Adult Dating & Male Bisexuality

Lately, many on-line adult dating communities have noted more discussion about casual sex and adult dating related  male bisexuality. With a new generation entering into the on-line dating world, there is a possibility for a younger generation to have different views of male bisexuality.

How does effect us and our adult dating, casual sex partner seek practice?

Female bisexuality has been an accepted part of the adult dating and casual sex activity, male bisexuality is usually not tolerated by many men. For most of us casual sex is not to challenge rules, and ropes but to supplement our sexual needs with other singles or couples like ourselves.

If you are a bi sexual male and just thinking about casual no commitment sex you should know bi sexual men are not always welcome in the adult dating world.

Why so?

For many reasons by sexual men are considered as a “high risk”. Many men believe a bisexual man who chooses to enter into a relationship with a woman is seen by the gay or by sexual male X partners as doing so out of the desire for heterosexual privilege. While one who finds a same-sex partner is viewed by both gay and straight “friends” as having really been gay all along but afraid to admit it.

What sex experts say about this?

Men who are bisexuals are likely to experience homosexual attraction and engage in homosexual experiences before they become aware of their bisexuality. That’s why the bi sexual men consider “high risk”.

Others believe, couples where the male part is bi sexual are not into long relationships with other couples. Usually they are only looking for one night stands, especially if they try to hide the male is bi sexual. For women, on the other hand, the trend is to experience heterosexuality first. Researchers believe, some women who identify themselves as bisexual, have some emotional needs that are best met by men and others that are best met by women.

Some bisexual men offered this explanation too for their own bi sexuality, but much more often the male bisexual explains his sexual lifestyle in terms of a need for variety and creativity. Casual sex and no commitment is all about variety and creativity… So what is wrong with this picture?

Even today in our open sexuality world, sexual freedom, and the joys of sexual variety is does not count to much when we get to the subject of male bi sexuality. Stupidity of society’s puritanical does count and, in the next breath, blithely and unequivocally condemn any sexual interaction between males.

Our best guess is that at least 20 percent of males, who are practice casual sex, have participated in bisexual, or at least bi-playful, interactions at one time or another.

This rate is hardly on a par with female bisexual activities, but it certainly shows that the common perception is a myth.

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