Hotwife Role Play At Our Own Adult Party

We are thinking about to host our own “Hotwife” scenario sex party before the Holiday Season  kicks in. We had mfm threesomes with single men and also partied few times with couples too. All of those was fun but non of them was perfect… Continue Reading

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In the couples cases, there is always an other couple invited to and they don’t know discretion’s definition… Plus we had some issues with the host’s couple’s rules.

Therefore we will use the opportunity and we will host a small sex party with 3 couples and one single man, as soon as possible.  We want to “get it done” before the Holiday Season starts…  because couples busy with families at and around Holiday.

The hot wife scenario will be…  It will be a Hotwife role play, the women have to court and pick the guys up, like in real life, like the guys are strangers. They have to put some effort in… it wont be like free ride.

Both of us want it to be a safe, fun experience for all of our “guests”. We want to make it perfect. Anyone have any tips, advice, that we should watch or know, etc.? Continue Reading


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I am not sure you get it right, what is hotwife – hotwifing.  Hotwife definition is; Hotwife is a married woman whose marriage is open on her end only, so that she can date other men and have sex with them, with both the permission and encouragement of her husband in order to fulfill his fantasy of sharing her with other men, to the benefit of their marriage.

So if your husband will be there too, than that is not hotwifing… Continue Reading



Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading….

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party. Threesome as a Christmas present…

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Our website threesome page is just updated with threesome related information and with new detailed threesome sex position. Also few new threesome sex position photos added too.

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Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.


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The above hotwife’s definition is applied to years around 1960. Today hotwifing is, the husband gets turned on to know his wife wanted by other men. He can be there, he even can watch it if he prefers. But you can define what ever you want it. That is just a different word to name the action which is the wife have sex with others and the husband knows it.

For example we are into hotwifing, but never with one men only. Our motivation behind our hotwife play is… The woman in the attention 2 or maybe more men, and those two or more men focus on her pleasure her enjoyment, and her sexual sanctification. I know it sound like a threesome, but the hot wife scenario make it interesting, it will require much more fore play…

This can be a motivation in a fmf threesome also. Continue Reading

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I, the man from the couple, don’t like to be the center of attention. I generally get more pleasure in assisting others and making them happy, that is why I love mfm threesomes. I am lucky because my wife loves it too…

However, if she ask me to participate in a fmf or ffm, because it would be fun for her I would do it for her. I think she had the same right in a threesome, I mean we are equal… so if hotplaycouple want hotwife role play, they can have it. It will be their party, they organize it, and I think that hotwife role play  is a very good idea to make it more fun… Not just let’s have sex… first have to play a bit. Continue Reading


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The reason is behind a sex party or a threesome is not the fact we want to be the center of attention, the reason is we wanna get fucked and fucked more and fucked hard.

If there are more men, easy to  take over the  one limp cock, a hard erected cock can momentarily take over for the other. If you have one limp puppy and two horny pussies?? Nobody has fun or get fucked.

In one case a male friend of mine fantasized about that almost to obsession, sex all night long with two young bi sexual women. And he found that two young bi women, and when it happened, he could not get his penis erected, and the girls ended up playing with themselves and he just watched the show… I guess that was fun too, but he could have both women, in every possible holes and he had no tool…

He then got very mad and was disappointed as he thought they should be more interested in him. Well… no hard cock to play with, the girls found other things to keep themselves busy, so that is why MFM are more better. Continue Reading

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I do have few advice to hotplaycouple to make that  hotwife Sex party a perfect sex party. Before you getting naked or you do anything sexual, you need a firm exit strategy.

No matter how good your play mate will be, single man or other couples, no matter how exciting is to share your lover with another and partake in erotic sex plays, like hotwife scenario, if you make them a full time partner, or a regular without thinking it through, you might find yourselves in relationship bottom-out.

My suggestion is to always treat each encounter as a one night stand. No one expects to have sex with your partner and you on an ongoing basis and if you tell them that you just had the urge to bring the person into your bed, it easy enough to say that it’s just a one time thing. I also suggest that unless you want a three way relationship to become complicated, you should hold your encounters with the same third person, or with the same couples to no more than three times.

And this rule would be a good excuse is to that couple, who you don’t like, of course only id they ask you why did not invite them…

After all, you’ve invited the person into your union just for the sexual excitement. If you repeat it too many times with the same three people it could get just as routine as any other sex. Continue Reading

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I’ve had a mfm 3some, yes I liked being the center of attention. Both men had equal time with me, being passed back and forth was very erotic. I would not have any problem to have on hotwife party…

I am thinking about more and more to have a fmf threesome with a nice lady. I want to put my husband as the center of attention, after that I would love to put the other woman as the center… I get great satisfaction pleasing others. Continue Reading


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