New Years Eve sex party with double penetration

The next email came from one of our website visitor. There is no point to say anything more. Please read the story.

This website changed my boring married sex life forever, and launched my sex life to new heights I never would have imagined possible. I have to say them thank you. This story represent my thanks…

I wont write any names. Names make no different, I would not write real names anyway, so why bother with names. There will be no name here, no address, and wont be  any personal info… only one thing. I am an American married women and I am  living in US, and I am very proud about it. I am an everyday simple woman, I have to work for a living as many of us,  I can be your next door neighbor!

This writing about our very privet New Years Eve sex party last night of which I was the only woman. There was my hubby and two other guys. So I guess it was a foursome.  I am writing this email and I hope this website will post it, because this website  planted the idea of three and foursomes into our my mind.

I don’t want to talk about how we got the sex party’s idea for New Years Eve. Of course we did our fair part of talk, we had our casual sex experiences with other couples, we had several threesomes, so we did our step by step things…

So, I guess you all want to know some details about me before I say anything more. So let me introduce myself.  I am a 42 years old married woman, 5’7″  tall and weight 150lbs. I have few extra pounds on me, I think am a bit overweight, but not fat. I have wide hips, and a typical American  large but, which is semi hard… from exercising. I would prefer a slimmer body with a smaller butt for myself, but my husband loves my big butt the way how it is. He doesn’t want me to go on diet and get ride off those extra pounds.

During our not to exiting marital sex life I have discovered, when you are on your knees with your face buried in the pillows and that big butt is sticking up in the air, all your man wants is to grab your hips and bury his bone into any of the two hole he face… right up to his balls. The same thing, the same way, the same routine, night after night not a great sexual experience, years after years…

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To go with my wide hips and big ass, I carry around a pair of 38C-sized boobs. They are not  as firm as they used to be, but I think they are still very suck able. My nipples don’t quite point up anymore, but at least they are not hanging like a man’s balls, and they are certainly not flat, Both of my nipples tend to point straight ahead. If I turned on, they are  big and thick. When they big, they are very sensitive and  I enjoy having them licked and suckled… but I really love it when they get bitten or pinched. My hubby says I am beautiful, but without being vain, I think that “attractive” is more accurate.

As for my husband, I find him to be more attractive and more fit for a man then myself for a woman.. Also we love each other very much.

However, since I am writing our New Years Eve Sex Party story, I better stop talk about him. I am writing this at Sunday morning few hours after participating in my first “foursome“… and I genuinely hope my husband will enable me to be the “star” of more sex party like this was in the future. It was his idea that I write my opinion and send it to this website. He suggested it to me this morning after I woke up naked, slightly-bruised, and sore, sprawled face down on the bed in a motel room.

As I awoke, memories of the night before brought a slight smile to my face. I was still smiling as I lifted my head to find my husband laying beside me… studying me. He said he had never seen anything so sexy as me today morning. Exhausted by six hours of sex with three horny men, and my body covered with the little bruise marks, and body fluids traces they left on me.

I hardly thought of myself as sexy. My hair was an absolute horror, I stank of dried sweat, and felt the itch. I needed to have a hot shower really badly. My knees, elbows, back, and butt, were rug-burned, my rectum was sore as hell, the lips of my vagina were tender and swollen. My boobs hurt, and my nipples felt raw.

How, you ask, could I smiling with my body in this condition? The odors, itches and sore feelings each reminded me of the pleasures I had experienced as they came into being. I never ever could imagine to have serious of orgasm, I don’t even know how many… I had. I never experienced erotic pleasures like I did it last night. I did not even think it is possible.

I do not want to get into any details, like what cock and which man, and what hole… and how we started, but I do have to say one thing. One of the best moment, if not the best moment of last night was, actually there is nothing that can replace the pleasure to have one cock all the way up in my ass about the same time as another cock is fill up my pussy! Two cocks sex action like this, really gives me a wonderful orgasm. I have got to tell you… I really enjoy being sandwiched, I really enjoy double penetration!

Last night was our all-time greatest form of  sexual pleasure. I never experienced anything like this before and I am really hope it wasn’t the last.

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