Married under-fucked woman wants more sex

I am married  underfucked woman, in such a relationship I desperately looked for some nice erotic time with some willing men. After meeting a couple of them, I realized I kind of match well with one of them.

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I started having an affair with him, affair with a married man. Sex was great. I had a lot of sex with him and I wanted to have more.  Sex was never enough.

Than I had to move. It happened  2 years ago. We still meet, not as much as before, but now I realize he loves me. He loves me in a different way than my husband. His love is not like brotherly love and just looking for company and silliness.

We take care of each other erotic needs with sex, romance needs with a deep deep connection. Sometimes he looks at me, touches me, without going necessarily to have sex.

Sex is always great. When he starts to cum inside of me, ha can stay inside and get hard again and cum again. We can cum for hours. He says he can only do that with me.

As a reference I met him here on this website. I used another user name at that time.

My question is, is it possible to get to love a person because he can make orgasm multiply time. I would really like to know. Continue Reading…

under fucked womanMarried under-fucked woman wants more

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Finding a sex partner to love is incredible, if it happens, but this love is different than the love how you love your husband or how he loves you.. If not you spend years of unfulfilled needs.

So yes you can love your nsa sex partner and still have a great
love for your marriage. Until you have been there for years without release, it is easy for someone to just say this is cheating.

When sex becomes once or twice a year with your husband and  your sex drive wants  once or twice a week you have a deep unfulfilled need. However the fair thing would be talk with him. Let him know you need sex more than he can imaginable. If he really loves you, he will understand it… Continue Reading…

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Why do you confuse the difference between the love of sex with you fuckbuddy and the love toward your husband?

When I was growing up I was told many times, I must wait
for the one I love to give myslef to, and that is usually the one I will love forever.

It is bullshit… I waited for him and what a waste of time that was. I did not know what I miss. Therefore I have to say… I  love to have sex with a men if he able to make me orgasm several times… but as I said, I do think that sometimes people misconceived that love of sex with deep real romatic love toward that person. Nope, that is just good sex. Continue Reading…


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Whatever the reason, you confuse sex and love, it happens. If it bothers you, you may want to open the levels of communication with you husband too and explain your thoughts before having sex with someone.

Otherwise your love affair is just simple  cheating.  By the way, you wrote it, you met him 2 years ago, but you still have this membership? What for? This fact is the answer is for your question… That is not love it is just the love of sex. You did not delete you account, because as the title of your post states it “Married under-fucked woman wants more sex”..

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Most women that have a great lover tend to think a guy is putting in more work for her because he has Deeper feelings for her…Wrong!!

You wrote it, he can get hard more than once and orgasm inside you with only you. This sound like a typical men trick… I can do that just with you… in the hope he will have more chance to do you…

Some guys (myself included) just loves great nsa sex with a woman that is very easy to talk to, get along with, and loves to have great sex as well without holding back. But for women that confuse great sex with love, that is nutcase and men should beware! Continue Reading…


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I am on your side… I can not have sex with anyone without love. I have to love that person, or no sex.

But over the years the love of sex made me develop a technique…  which is, I can love a man for a night and have sex with him or I can love even two three men for a night or a weekend and when the weekend is over, my love is gone… so I have to looking for new love… Continue Reading…


I crave to have animalistic sex. My fuck buddy sometimes makes love to me, some other times he fucks the hell out of me

I love three & more somes, anal sex

I know I going to get nailed and called on all kind of name for this question, but I have to ask it anyway… My problem is; We, my man and I have few good friends,  couples and some singles too, (we can call them fuck buddies).

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We get together once or twice monthly to partying. I love three and more somes, anal sex and sometimes  double penetration too.

There are two basic rules, we are not into anything  humiliating and practice safe sex only. All of our playmates know this, and here comes the problem…

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At our last month party, I played with two guys, things got hot and one of them performed anal sex on me in doggy style and I gave blow job for the other.  Apparently the individual at the back door removed his condom, I did not realized it, just when he unloaded his load into my ass…

I called him a pig headed and he is a pig headed and I told him I never going to have sex with him again and I wont even play with anyone, if he is in the room.

Of course all the other guys asked him to leave. Than he realized he did a big mistake and he said he wont do it again… and asked me not to make him him feel bad.

I know, if a dog jumps a fence once, sooner or later will jump that fence again. I do not trust this guy anymore, I refuse to have sex with him and with anyone else if he is present.

He told me I acting like a child. I think he is a the childish not me.

He knows our rules, why did he think he allowed to break that? What would you do in a similar situation? Continue Reading…


nsa sexWeRnnewCpl

Why did not you check that he had a condom on? Safe sex is your responsibility and nobody else. You just can blame yourself. Good think he did not ejaculate into your vagina… Continue Reading…



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Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

If anal sex does not hurt for you, you may want to give this a try sometime. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you. Double Penetration Tips for Women


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Sorry but he isn’t a friend in any sense of the word if he was willing to disregard your rules.

I think you did  the right thing. I would dump his arse quick smart too.  Continue Reading…


nsa sexcupl4fun56

The idiot may be misunderstanding the “slave” portion in your profile. I doubt you mean for him to ignore limits….

