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My boyfriend and I are both interested in a threesome. I really want to try a female female male (FFM) and of course he is thinking to have sex with two women at the same time.

We decided to try the FFM at first and then we will see what will we do at next. Our problem is we don’t know how approach a female for a proposition of intercourse.

We both live in a small town and don’t want our sex life to be spread around town. Any suggestions on how we can attempt this endeavor?


If you are looking on this site, you just have to spend a bit of time to find a single females near you. However find a single female for a couple is not that easy. Much more easier to find a couple, where she is bi.

But if you have a local girl in mind, you can’t just proposition her for sex. You need to find out if she is bi first and then get to know her and go from there. Good luck!


It wont be very difficult for you guys to find a FFM or FMF play friend. One of your best options is to check out the local adult dating ads, or the local adult establishments section. If you are living in a small town, then you browse the ads from the closet bigger city.

Most bigger cities have swingers clubs, and a lot of swingers women prefer FFM three ways. You just have to make your homework.


You could try to arrange it in a different location. Perhaps a totally different small town than the ones both of you live in. You could make all the arrangements discreetly through this site.

I have a friend who was living in a small, southern Arizona town of about 7,500 people. She is not into 3 somes. She just tried to meet someone who was not local, a man who can serve her erotic needs.

She managed to find more then one guy and at the end she even found a husband here. I mean for her very own and she just want to have sex partner…

Swingers Sex Personal Ads

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Swingers Sex Personal Ads


One of the things you can do is look for people in another city and make a weekend out of it. Get a hotel room have dinner then back to the room for fun, or look for a swing club in a different town or city. Do the same thing, room dinner go to the club and back to the room to have fun. It is easier then you think.


Let me explain a little. We are about 45 minutes from two major cities and in both of them we have run into people that we know. It is almost like we need to find women from a different state in order to accomplish this.

Our state seems very conservative. I mean there are swingers clubs, but its mostly for men looking at women. I have never heard of special events around here like the AEE (local Adult Entertainment). Which if they did have one of those I would totally be in attendance.

If we were to find someone that we were both interested in how do we start that conversation. That was more of what I was wondering about.


Having said all this, let me tell you what I really think. You are trying to find a Unicorn in small town America? You don’t even have a profile pic? You didn’t even think of looking in the nearest large city?

Spell everything out in your profile post a decent photo of both of you, a video would be even better and sooner or later you will find someone.


Find and locate a swingers club. There should be one in one of those larger cities, just check out the “Get Local Section” of this website. local.

In the swingers club, you start the conversation be being polite and saying “hello.” Make some small talk with the other couple or single woman. Tell her she looks great, ask her if she would like to go to a separate
room with you and your husband.

The people go there to have sex and they know what you’re there for and won’t be insulted if you ask them to be alone with you.

Two things can happen, they might say yes or no. Just be prepared to hear the word no.


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