New Year, new no string attached casual sex game

As part of our anthropological studies, this year (2016) we have decided to record how many times we have no string attached sex, with willing and selected men – women and couples, while trying to have a bit fun at the same time. Continue Reading…

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Now, do you think there should be a set criteria for when we award ourselves the mark?

Every good sex game has some rules, don’t they? So what should they be?

Like, does someone need to cum? Do we both need to? Do we count oral (as we weren’t going to)? Does strap on dildo sex count in the same way or should we have a variety of categories? That is not fair, a dildo never get soft and never gets tired… that is a big advance.

So  far we will have categories, sex with single men, sex with bi women and sex with couples. We sense a spreadsheet coming on.

Also we’re going to class vaginal and anal sex as mark awarding acts and add a tally on the calender. But should there be more? Should we detail it, something orgasms achieved activities etc, for example ball sucking, or blow job…Continue Reading…

Ideas please. Continue Reading…

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no string atttached sxsummer-fun

I have had the fascination of counting the number of orgasms my gal achieved with a well hung young stud… Then enter them into a spreadsheet. What for?

I know it sound like I am jealous, no I an not, however it is something that just waste of the time.

If somebody is an excellent sex partner, we will remember to that person with out any spreadsheet… Continue Reading…



I have had the fascination of counting the number of orgasms my lady partner obtains just receiving oral. Sometimes I time it too… just like to know how long it take me to giving oral oral orgasm to someone ….using my tongue and mouth.

I use different “techniques” and after all, it give some indications which one is more pleasurable…

Also  good to know the number of times one choose to have sex after reaching orgasm through oral… So I like your sex game. Continue Reading…


swingers sexKarynn5

Well, don’t games require referees?

So what you are saying, in effect, is you need a minimum of three to play this game… Two participants and a third person to monitor and keep score.  Continue Reading…


swingers sexrednkgrll57

I’ve done it so many times, if I have  some statistics, I would be be in the Guinness book of records for sex play. Continue Reading…

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no string attached sexzilmaru

I like your game because I like recording and categorizing things very much.

The only thing I would not record is the time to reach orgasm   orgasms. It is so variable, and concentrating on orgasms or how many takes the focus
off the fun and pleasure to me.

For me, it would feel like too much pressure and that would take a way the “fun” factor. Continue Reading…


leisure sex2hottotango

We think your idea of collecting statistics and turning it into a erotic  game is fine, and the process of gathering the stats is fun!

Suggestion: straight sex with a new partner (one orgasm on the part of the female) = 1Pts

Straight sex with the same new partner (second orgasm on the part of the male = 1-1/2 (added to the first)

Tag team (2 guys) = 2-1/2 Pts because it’s hard to get two guys at the same time.

You take extra credit for double penetration with 2 guys = 4 Pts because it’s hard to all get to the right places at the same time, but even just try to do it right, can be a lot of fun…

Anyway, that’s our idea. And the goal is to rack up as many points as you can as early into the year as possible.

Most importantly, post the scores and encourage others to compare their scores. Continue Reading…

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I know we are not the only couple that plays with married men without their wife

When I explain why we do play with married men (erotic adult games… or have sex with married men) I get mixed reactions. Some people think we are immoral. They say a married  man should stay at home and either have sex with his wife, make love with her or include her in his erotic escapades.

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I know I am hitting on a subject that has been brought up many times before. And I will try to explain how I feel. And I know I will get many “I don’t like” reactions, but that is okay, I get those too anyway ? we all do!

I know we are not the only couple that sometimes plays with married men with out their wife.

casual sexcurioustap

So why do we play with married men? First of all, the selfish reason; these men know how it is to be a couple and they make great team-players. But often these couples have lost their sexual connection somewhere, they have grown apart for one reason of another when it comes to sex.

Usually he just doesn’t get as much as he would like. But often, they just don’t connect like they used too and he doesn’t want to leave his wife and kids, because he truly loves them, but he needs more sex. Or he just want to play, enjoy the thrill of being with another woman or with a couple.