I would move on and find someone who is a better partner, better team player. Continue Reading…


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Let me sum this up: A man breaks a rule endangering your safety. Is a “pig head” control freak who disrespected you and your desires. Yet you are concerned about what to do?

He may be acting like a baby, yes. I also feel you are being immature for playing his game. Run away, get assholes like him out of your life. Continue Reading…


casual sexJAsizzlers

Sorry OP, that’s a downright nasty experience.  Sounds like you’d better find a new friend, someone deceiving you when it comes to very basic safety issues can not really be considered a friend.

Get a check up done and next time make sure to check that the condom is actually on before penetration!

Don’t worry about how he is acting now, kick him to the curb. He deserves it! Continue Reading…


swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

And I would say to him “what the hell give you the right to use my body any way you want”! And I would also tell him, “you will not see my  pussy and my naked ass anymore”.

It is simple, no see, no fuck… It is my body and you violated the agreed upon rules. Yes it should have been you to make sure he was wearing a condom, but honesty, when a man back there you can’t make sure his condom is properly on or not.

He has crossed the boundaries already agreed upon and if he crossed that line once who knows what lurks in his little mind? You did the right thing, I would do the same.

Find adult dating partner on-line

Do you find it easier to meet people on-line before meeting in person? Or is it easier to just meet someone in life and go from there?  I meet people in my job all the time. But I can’t say it really carries over into my personal life. Continue Reading…

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I do find it easier to meet online first, as it helps with common interests. I like my filtering system. On that note, I wonder how many people I truly miss out on, because I filter automatically.

In person you get a first smile, eye contact, regular conversation and feel chemistry at play. This is what we did, and hopefully still do, prior to the internet.

Please answer in whatever regard you prefer, as social interaction, since the internet is a wide topic.  Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

You never actually meet anyone on line. The only way to meet someone is offline. Anyways, when you say meet,  I think you are are you referring to  chat with people,  build on-line friendship, where is adult dating dating, social sex type of thing is at the end of the line… on this website.

I think to find adult dating partner or sex partner for nsa sex, much more easier on-line than of line. You can ask questions  on-line in a matter of minutes during chat…. that would take weeks to ask via of -line. Special if we talk about no string attached sex dating… Definitely easier set up on-line. Continue Reading…



you can also find like-minded people by attending activities you enjoy. This can be a real life filter also.

Our way to do it is a combination of both. On and offline meets. We will look for activities attended by couples with interests that matches ours. If there is a attendee list we may pee-contact those planning to attend.

No decisions are expected to be made on anything online but a meeting offline.

I want to see their eyes, body language and get connected and timely responses. On line, the only way is to cam but that isn’t the same. We rarely do cold contacts from random profile viewing. Continue Reading…

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NSA sexfreespiritedgil2

I do find it easier to meet people online first because I am a quiet person offline. Continue Reading…


casual sexVickie_Jo

It’s a double edged sword…. each works and sometimes doesn’t work in it’s own way.

You just have to keep an open mind but use common sense with either. Continue Reading…


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I used to prefer meeting in person. But since I’ve been on this site, I’ve become more or a fan of meeting online first.

Meeting online allows you to get to know the other person better, without being blinded by the sexual attraction (as much). It can also help you get past someone not being what  you’re normally physically attracted to. Continue Reading…


erotic adult datingboredwife

I don’t know about easier. I would say it is better to meet online first, better to get to know your future sex partner on-line first…

You just have to be sure he is not one of your relatives, family members or work mates… Continue Reading…

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OK, I understand, users – visitors comes here because the expectation of no string attached sex, which I have no any issue with.  Honestly, I am here, for a reason, that is to Find Multiple Sexual Relationships and Sex Friendships for Long Term Real Time Play.

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If Romance or other occur, well I weal deal with it, I am open to everything and I will let things naturally flow, but I am not here because I am “Looking for a Husband”. Don’t need one…

Now, with all that being said… The Pounce ‘thing’, where some men expect to be have penetrative sex with me, literally within the first 5 minutes of actual physical contact, albeit new and I just laid my eyes on you, is not something that my erotic play bases on.

I have a special get me wet process… and that going to get me go, when it wet, but that takes longer than 5 minutes… Continue Reading…

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I prefer bareback play, and not into one night stand, so until we get to know each other really deeply, you need to use condom.

Than the bareback play might come only after… when the sex friendship is standing…  You have to work on me… O very rarely I connect with someone that I am meeting for the first time and I will not jump on you and wont want you to jump on me within 5 minutes of that meeting.

I understand it happens, and can happen with me, and has happened with me, but it is rare and not desired often. I like to make some sort of connection other than you needing to be satisfied and drained… and you getting your rocks off… I want to have some fun too.

Believe me, I do have that “Fetish” of meeting and have wild sex within the first 5 minutes, but THAT IS NOT THE ONLY DIET I AM ON. This is something that just recently came up, again for me, because, I had a “First Date” get a lil’ o handy with me and I had to set him back a bit.

