My best orgasm happened on a first date

I not understand what is the big deal on  first date sex… You like it or not, you are into it or not, it is only your very personal business, your choice and or your preferences. We are, list I am living in North America and here men don’t stone women to death because she have sex outside of her marriage.

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Does not matter that sex happens on the first date or on the second, it will be still sex outside of your marriage, if you are married.  If you are not marred, than once again, it is your preferences.

But I am not married, and my best orgasm, that I ever had, happened about three years ago with an older man. He was, he is 12 years older than I am and he was a really passionate sex partner. Not before him and not after him, no any man made me orgasm, like he did. I guess experience does count… in first date sex too.

I am not a squirter, I never squirt, but at that time I was so wet, the man was sure I squirted. I did not, but he made me obtain an incredible orgasm.

I know, someone will ask, why not repeat with him? Because we ran into each other at a Caribbean vacation, it was his last night there and he is from oversee.

If I believe in, no sex on the first meeting, I would never have had this incredible experience… Continue Reading

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I am not really sure, what was your question… but I have few things to say.  I am married and  I can play alone, but we play with hubby too. He can play alone too if he wants.

I do believe in first date sex, because I am a married woman, and I do not have time to dating and talk over a coffee or a drink about sex and preferences. That can be done before of that first date.

We are not living in the 60’s there are many way to communicate today, so when ever someone goes to a nsa first date, they should be prepared accordingly and as a result, they might have the best orgasm they ever had.  Continue Reading


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Was it in a Hedonism Vacation Resort in Jamaica? I been there and I had similuar experience. I think there is something erotic in that sunny Jamaican air…

But a freind of my told me there is a better, lifestyle adult vacation place  in Mexico, than Hedo in Jamaica… Continue Reading

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I don’t think it have anything to do with the sunny Jamaican air. It might be the side effect the Jamaican dope… or the guys penis size, or the sex position…

Or you just were extremely horny and all the above pointers all together ended up in your mind blowing orgasm. Kudos to you… Continue Reading


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About a year ago I was dating a guy that wanted to spank me
during foreplay. It wasn’t our first date, but it was the first time we had sex.

I gave in and let him (because the 50 Shade of Grey). I loved it. I had one of the best orgasms I had  a long time. Since that every once in a while I love to get spanked during sex.

Maybe you had that great orgasm, because you did something new, something that you never did before. You are the only one who know what was it… Continue Reading


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I don’t know about your vacation preferences, but if I go, I always go to a high end vacation resorts.

High end and hotels, loaded with high end “classy” vacationing men… and I always manage to have some of those “mind blowing” orgasm. Continue Reading

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