We love to be watched during sex but don’t do with co-workers

Hubby and I, both of us, love nsa sex and love to be watched. It is like a role play for us, turn us on and keep us going and going like that energizer bunny.

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However hard to find quality and willing sex partners, willing couples or men, who is into play with couple. Than come the dilemma…. Work, if you are like us, you spend about half of your day at work and a lot of attractive people at our work place…

Swinging or no Commitment sex at work… is a bad idea, as Donald Trump would say, very bad.

If you have full time job too, probably you spend a lot of time at work too. It is very easy to find sex partner at work, but you should think before you get into any sexual relationship with your workmate.

no string attached sexWe love to be watched… Do you want to to join us?

Looking for sex partners at the workplace a recipe for disaster. I know this for experience, it did not happen with us, but happened with someone we know, a man, he got into some light erotic play with a woman, than at the end both of them had to find other place to work.

You would have much more success and fewer headaches by using an adult dating website to find partners for adult fun. Actually it is still legal to go out with a co-worker and is still legal to have some real fun with a co-worker, but it is a dangerous game. Many employees and employers appear to become very uncomfortable with co-workers relationships especially nsa sex. People married than family members go to the work place, complain and cause problem, no any employer need anything like that.

What ever is your reason to get into no string attached casual sex,  do it with someone from work is a very bad idea. Romance and dating and married someone from work is  is one thing, but have sex with a married person from work an other thing and you should never get into anyone underwear from work, just because it can be fun.

If you are a male and something goes wrong, it is almost sure you will be charged with sexual harassment. If you are a woman and something goes wrong everyone going to call you a slat. I don’t think any lady want to go there. If happens to be one of you or both of you married, than that is even worst.

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But even if everything work out fine, casual sex at work is still a risky venture for your sexual life and for your career. It can lead to hard feelings and can lead to emotional distress.

When the subject is sex, you should be extra careful. What if the other co-workers finds it out? Just think about it. If you are a female it definitely will not make any good for your your reputation. Sex related news flies very fast. In a few weeks all the men in you office building, (if you are working in a office) want you to give them a blow job, under their desk… If you do not mind it, than go ahead and blow them!

But there is no any women, who can keep all men happy. If you get into some kinky sexual stuff at  work, you might have to looking for a new job soon. Exactly that happened with our friend and it was not even intercourse, it was just a blow job.

If all at above do not bother you and you think you can find another job very easily, then keep your resume updated and go for it. Remember, casual sex, or a threesome with co-workers might cost you your job.

Our final advice: Don’t mix your job with casual sex . This kind of relationship never has a happy ending.

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