Threesome on Valentine’s Day weekend

Before any misunderstanding, a threesome is a threesome at any time, not just only on Valentines Day.  If you are fantasize about a threesome, you can use the next tips at anytime, at any weekend and weekdays to set up a threesome

They say three persons more than a couple, but less than a group. For a threesome you need three persons, and two of them will be same gendered – but who will be that two. Two guys or two gals… Either way it can be a lot of fun.

Two guys can get done more than one, but two girls and a man, can have unlimited erotic fun too… Why not celebrate the most romantic time of the year with two Valentines from our partner members instead of just one? You can make your threesome fantasy into a steamy hot reality! Continue Reading…sex partyLocal Adult Dating Personal Ads


ValentinesDay Orgy

MFM threesome with my husband and his younger brother at Valentines Day.

Sex with a stranger on Valentines Day

I would like to organize a Halloween sex party but I am not sure how should I start…?

Over the years it seems around Halloween, a question like a ghost – keep coming back. Many people keep asking it: I’d like to organize an erotic party but I am not sure how should I start…?

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Older Women Looking for Younger Men for NSA Sex

Or I would like to have my own erotic Halloween Masquerade party. How should I start…?

How should you start? Can be Halloween, X-mass or Valentines Day’s erotic party, the basics are the same. At first you have to make a decision what kind of erotic party you are going to organize.

On-premises (which mean intercourse allowed on the premises) or Of-premises (which mean intercourse not allowed on the premises). In some countries illegal to organize and held on-premises sex parties and in some others illegal to organize in public place in restaurants or hotel room. Restaurant does count as public place, even if you rent if fir all night, or you rent just a party room.

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I am talking about sex party. To have a sex party you need to be open minded and active and you need to know other open minded people too. If you are new bie to NSA casual sex, I suggest it, first you should visit a local swingers club, even better if you visit it a few times before you start to plan to have your own erotic party.

Check out our partner’s local adult establishment listing for local swingers club. They list created and maintained by their members and they have more then 30 millions members… so it is very likely you will find an adult club close to your area.

If you are lucky enough then someone might invite you to their erotic party and if you have liked that happened there, you might to start to thinking about having your own party.

If you know few open minded local men women and couple, then you just have to invite some of them. But you need to be prepared to host a sex party.

To host a sex party, is pretty much the same as host any other party. Doesn’t matter it is a Halloween sex party or any other erotic party, only the reason for a partying and the guests are different. And maybe the party’s theme.

At first to make your party happen you need to have a location. Where would it be? In your home? Is it big enough? What about the neighbors? Are you going to invite them? Or should you co-organize your party with your friends? Maybe their home is a better choice. Bigger house, better location, or they might have a hot tub… Also you can organize your party in a hotel room or in a hotel suite.

Okay, you have found a location. Right now you have to think about how can you get your guests into the (sex) party mood.

With inexperienced people, your erotic Halloween Masquerade party will turn to be a regular party. And you don not want this to happen. Just some candles and sexy music will not turn people on. You might have to do more.

There are several things that you can do. The simplest one is to invite at least two experienced couples. They will get things started.

If you don’t know anybody with sex [party, or swingers lifestyle experience, and if you have money you should spice up your party with professionals. I do not mean with prostitutes, but with erotic dancers or with an erotic massage etc. Continiue Reading…

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Adult Dating Video Profiles

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