So what happens when we meet with this married man? We just have sex and he goes home, smiling. He does not want to play with a single woman and have an affair, that could bring complications. She might get attached in a way he doesn’t  want to get attached. Things might get painful and he might end up in a messy divorce.

I am not saying that this man’s marriage might not have been on the rocks already, but the
chances of a shift in relationships might happen. Of course the same thing could happen, while he is playing with a married couple.

But I have heard the same thing about two couples swapping partners once and swapping for life after a while.

So if he has a night of fun now and then and takes care of his sexual needs while enhancing ours, will that make him stay married if the rest of the relationship is okay?

I am hoping it would work that way. Continue Reading…


swinger couplecupl4fun56

We also play with married men – with out their wife knowledge – sometimes. So far, it has not resulted in any negative situations that we know about.

It’s also fun to attend erotic house parties where you can play with couples who are there for the same reason we are. It has actually made our relationship stronger. Continue Reading>>>

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swinger couple48fun

We also think a married men might be safer. As he would not want to chance bring home something as quick as a single horny man. Continue Reading…


local NSA sex adslovefungals

I think the more important question is, is the guy doing this with or without his wife’s knowledge.

Now whether you are playing with married men or not is your call, but, if the guy is playing behind his wife’s back whatever be the reason, then he is cheating on her, which to me is more of lack of respect to her than a question of morality.

He in turn is using you as an instrument to his needs. I think even married guys who are on here parading their wives to have sex, when they are not even aware that their husband is planning to have someone come over and play with them have the same problem.

Now you can term it as someone aware of your needs, a team player etc…., but, essentially for lack of no other politically correct word, he is a cheat.

Now ask yourself this question, would you want your husband to go behind your back and play with other ladies who do not mind playing with married men?

If you answer is no, then you are being hypocritical, also, if it is no, then ask yourself why it is so.

The answer to that question will tell you if it is immoral or not to you. Continue Reading…


big boobsbuxombrunette21

I don’t go with married men… but I have done in the past, and love this “I’m not getting any or enough at home” thing…

I can tell you that after a few meets, it was frigging obvious why they weren’t getting any at home… They were rubbish in bed, or had bad hygiene or had just no clue how to make an effort, how to read a womans signals,  how to satisfy a woman.

If their wives can’t stand being intimate with them there is usually a good reason why!

Pick them up and, give them a shower 🙂 use them as toys – thats all they are good for, then go back to your permanent partner or husband. Continue Reading…

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swingers sexlongshlongclark

What makes couples decide to search for other sex partners? Does not mater married or single that extra guy, but what is the thrill of watching your spouse having sex with some other man?

I can’t imagine I’d be in to that kinda thing. I  hot woman messaged me, that she was interested in meeting but her hubby had to be there too. He likes to watch while she makes out with others.

I politely declined and complement how beautiful I thought she was. Continue Reading…


sex adssweet_thang70

They can have many reason. Maybe he can not perform because some health condition… or maybe this is their fantasy, or she loves the selection of cock and he loves life porn show. Who know why? Why don’t you ask them…

But usually he may want to watch real men have sex with his wife. They can separate love and sex. Continue Reading…


anal sexlilsprite

I’m part of a couple with a profile here on this site. Why are we looking for another couple?

I want to see just what I can learn from another woman on how to pleasure my guy. My fuckbuddy  wants me to live out my fantasy of being with two men. If he’s one of the two, he can make sure nothing bad happens to me.

We know how to tell the difference between “making love” and just having sex. Not everyone can do that. It’s called personal preference. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

Some people have the ability to separate sex from love.
A lot of open minded attractive couples – in love – can do that.

They don’t get jealous because they know both of them committed to
each other and that’s something that won’t change no matter how many other they play with.

For them sex with others just recreational activity… Continue Reading…

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