Have you ever seriously thought about making your lady sex partner happy with sex on Valentines Day?

Have you ever thought to make your sexual encounters more pleasurable for both of you? If you have not done this yet, you better start thinking about it now.

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There is anything that can be a better Valentines Day present, than a mind blowing orgasm…

Keeping your sex life in high spirits (special on and around Valentines Day) is the main key to attain a rich lifestyle. Sexual fulfillment simply keeps you feel youthful. Your spouse or your partner sexual satisfaction is strictly your personal business.

If you are not into NSA casual sex, then you should keep your partner sexual satisfaction  in-house family business. You should make your partner happy and satisfied with with sex encounters, with every intercourse.

However if you are a male and  if you can not fulfill your sex partner, your girlfriend or your wife erotic needs, your looks and income are maybe excellent… but if you can not get your lady partner achieve  orgasm, – Valentines Day or not – she might leave you and your money sooner than you can imagine.

Some women are multi orgasmic. They cum when you whisper in their ear or when they ride on their bike.

But most women not so lucky. Most of them need a bit of coaxing before they can reach the climax and if they’re not totally frigid, they have the capacity for a deeply satisfying climax. It is your responsibility to find out what it is that sends your partner to the deepest orgasm.

These days it seems like every guy has some kind of magic stuff, that will make sex better. Stuff, like pills, pumps or toys that guarantee better sex. With so many different solutions out there, how can anyone choose between them all?

I beleive your best bet would be improve your love making technique…  Oh, you are perfect in the sex department… Then maybe you can do something with your performance… Did you ever heard of Instant performer?

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But first and foremost, VolumePills is here for your pleasure. By the way VolumePills will put a very satisfied smile on your female sex partner(s) face too, because you can cum all night long, again and again… While not everybody willing to take sex booster herbal pills, many men, women and couple are still interested in getting a boost for their bedroom sessions. More info on VolumePill


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Can all women cum? I have heard some ladies claim that they cannot climax at all. Is it just that they have not been with a guy that has the skill to make her cum? Continue Reading…


naughty womanNaughtyLilBrat69

I have absolutely noooo problems in that department but have heard of women who can’t and feel super sorry for them. Continue Reading…


NSA datingouttherelinda

I thought you were going to ask about Roy Orbison for a minute, lol.

All women are different just as men are so it is logical that not all of them can or ever will orgasm. Some of them may experience orgasm when they match the right partner but unfortunately some will never have the pleasure of a orgasm, not even on Valentines Day. Continue Reading…

older women looking forOlder Women Looking For Boytoys for Valentines Day

adult datingallegria49

Well I’d say selfish lousy lovers definitely could contribute… but sometimes peoples preprogrammed just won’t let them be free. Continue Reading…


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I can cum like a fountain now and I squirt like one, too. But, guess what? When I was in my 20’s, I wasn’t able to cum at all.

There are women who can’t cum. I think it’s because they’re not relaxed enough or because they haven’t found the right partner. I’m convinced that, unless a woman has a serious organic problem, any woman can cum provided she receives the right stimulation
from someone who is trying to please her. Continue Reading…


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The statistics suggest that: “About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. That is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue.

And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances. It is projected as even higher depending on where you look or who is doing the study!

We suspect the ratio of women able to have orgasm to be higher here on this site because of a more open minded approach to sexuality. In virtually all of the published studies less than 10% of the women unable to achieve orgasm have a physical reason inhibiting them. It’s all in your mind!!! Continue Reading…


NSA sex datingelle_dee

I cant speak for all women but I most definitely have orgasms, & most women I know do as well. I dont think it always the men failure…

A woman should explore & know her own body. If she cant make herself climax prehaps she has a problem similar to erectile dysfunction. Some women may have problems with a low libido in general. Could be hormones. She may be focusing on it too much & trying to force it. There are a myriad of reasons. Continue Reading…

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