for might not be available to you at all parties, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

Get to know the people at the party and once things get started you might find that full-swap experience is even more fulfilling than a 3-some.

For scrtlvn… If you are looking for MFM threesome, I am sure you will find competitive partner in almost any swingers club. There will be more then few men to fulfill your erotic fantasy.

Go in with an open mind and do what you are comfortable with. Have fun and play safe! Continue reading...


full swap caouple Candice643

I am not sure what to say to help…. But we are a couple and he used to say just FFM (which means only I play with another woman and he watches because there are no single females really wanting to play with a couple).

4 years down the line,  we do swap and thoroughly enjoy it. It depends what you are comfortable with.

Don’t push your boundaries and just go with what you are comfortable with. You could just go to the meet and not get involved at all. I know for the first year we were just flowers on the walls…. Continue reading...


We have been looking for the same thing too with scrtlvn. Can’t eem to find third party that qualifies. But we will not give it up, we will try the couples thing. Continue reading...


mmf threesomecopticus

I’d been the extra guy for other couples several times before I was married but these experiences had always been accidental.

I’d never set out with the idea of a threesome. Mostly because even if I got to know another couple very well, I could never figure out how you say to them, “It would be really nice if we all got naked and fucked.”

Once I got married I was too busy to even think much about it for the first few years – but eventually of course, you get to talking…

Approximately one years ago…

Anyways, one day after sex, we were lying on the bed and chatted about sex and sex related things. Once my wife asked me, did I ever had a threesome… and I said, yes I did have in my university age, with a friend couple….

So  she told me, she wants to try MFM, which I did not mind at all, but I don’t wanted to screw up…  It have to work out good, otherwise she will back up and no more three way fun.

And it happened and happened few times since… The most important part is to find a competitive sex partner. Otherwise it wont be fun. Continue reading...

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