My wife want to have a MFF threesome with her bi cousin. She the cousin and I. Should I do them?

My wife and I love kinky sex a lot… I guess everyone are like us here, because this is definitely not your church’s websites.  Anyways lets get back to kinky sex…. We played with more then few couples and single men and women too, and we are loving it.

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My wife is bi, her cousin is bi too. Sometimes they play together, no man involved, just the two women works on their fantasy and of course on each other.

And they got the idea, they need a man, and they say I would be a perfect man. I am not sure about this, kind of scare to fuck both of them. To close to home… I know she is her cousin, so she and I not related by blood, so it would not be incest, but she is still relative…

I don’t know. What do you think? Continue reading…


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When I was married, I  fantasized a lot with my X wife’s cousin. I know she loved men and she still loves men, but I never tried to get into her underwear…

However in your case, the ladies want you… and I understand your wife. She is bi and she can have a pussy and your dick in the same time. It is alredy sound like a lot of fun…

If you find her cousin sexually attractive, go for it. Why not? If you are sexually not attracted to her, than make a deal… For example tell them , we can play, but I will perform penetrative sex with my wife only. They might go for it… Continue reading…


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Why are you asking us for?

If the three of you are all in agreement and want to do it then do it. Just make sure you all go into it with your eyes and mind wide open… Continue reading…


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If you do it make sure you give your wife as much attention as her cousin, otherwise you might make her jealous and she might in the future use it as ammunition against you. Continue reading…


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I’ve got a smoking hot cousin and have considered doubling up on hubby, but it’s more of a fantacy than anything.

But as far as you question goes, I think it’s all good, but as in any situation when you are “fucking close to home” it has risk associated with it.

Weigh and access those risk, proceed with caution. The pleasure would be great… Is it worth? You need to decide… Continue reading…


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By blood, you’re not related but it’s still a moral thing.

On the other hand, you’re wife and her cousin are related so that’s taboo, but according to you, they alredy played together, so it is not taboo for them. So to answer your question, if I were you, I would fuck them… if you don’t some other guys will, so what is the point not too… Continue reading…


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Sex for women, for the most part, involves a brain attachment. Sex & love get confused sometimes. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it.

She is your  family member, and if things went bad, for example, accident can hap pan, you can get her pregnant accidentally, condoms can break, etc…

Then you have to face with the family, have to live with it for the rest of your life. Continue reading…

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It is the women’s idea…. so if they both are happy, that would be fine. Though there’s always a risk that it will be spread among all relatives
and you three will be screwed.

But it all depends what background individuals have. You maybe won’t have any problem.
You are the one can forecast.

In ancient time, all over the world, people shared for sex, sisters, brothers, cousins and even reproduced over kin and relation. But nobody had any doubt under such circumstances. Continue reading…


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For thousands of years arranged marriages were between family members, and some cultures still find it acceptable. In Western societies today, incestuous relationships are condoned.

Of course, what you describe must be tempting. Many men fantasize of playing with twin sisters or something like that.

Just imagine what will happen when other family members will find out, and they will sooner or later. No secret is ever safe in any family. If you will be able to deal with the family, than go for it, and have fun. Continue reading…


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If you are man enough to  fuck to women into orgasm, than just do them, and to them hard! Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin! Continue reading…


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There’s nothing wrong with doing a cousin, I did my  in my 20’s. It wasn’t
a 3-way but it was penetrative sex with my cousin. We went at with one another until we were in our late 30’s.

We are still attracted to one another but haven’t acted upon the urge. I would still
go for it today if he came to me and wanted to go at it again.

No one has ever found out… Continue reading…