How can a man satisfy a virgin girl?

I am a man and found a virgin girl. I don’t want to scare her a way from sex…. so I want to make sure, her first intercourse will be a memorable intercourse.

How can a man satisfy a virgin  girl? A girl who never had intercourse before. This girl is an untouched forbidden fruit. How can he make her first intercourse a satisfying intercourse? What are the ways for satisfying her sexual feelings and desires?


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Satisfying a virgin girl should not need to have any extra knowledge other then a hard cock and a hyper active tongue… However we do not need to think to hard to realize that,  there are not to much virgin girls around these days.

Usually they lost their virginity, before they were old enough to legally have sex. Very likely someone already tasted that forbidden fruits, so our man do not need to concentrate on the virgin part, he just need to bang her like a experienced real man. In this case the word experience stand for, something like, he will put her erotic needs before his. He should make her orgasm several times, before he blow his loads.

That will be something that any girl will remember for long – long time.



You  found a virgin girl? How old is she? You are a man, and she is a girl… Just stay a way from her! You will end up in jail.  So it is very unlikely a man will find a legal aged virgin girl. A girl who never had intercourse before…  Where did you find her? I would run like the hounds of hell are chasing me!!!

Maybe she got that fake virginity set, that even bleeds after intercourse…


In the case if she is a real virgin, the man have to go slow. No one knows what will satisfy a virgin because she doesn’t have experience yet, so she doesn’t know what will make her cum…

That’s why the man should experiment and see what makes her feel the best. He should take his time, a plenty of time to get it just right.



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Whoa… I remember my first time being physical with a man… to this day I still remember that particular experience quite clearly. That experience being something quite special to me.

Cuz, you only get ONE first time experience. I still remember his name and the experience quite fondly.

The man has to take his time and be slow with the girl. Lots of kissing, not just on the lips, but everywhere else too. Like the face and neck, her arms, stomach. Nibble on her ears. Pay attention to her fingers and toes.

Admire her silky smooth legs, before going in between her legs and the obvious erotic parts of her body… Don’t let any other parts of her body go untouched. Every part should be made to feel special…

The man should not have such high expectations from her at first. Let her do what she feels comfortable.
He must not put pressure on her to give so readily especially if its her first time.

Most likely, she may not know what to do. (okay, in my case, I dint know what to do at first I just opened my legs to him, but I was a lucky one, because my man had patience to explain me what should I do…

The man, he really just needs to put her pleasure first before his…



The only advice I’ll give on this besides, is to be safe and have him wear a condom.

When you have unprotected sex with someone, you’re also having unprotected sex with everyone else they’ve been too. In this kind of scenario, one guy can very easily equal 20- 50 girls (and/or guys, bisexuality is out there too ya know), so unprotected sex would be something like our virgin shared sex with 50 unknown persons.


Hopefully this untouched “forbidden fruit” has been masturbating so she knows what her body can feel and what an orgasm is. Then the man should find a way to make it happen from intercourse… with a lot of patience and foreplay.


I red your profile and seem to me you know a lot of about sex. You state it in your profile you like to Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming, Fetishes, Light Bondage, Hard Bondage, Candle Wax, spanking, Role Playing, Slave/Master, Cross Dressing, Mutual Masturbation, Food Play, Handcuffs/Shackles,
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And you don’t know what to do with a virgin girl…? Get a life my friend…!

Really sounds more like someone (a guy) looking to find a way to get jack off material…


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