My husband enjoys seeing me having sex with men

Casual sex usually comes in several versions, several scenarios… Usually one thing is the same in all scenario, which is no string attached to it… Casual sex partners sometimes take things further and they turn to be friends… or sex friendsContinue Reading…

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I know everyone have preferences, but sometimes his preferences  and hers no the same. In my case…

My boy friend says he enjoys watching me with women a lot more than he enjoys watching me with guys. Do you think that is a fair play? Is this how most guys think? Continue Reading…


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My husband enjoys seeing me with men. Now, if I can just find a woman suitable to be with my husband so I can watch…. Continue Reading…


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I think most men have fewer issues to have a lady play with a lady and watch…

Fewer men prefer watching their wife or girlfriend, give a blow job for someone else, having orgasm from other man, etc…

I found the most taboo is in married couple plays. I mean if a married couple plays with an extra man, (mfm threesome) usually they state it up front, anal play only with the husband. Not sure why? I think protected anal sex is safer than protected vaginal sex.

So a lot of men do not like to watch their lady, when her butt getting penetrated… that is for sure. Continue Reading…


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I always wanted to see my wife with another woman. It has not happened but I always  get turned on watching her with other men… Continue Reading…

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I like both, but I have to say there is a little extra naughty factor for me watch her with a woman.

But for her more fun with two men… Continue Reading…



Bring your friend too, I am into threesome

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

Imagine, four hot horny and sexy bodies wrapped together in a big foursome horizontal  mambo jambo

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Well, currently my husband enjoys double teaming me with other men.

He has watched me with other women and he seems to like it more when we have a MFM! I think mfm threesomes are more fun… Continue Reading…


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For me, I do enjoy seeing her with other women.  However I find it more exciting to see her with men. Continue Reading…

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Most men would fantasize about 2 ladies together. I enjoy watching either way, however if she is bi, than she would prefer to play with an extra lady… Continue Reading…


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I think the best thing to would be to play with a couple, that way he can watch every possible scenario, and she can have two men to play with. In fact he can have to pussies too… One on his mouth and the other on his cock.

Much better to do two pusses in the same time, than watch two women do the same. Play with pussies… Continue Reading…


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Your breast is beautiful, It turns us on. We would play with you in any setup. Two men, two women, what ever you and your boyfriend prefer . Either way that would be more fun than you can imagine it…

We live close by…. Wanna try? Continue Reading…

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I love to watch my wife with others, be they male or female.

Of course watching her with another female, just takes it to a whole other level. lol. Most times I could be just as happy just watching and not joining in. Is this at least somewhat normal? Continue Reading…


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My husband enjoys watching me more with men than with women.

We have had MFM threesomes more than few times, and he joins in, but he also watches…

So is it wrong? Well it turns me on to have him watching, and it turns him on to be watching so how could it be wrong?

Both of us enjoy it… If one of us did not enjoy it, then it would be wrong. Continue Reading…


I love watching her while have sex with other guys

I love to have sex and love when others watch me during sex. This is one of the reason why I love threesome so much. Play with two guys very erotic, but one of them gets tired, he watch… and that makes me want more, more sex…  Continue Reading

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Is it a real turn on to be watched when having sex for others too? Or is it just me?

Guys, go you like the husband of a couple watch you fuck his wife? Ladies, do you like your husband to watch you while you are having penetrative sex with some other guy? Continue Reading


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Oh, yes very much like being watched… but not by my husband. He can play in an other room.  And I play with my young friends with benefits…
I do not have the opportunity lately but looking forward to it…. So hot! Continue Reading


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We have both done it, watch and being watched too.  I watched more than him. I enjoy more if someone watching me.

Have to admit that the first couple of times it was a little weird. Problem, I have seen several times guys too excited and nervous to get/stay hard.

A couple of drinks or one of the blue daddy helpers usually does the trick. This is one of those do it or don’t things, and I enjoy do it…. front of others. Continue Reading



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Have found and arranged dates for wife many times. We always meet at a neutral site and it is up to her to decide if we take it to the next step.

Usually happens about 50% of the time. I love watching her play with other guys then join in or making love to her afterwards.

We been doing it for around 10 years and still find it exciting and it gives us both a rush for a week afterwards.

Some we have met more than once, and some only once. We have done female – male – female threesome too, a couple of times, but it is much more difficult to arrange and the two men plays are much more erotic. Continue Reading

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I love being watched and doing the watching. If I  ever
get married again, my future husband  have to love the same thing… Love to watch and being watched… Continue Reading


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It used to love being watched during NSA. Not so much now, I’m more
into what I’m doing and what’s happening to me.

But my present partner is a little shy… Maybe if my partner want to watch me, or do me front of others… and if  I know he really wanted to do, that would be a turn on. Continue Reading


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Turns me on to no end to watch my partner with another woman and I know he is completely turned on by me with another man.

We have had some of the most amazing one on one sex afterwards. Continue Reading


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If it weren’t enjoyable we wouldn’t be doing it and we do it as often as possible. But as stated above not a big deal as it was at first. Plus when busy you don’t stop unless necessary.

Those who do not like to see it usually single men… They want to play in separate
rooms. That takes away our pleasure… because watch and being watched is big  ‘pleasure’. Continue Reading


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Love to watch or be watched. Seeing my partner have sex with another
woman is a big turn on to me, and I love to put on a show for him as well.

