No String Attached Casual Interracial Sex

Interracial no string attached casual sex tends to be popular, special if we are talking about middle age horny married woman, with older (much older) husband.

No string attached sex tends to be very popular and more popular day by day, no one really can be certain how many people are involved. Continue Reading…

nsa sex datingno string attached sex dating

According to the latest statistic and if we can believe in statistics,  more than 10 million married couples openly states it in US alone “we are into no string attached sex with others”. Therefore, there are more people into casual sex than you could hope to meet in several lifetimes, and the numbers grow daily.

Please note NSA sex and swingers sexual activity is not the same, but both activity have a lot in common.Continue Reading…

Than we mix interracial sex with open minded middle aged couples, and than a real fun begins for those, who are into interracial sex…

There are many women fantasize big penis and many of them specific about those big penis’ color, they dreaming about big black penises.

Also there are a lot of husband who can not sexually satisfy their wife, and they have wish too… which is, they wish a nice black guy with an extra large 8 inches plus penis, give a fuck of the lifetime to their wife. They wish she will get fuck so hard, she begs to stop.Continue Reading…

casual sexInterracial Sex Personal Ads

Is it simple… but there is a catch. The catch is, usually they want to see when this happen and they might join in. Sometimes these men are bisexual and their fantasy pretty much the same with their wife’s fantasy… which is to play with a big black erected penis… or if there is no a big black erect penis availability, well in that case any penis can be better than no penis…

Therefor our advice is. Your skin color does not matter, but if you decide to play with a man – woman couple as a third man, than you have to make it sure, the couple know your sexuality and you know the same about the couple. Continue Reading…

If you do not make crystal clean, what you expect from them… like no man – to man play, or you are bi curious or orally bi, etc.. What ever your sexual preferences are, you have to let them know…

Otherwise you might get surprise… and I am not sure are you going to like it. Continue Reading…

young sweet hottie
If we flip the coin… in this case if we check black ladies fantasy out… There are more than few who fantasize about nice, polite easy going guys. The skin color is not an issue for them, but the attitude is… Continue Reading…

You can check them out here, but remember… Once you go black, you never go back…

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Find adult dating partner on-line

Do you find it easier to meet people on-line before meeting in person? Or is it easier to just meet someone in life and go from there?  I meet people in my job all the time. But I can’t say it really carries over into my personal life. Continue Reading…

horny woman

on line dating wetlipssink00069

I do find it easier to meet online first, as it helps with common interests. I like my filtering system. On that note, I wonder how many people I truly miss out on, because I filter automatically.

In person you get a first smile, eye contact, regular conversation and feel chemistry at play. This is what we did, and hopefully still do, prior to the internet.

Please answer in whatever regard you prefer, as social interaction, since the internet is a wide topic.  Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

You never actually meet anyone on line. The only way to meet someone is offline. Anyways, when you say meet,  I think you are are you referring to  chat with people,  build on-line friendship, where is adult dating dating, social sex type of thing is at the end of the line… on this website.

I think to find adult dating partner or sex partner for nsa sex, much more easier on-line than of line. You can ask questions  on-line in a matter of minutes during chat…. that would take weeks to ask via of -line. Special if we talk about no string attached sex dating… Definitely easier set up on-line. Continue Reading…



you can also find like-minded people by attending activities you enjoy. This can be a real life filter also.

Our way to do it is a combination of both. On and offline meets. We will look for activities attended by couples with interests that matches ours. If there is a attendee list we may pee-contact those planning to attend.

No decisions are expected to be made on anything online but a meeting offline.

I want to see their eyes, body language and get connected and timely responses. On line, the only way is to cam but that isn’t the same. We rarely do cold contacts from random profile viewing. Continue Reading…

kinky sex dating

NSA sexfreespiritedgil2

I do find it easier to meet people online first because I am a quiet person offline. Continue Reading…


casual sexVickie_Jo

It’s a double edged sword…. each works and sometimes doesn’t work in it’s own way.

You just have to keep an open mind but use common sense with either. Continue Reading…


swingers sexislamilf

I used to prefer meeting in person. But since I’ve been on this site, I’ve become more or a fan of meeting online first.

Meeting online allows you to get to know the other person better, without being blinded by the sexual attraction (as much). It can also help you get past someone not being what  you’re normally physically attracted to. Continue Reading…


erotic adult datingboredwife

I don’t know about easier. I would say it is better to meet online first, better to get to know your future sex partner on-line first…

You just have to be sure he is not one of your relatives, family members or work mates… Continue Reading…

no string attached sex

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Easy to fuck a woman and have no feeling afterward. I can have sex with other men as part of our play…

Emotions and sex and gender differences…  I have always thought I have a strong sexual desire. I love sex, that is why I have profile here. I can easily have sex with different people to satisfy this desire.