Now, I am not in the least bit a tease, but don’t pounce unless it is understood, communicated that. That is what is expected and wanted. Quickies and pouncing can be great, but it is not appreciated when eager pouncing crosses over into Pushy Ass-Hole who is NOT Getting Laid.

So am I alone here, or someone else plays like this too? Continue Reading…

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It sound fair enough for me… but I have few more things to say; In the end I wanna bite your clit and let my guy penetrate you in the ass. But you are the boss and we have all the time in the world. So if you want to go shopping, and you are a bit exhibitionist…  we could have sex in the mall, or on the parking lot or just piss in the grass.

Why would you go to a vetting process? Way to difficult for  us. Your the boss and you tell us what you want. With that body of yours, we love everything. Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

You are right, this website is definitely not e-Harmony. Adult dating through Swingers Couple saves you time and effort if you are looking for casual sex, or some say, no string attached sex.

Swingers Couples website is created to help you quickly find and connect with your best local or long distance adult dating partners. While adult dating, you can find friends for nsa sex, kinky adult dates, and get laid if you and your partners want to get it on!

When you browse those sex personals, you’ll immediately find there are many horny local adult matches for you, also looking for no string attached sex dating.

Your activity here more likely will result in sex hookups, sex friends from on-line  or hot fuck friends ship…. than something cheese & romantic date.  And if you need more than few minutes… well you can take as much time as you need to get your pussy as wet and as you said juicy…  Continue Reading…



Everything is here that our members posted about threesomes

I love cock, I really love the feeling of being filled, and I want two at the same time. I want to do vaginal – anal double penetration.

horny local woman

no string attached sexCheekychick80

I totally agree with you. My vetting process is more to protect me than anything else. I have met enough nutters in my life, I want to do what I can to avoid inviting them into my life, my house and my body.

If I agree to meet I am keen for sex, but just because I meet you it isn’t guaranteed and my legs will remain firmly closed until I feel comfortable.


casual sexwildlinda

There is nothing more exciting than the feeling you get when you first meet someone from here.

Are they who they said they are? Will I like him? Will he like me? Will be any chemistry? And if there is chemistry, I want to him inside me… but as you sad, I have that wetting processes too and  longer is better… Play for hours and have sex few times… 5 minutes is nothing in sex… even a quickie should take longer than that…


erotic datingmakemecream

Guys just because this is a sex site, not every woman is going to have sex with you within the first five minutes.

Take your time and at least get to know our names. Come on dudes, invest in list a half hour or so…


kinky sexSquurrdyGurl

I think it is just the matter of your preferences. State it in you profile; “I am not interested in a quickie or a drive-by…”

And if you stated you tell them that is what I mean! For example I am not interested in men younger than 35… and I will not lay anyone under this age… That is what I mean!


Adult Dating & Male Bisexuality

Lately, many on-line adult dating communities have noted more discussion about casual sex and adult dating related  male bisexuality. With a new generation entering into the on-line dating world, there is a possibility for a younger generation to have different views of male bisexuality.

How does effect us and our adult dating, casual sex partner seek practice?

Female bisexuality has been an accepted part of the adult dating and casual sex activity, male bisexuality is usually not tolerated by many men. For most of us casual sex is not to challenge rules, and ropes but to supplement our sexual needs with other singles or couples like ourselves.

If you are a bi sexual male and just thinking about casual no commitment sex you should know bi sexual men are not always welcome in the adult dating world.

Why so?

For many reasons by sexual men are considered as a “high risk”. Many men believe a bisexual man who chooses to enter into a relationship with a woman is seen by the gay or by sexual male X partners as doing so out of the desire for heterosexual privilege. While one who finds a same-sex partner is viewed by both gay and straight “friends” as having really been gay all along but afraid to admit it.

What sex experts say about this?

Men who are bisexuals are likely to experience homosexual attraction and engage in homosexual experiences before they become aware of their bisexuality. That’s why the bi sexual men consider “high risk”.

Others believe, couples where the male part is bi sexual are not into long relationships with other couples. Usually they are only looking for one night stands, especially if they try to hide the male is bi sexual. For women, on the other hand, the trend is to experience heterosexuality first. Researchers believe, some women who identify themselves as bisexual, have some emotional needs that are best met by men and others that are best met by women.

Some bisexual men offered this explanation too for their own bi sexuality, but much more often the male bisexual explains his sexual lifestyle in terms of a need for variety and creativity. Casual sex and no commitment is all about variety and creativity… So what is wrong with this picture?

Even today in our open sexuality world, sexual freedom, and the joys of sexual variety is does not count to much when we get to the subject of male bi sexuality. Stupidity of society’s puritanical does count and, in the next breath, blithely and unequivocally condemn any sexual interaction between males.

Our best guess is that at least 20 percent of males, who are practice casual sex, have participated in bisexual, or at least bi-playful, interactions at one time or another.

This rate is hardly on a par with female bisexual activities, but it certainly shows that the common perception is a myth.

To red more about adult dating and male bis sexuality visit our partner on-line adult dating magazine.

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