We usually end up joining in, and by the time we do…..we are so horny it’s unreal! Continue Reading

I like 3some to Watch

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I just read someone’s profile that has this posted… I like 3some’s but wanted to be included, not just there to watch. Sorry to be so blunt but it seems to happen a lot.



Apparently, some just like to watch, mainly men love to see their wife getting hard core work out by one other men, but me, I want active participation.

I have enjoyed both fmf and mfm and I sure as hell wasn’t going to watch . Mind, it couldn’t have been a threesome then, would it?

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I am one who love to watch. We can call it two some or threesome, but I am usually there to watch

Guys, some of you may have enjoyed the rare pleasure of watching your wife or girlfriend get thoroughly sucked and fucked by someone other than you.

But, ladies, I hope you understand it is difficult for a man to express the extraordinary enjoyment involved in watching his lady have sex with another man. While you were laying there letting some man suck and fuck you, the pleasure you felt was largely physical. The pleasure what I get is more emotional.

The deep emotional satisfaction of seeing a look of pure sexual pleasure in your face while you were enjoying a good orgasm is literally incredible. The more intense your orgasm, the more your man enjoys it. I know because I felt it, too.

When I really looked at my wife laying there on that sofa with her arms wrapped around on one our fuck buddy while he was humping her little pussy up onto his thrusting cock, the intense pleasure I experienced was much more that I would experience if I am top of her and having an orgasm.

I knew my wife’s pussy was feeling better than it had probably ever felt before, and I was so happy for her I could barely contain myself. And, when our friend made her cum, all I could do was look into her eyes and savor her pleasure.

There is the visual aspect and the non-visual aspect of a wife or girlfriend having sex with another man. By that I mean there is certainly a particular pleasure for a man in watching another man make his lady scream and cream.

That’s the visual aspect. There is also a special pleasure for a man just knowing his wife or girlfriend is getting her pussy played with, sucked or fucked… without actually being able to see it happen. That’s especially true if the man can hear it happening, but can’t see it.

My advice… As you first begin watching some guy lick and kiss your wife’s lips, neck, breasts, and stomach, chances are you could immediately be filled with jealousy. I mean if you came home and caught your wife
doing exactly what she is doing right now in front of you, you’d probably shoot both of them. Especially if she was responding to his teasing.

But this is different, she does not cheat on you, you guys do it together. She plays because she want to have orgasm and she want to please you with her orgasm too. We usually pick up together our playmates and you can do the same… You simply have to accept the fact that the guy playing with your wife will make her feel very good… maybe better than you do.

This has absolutely nothing to do with your ability as a lover. It’s a simple fact of nature. Something new and different will often feel better than something she is used to.

So, when you see your wife scream with what appears to be incredible pleasure as she has her first orgasm with another man, don’t fear that she will now not be satisfied by you again. In fact, she no doubt will enjoy higher levels of sexual pleasure with you simply because you are the one who has provided the opportunity for her to experience this variety… and these special pleasures.

Is it a threesome? Well you decide, but I really don’t care what you call it, I love it this way.



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The above guy have a point… but of course it depends on the person and how we all get along, and what they looking for. Everybody have their own reason, why they spend time here… I am here for a reason too and if we ask you to come home with us, you and you wife will get fucked. Your wife will get fucked by both of us… so I will not except any watchers… you can watch, but you have to serve too… the others pleasure.

I gotta feel sorry for any one who doesn’t know when to just jump in and get there share.



I am agree with the above long post. If the person is complaining that they had the opportunity to participate and didn’t, well maybe it was for any one of a number of reasons and maybe depend on the threesome.

For example, if it was a male left out of a MFM, MMM or FMF (the latter would be very difficult to believe, but could happen) maybe he choose to wait for an invitation, maybe he lost his excitement, maybe he didn’t have a lot to handle to start with or maybe the other two really didn’t want him participating.

To really be effective in a 3some I think each individual needs to respect the other while being comfortable in their own sexuality so they can enjoy the total experience. They need to see what they can do to bring enjoyment and pleasure to at least one other if not both at the same time and give their all and they likely will gain more pleasure and excitement in return.

I think all three need to be very much interested in giving the other too all the pleasure they can and not be concerned what they may gain in return. Sex, is not taking, it is giving, I believe. Some people I have been with are so much into themselves it is all about them and what they receive and I call them receivers, not playmates.

Those who give me their all or let me give them my all, usually more than reciprocate to make the experience worthy to do again and again. Having said that, not sure about a ladies experience, I obviously can’t say, but some men really got short changed with very tiny, or very short cocks and there is not a lot someone else can do for them and maintain interest and be stimulated.

And then to the opposite extreme, some men are too much endowed being either or too long or two long
and thick to make more than a mouth and throat can reasonably accept without constant gagging. Not that the receiver minds, but not very comfortable for the giver. I did have a 3some with two other guys and it didn’t work out then because each of us knew one but the three of us didn’t know all three well. We were in a small bed and small room and I didn’t think to be a little more creative and was left out of the finish.

We all agreed, a twosome is better at that time. The reality is, had I got myself more involved and moved the guys positions a little, would have made enough room to make it work really good for all. Now I know better
and won’t disappoint anyone while maintaining the momentum.

My bottom line and personal opinion, a threesome can work very well to the complete satisfaction of everyone if everyone chooses to get involved and the others are very willing participants.



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I don’t know what you guys talking about. Nobody ever watching me and I would not mind… also I never  left out… I’m always right in the middle of the action…

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