Adult Dating AdsErotic  Adult Dating Personal Ads

Sometimes, I can have sex with men with little emotion at all- just pleasure. The emotion is one of appreciation. With other men, I feel a connection.

I am not quite sure what differentiates the men I feel an attachment too and the ones I can just have sex with.

I would like to know if other people feel this way. I wonder too if it is a gender difference. Even if you have a  fuck buddy type relationship, what are the expectations that you have?  I feel it is OK to have no commitment sex, but I feel bad if he does not contact me or email me the day after. So there is alredy some kind of commitment or string…

I can not do NSA– I know it does not exist – because there is always a “string” attached. Sometimes the string disappear as soon the sex is over.

Adult Dating Adszoepup6

But what is the difference between a FWB, and a lover or a partner that you want to commit to? Is there love, or emotion?

Do you know why you feel emotion to one person, and lust towards another? Of course, the best thing (to me) would be to have a commitment to some one I loved, and that loved me. To have mutual lust and love toward that person. That is my dream.

I am feeling a little confused. Mostly, I am wondering about the emotion men have about sex. Is there none? Is it easy to fuck a woman and have no feeling afterward?

I can feel that, but mostly it has been when I am with a man (my partner), and can fuck other men as part of our play.

Sorry – it is not a direct question – not just one easy question. Please let me know what you think of anything I wrote! Continue Reading…


swingers sexBothCurious4

FWB is sex without any extra problems or baggage. As for your other problem everyone’s emotional makeup is different and that is why there are personal preferences.

Why you feel attached to one and not the other is for a professional to figure out. Continue Reading…



I think many people have a strong, sexual desire. I love sex too! One feels wanted and needed, and enjoyed by another, and sexually grateful too!

A connection comes when you may know another more than in a sexual way that you can relate too. Some you don’t, but you love to have sex with them … It called lust! And you understand that you don’t really want anything else with them!

Yes, there’s often a string attached still to those that you feel something for! First, try to understand your arrangement with that person. Then you’ll figure it out, quite easily!

Also, I want Love & Lust with my partner, both ways! If that’s what your truly looking for, then go after it! Continue Reading…


NSA sex adsMySweetBloom

I seem to run into the men who want a relationship. That’s probably because I don’t. Everyone is different.

I would say that women are more likely to want emotion attached to sex. All I need is someone who is intellectually stimulating and physically arousing. I don’t wish to share my life with someone.I just want to enjoy the moments. It’s the rare person who can entice me.

And when I do find someone… I’d love for it to be more than just a time or two. I’ve yet to confuse that with “love”. Continue Reading…

Swingers Sex AdsErotic Adult Dating personal Ads

erotic datingouttherelinda

I have a friend with benefits,  for a while now.  We are friends in the real sense of the word first and foremost. We have some strings as in we care about each other, support each other as friends do. We enjoy just hanging out together as friends do but we are not committed to each other or exclusive. He has his life and I have mine.

I am not the type of person that can have sex with someone just for the purpose of getting off. I have to have some sort of connection to him. Continue Reading…


NSA sexoneclassy1

I’ve always been one to seek an ongoing friend with benefits, however with some people, there’s just nothing that clicks,an attraction, desire
that’s strong enough that you want to do it again.

I have grown fond of certain playmates, but I never confuse that fondness with a burning desire to spend 24/7 with them.

It’s understood that our friendship is mostly about sex, but obviously, we have to like each other. Some don’t even want to get “like” involved, just spread ’em and get off…. Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

You ask so many questions here that it’s hard to know where to begin. From my experience, women tend to bond more strongly than men do after fantastic sex because of a hormone called oxytocin (you can “Google” it if you wish). It is not to be confused with the medication, oxycodon. This hormone is more prevalent in females and it causes us to develop strong feelings for men who satisfy us sexually.

Men, on the other hand, possess very little of this hormone, so for many of them, they can have sex with a woman with little or no emotional content.

However, if men didn’t ever feel strongly towards women, there would be no such thing as a close love relationship. Usually, a man will bond with a woman with whom he feels comfortable sexually, emotionally and mentally.

It sounds to me as though NSA & FWB don’t work well for you because of your expectation.

You are deluding yourself into believing you can just have sex with guys and walk away.
And yet, you are upset when they don’t call you the next day, and you also state that you would like a love relationship.

My advice to you is to think long and hard about what you want and to let your profile reflect that. If you continue to accept sex for sex’s sake, don’t think to much, just do it and have fun, however it require a certain amount of steady contact with guys.

There’s nothing wrong with uncommitted relationships, but it sure looks as though they don’t work for you. Don’t settle for less than you want. Keep on looking and don’t sell yourself short. Continue Reading…


shared sexobsequious4u

As you can see here from the responses, everyone’s definitions of FB, FWB, NSA are varied. Don’t put a label on your relationship.

