Our first hotwifing experience

I am the wife from a married couple and that is me on the photo at the beginning of next paragraph. More precisely it was our  is  first hotwifing experience, the photo was made at that time.  But before we  get into it deeper I need to tell few words about hotwifing. There are several different ways to define hotwifing and there are major differences between hotwifing’s definitions, but those are just words.

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In any hotwifing, the wife have sex with someone other than the husband, with the consent of her husband. The husband might watch in “real time” might or might not join in, or just want to know all the details after during their own love making session.

Either way, these just  words, the main thing is, the wife have sex with different men and the husband knows and approves it.

Anyways, it was my husband’s long time erotic fantasy and he talked me into it.  When he told me hotwifing at first I thought it is some kind of erotic on-line game over wifi, and because its erotic, it would make the wife hot wifi . Its the side effect of my job, I work with computers.

Then he explained hotwifing have nothing to do with wifi…

I kind of liked the idea of have sex with strange men… but didn’t understand why he wants  to know and watch it, but over time I let him talk me into…

So this is how happened.   A couple of years ago,  like today Christmas was just few  weeks a way, to make it happen we got a hotel room to a close by city to our home town. The story started in the hotel’s night club.

I was at the bar, my drinks go down easily, I need them to calm my nerves, to quiet my inner voice tying to change my mind. The music is loud and I feel exposed in my short revealing skirt. My husband, sits calmly in his corner booth, sipping his drink and kept his eyes on me.

A man comes up to me, asking me if I want to dance. Should I tell him what I really want, what my husband wants? I answer with a nod of my head, unable to say it.

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It was Saturday night, and the large dance floor is crowded with dancing couples. The old song they’re playing reminds me of another place and time. My body takes over and moves to the music, the alcohol warming my blood.

The band slides into another song, no pause or time to be asked we just keep dancing.

I become aware of my partner: he’s an attractive young man, most girls would be proud to be seen with him. His body moves with energy and grace and probably he is an excellent sex partner.

He dances closer to me, touching me with his hands, I respond with the same. Our fingers meet in the middle and they interweave locking us together. I glance over at my hubby he smiles and raises his glass as if to make a toast.

Another quick change of music and I’m in his arms. The slow grinding music lures me into the rhythm of sex. His hands on my lower back are not idle, they are always moving, making little circles dipping down to my ass then back up and waiting for my response.

The band  stop to play and announced they will take few minutes break. My dance partner  escorted me back to the bar and said  thanks to the dance and left. I followed him with my eyes and I see he sit down at a table next to a young woman. I wasn’t sure what was  going on…

The band came back and started to play again. Two other men try to get me on the dance floor and I refuse, the third getting my attention. He doesn’t come on like the others,  no corny pick-up lines about, do I know you or how  beautiful I am. I know for fact, I am not beautiful at all,  I’m only pretty.  This guy just offered his hand as if he knows I will take it, and I did. Confidence is sexy and he was very confident.

My new dance partner wastes no time; his hand is on my ass before the end of the first song, by the end of the second mine is on his. He steps over to the band and yells something at the bassist; he nods yes and the next song is slow.

He wraps his arms around my waist as we start to move, I pull him in close. His breath is hot on my neck as he places kisses on one side and then the other. He adjusts himself so the bulge of his dick fits nicely into my crotch. I open my legs to let him in as we emulate sex to the slow driving music.

From over his shoulder I look to my husband  and he makes a thumb up approval gesture. I understand what he wants, to take him upstairs to our room.

But how? Then I got an idea. The song was over, there was about twenty couple in the dance floor and the dance floor was very intimate and dark, no one was watching us. I pulled my panties of,  and put them into his hand, told him, my husband choose them for tonight. He smiled, he smelled them and shoves them into his pocket, as a souvenir I suppose.

“Follow me,” if you  wanna go any further, giving his cock an encouraging squeeze. I take his hand and pull him along walking past my first dance  partner,  straight to my husband’s  booth.  He stud up and kisses me while he grabs my ass. He looked the guy and asked: Can you do her front of me?  The guy just nodded yes with his head.

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I remember the countless times my husband  has talked me to have sex with someone front of him and now I am about to do it. This total stranger very likely going to stick his cock in me and I don’t even want to know his name. He will be  just a toy, a dildo of sorts not to be taken seriously, and hubby and I will enjoy it.

I was already turned on, moister from my vagina was dripping down my leg as we headed upstairs to our room. I know it supposed to be a hotwifing (what ever it means), but I was horny and felt nasty.  I knew, I’ll make the hubby’s hotwifing  fantasy happen but after that,  I wanted them both penetrate me.  Continue reading…

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Hotwife Role Play At Our Own Adult Party

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Anyway, get back to hotwifing.

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I born to be hot wife, that is why I love hotwifing