Just let yourself feel the feelings you have, be accepting of them and allow yourself to be happy. Have fun, live for today and hope for better future… Continue Reading…

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I know we are not the only couple that plays with married men without their wife

When I explain why we do play with married men (erotic adult games… or have sex with married men) I get mixed reactions. Some people think we are immoral. They say a married  man should stay at home and either have sex with his wife, make love with her or include her in his erotic escapades.

intimate sex adsIntimate Sex Personals Ads

I know I am hitting on a subject that has been brought up many times before. And I will try to explain how I feel. And I know I will get many “I don’t like” reactions, but that is okay, I get those too anyway ? we all do!

I know we are not the only couple that sometimes plays with married men with out their wife.

casual sexcurioustap

So why do we play with married men? First of all, the selfish reason; these men know how it is to be a couple and they make great team-players. But often these couples have lost their sexual connection somewhere, they have grown apart for one reason of another when it comes to sex.

Usually he just doesn’t get as much as he would like. But often, they just don’t connect like they used too and he doesn’t want to leave his wife and kids, because he truly loves them, but he needs more sex. Or he just want to play, enjoy the thrill of being with another woman or with a couple.

So what happens when we meet with this married man? We just have sex and he goes home, smiling. He does not want to play with a single woman and have an affair, that could bring complications. She might get attached in a way he doesn’t  want to get attached. Things might get painful and he might end up in a messy divorce.

I am not saying that this man’s marriage might not have been on the rocks already, but the
chances of a shift in relationships might happen. Of course the same thing could happen, while he is playing with a married couple.

But I have heard the same thing about two couples swapping partners once and swapping for life after a while.

So if he has a night of fun now and then and takes care of his sexual needs while enhancing ours, will that make him stay married if the rest of the relationship is okay?

I am hoping it would work that way. Continue Reading…


swinger couplecupl4fun56

We also play with married men – with out their wife knowledge – sometimes. So far, it has not resulted in any negative situations that we know about.

It’s also fun to attend erotic house parties where you can play with couples who are there for the same reason we are. It has actually made our relationship stronger. Continue Reading>>>

NSA datingErotic Dating Personal Ads

swinger couple48fun

We also think a married men might be safer. As he would not want to chance bring home something as quick as a single horny man. Continue Reading…


local NSA sex adslovefungals

I think the more important question is, is the guy doing this with or without his wife’s knowledge.

Now whether you are playing with married men or not is your call, but, if the guy is playing behind his wife’s back whatever be the reason, then he is cheating on her, which to me is more of lack of respect to her than a question of morality.

He in turn is using you as an instrument to his needs. I think even married guys who are on here parading their wives to have sex, when they are not even aware that their husband is planning to have someone come over and play with them have the same problem.

Now you can term it as someone aware of your needs, a team player etc…., but, essentially for lack of no other politically correct word, he is a cheat.

Now ask yourself this question, would you want your husband to go behind your back and play with other ladies who do not mind playing with married men?

If you answer is no, then you are being hypocritical, also, if it is no, then ask yourself why it is so.

The answer to that question will tell you if it is immoral or not to you. Continue Reading…


big boobsbuxombrunette21

I don’t go with married men… but I have done in the past, and love this “I’m not getting any or enough at home” thing…

I can tell you that after a few meets, it was frigging obvious why they weren’t getting any at home… They were rubbish in bed, or had bad hygiene or had just no clue how to make an effort, how to read a womans signals,  how to satisfy a woman.

If their wives can’t stand being intimate with them there is usually a good reason why!

Pick them up and, give them a shower 🙂 use them as toys – thats all they are good for, then go back to your permanent partner or husband. Continue Reading…

Sex datingLocal Adult Dating Personal Ads

swingers sexlongshlongclark

What makes couples decide to search for other sex partners? Does not mater married or single that extra guy, but what is the thrill of watching your spouse having sex with some other man?

I can’t imagine I’d be in to that kinda thing. I  hot woman messaged me, that she was interested in meeting but her hubby had to be there too. He likes to watch while she makes out with others.

I politely declined and complement how beautiful I thought she was. Continue Reading…


sex adssweet_thang70

They can have many reason. Maybe he can not perform because some health condition… or maybe this is their fantasy, or she loves the selection of cock and he loves life porn show. Who know why? Why don’t you ask them…

But usually he may want to watch real men have sex with his wife. They can separate love and sex. Continue Reading…


anal sexlilsprite

I’m part of a couple with a profile here on this site. Why are we looking for another couple?

I want to see just what I can learn from another woman on how to pleasure my guy. My fuckbuddy  wants me to live out my fantasy of being with two men. If he’s one of the two, he can make sure nothing bad happens to me.

We know how to tell the difference between “making love” and just having sex. Not everyone can do that. It’s called personal preference. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

Some people have the ability to separate sex from love.
A lot of open minded attractive couples – in love – can do that.

They don’t get jealous because they know both of them committed to
each other and that’s something that won’t change no matter how many other they play with.

For them sex with others just recreational activity… Continue Reading…

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