Easter Warm Up Sex Party with Hotwife

I am a practicing Hotwife. Our marriage is open on my end. My husband has a fantasy of sharing me with other men and I date other men sexually in order to fulfill his fantasy which supercharges our own marriage and builds intimacy.

When I go home, after sex plays I explain him in details what the other man did with me and this turn him on. It makes me horny just to know he will get turned on by my action.

hotwifing CoupleHotwife Looking for Playmates

For example we were invited to a before Easter party, which was planed to be a “get to know you” party so at Easter time, the second party will run very smooth.  It wasn’t  sex party but (nsa sex was optional). Our friend couple hosted it in a hotel suite, but the main event at Easter time will be held at their home, for selected few (who passed the “get to know you” party.

Its getting complicate, eh? It is not, let me explain. If someone was invited and acted like an adult at a erotic adult party, than that person might get invited to their home to partying again.  However if someone acted like “sex predator” then their party was over…

I really enjoyed myself and, I am sure some guys had a great time too, special two of them… There was two guys who really flirted with me. I told to my husband I think they would be happy to fuck me…. He said it sounds like fun, but you need t explain it to me after.

So I picked the guys up, yes both… Than the two guys and I went to their hotel room and I had sex with both. It was a disaster. Their love making technique sucked… they hit their orgasm, before I got halfway to rich my orgasm… and their cock was smaller then my 10 years old son’s.

horny married woman

No String Attached Adult Dating Ads

However at home I lied to my hubby, I told him they did me really good and really hard, I told him one of them had a so big and so fat cock at first I was sure I cold not take it, but somehow I did manage it, than he penetrated me so hard with his monster cock, I could not stop to cumming.

This small lie was a big turn on for my hubby. He always try to outperform my hotwifing sex partners, plus his cock is a decent size 7″ , but at this time he outperformed himself too.

He turned to be a sex magic for that night and for real, I could not stop to cumming. This is the beauty of hotwifing…

I hope that Easter nsa sex party will be even better… Read more about adult parties…


Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

I wanna get gangbanged


Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party

I am the wife and it was our first foursome

I have to tell you, the next story really happened with me, with us. I had to  twist the story a little bit, but those twists doesn’t change anything important… For example one of the twist is, the title of this page. It states; “Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party.”

couple ready for nsacouple ready for nsa

The party wasn’t a planed sex party and was not really a party, did not happen anything that we planned up front, but it was a foursome, my first foursome with three men. One of the man was my husband and he is still my husband. In fact our marriage is better and stronger than ever been before.

The second twist, I did not really need to seduce into anything. I fantasize about foursome for a while… but those guys tried to seduce me really hard and I let them belie, they seduced me…

I think I should start at the point where this very erotic adventure started, which is our marriage. We are a happily married couple, we will celebrated our 10-th anniversary at July in this year (2017). That was a hell-off sex party. I hope we will celebrate the 20-th anniversary on the same way.

double penetrationMarried Women Looking for Intimate Affairs

In the first few years our marital sex life was marvelous. However to get into the bed with the same person for years and years, sooner or later will get routine and it might get boring.

Sex is very important part of our life, if sex is good we are happy. After around 6 years together, we had to find a solution to fix and spice up our own bedroom activity.

I love anal sex, my hubby love to perform anal penetration on me, so we decided to try anal vaginal double penetration. The hubby, a toy and I.  We rented some really erotic XXX DVD’s , and my sex toys,  than copied some of the sex scenarios form those DVDs. We used, penis shaped vibrator.

A vibe in my pussy and his cock in my anus. It was great for about two years, but after a while it turned to be routine too and once again our sex life have became boring.

Than my hubby suggested that we should get into some kind of no string attached sex or maybe role play with other couples. We did not have any idea how can we do that, so we decided, we will visit a swingers club or a sex club, and than nothing happened, even though the thought of getting it on in a form of hard core penetrative sex with another couple certainly did sound like fun.

Deep inside me I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another woman, and I did not push this swingers club thing at all, and he stopped to talk about it too. Usually when sex wasn’t great we started to talk about it again, than we talked about it for weeks, and then the subject just died, but it was like a ghost, it kept coming back.

no string attached sexHot  Wife Looking for Playmates

We talked about it again, have checked out few on-line swingers magazine, swingers sex ads and once again, we did not make the next step. Until one day. What did happen on that day? On that day I had more sex what I ever wished fore.

It was a foursome. When people talk about foursomes, many of us think two couple have sex in the same bed or same room, etc. They might or might not exchange partners, either way it is a foursome. My foursome was different. There was four person, three men and I. Did they seduced me at a party?

No they did not, I did not need to get seduced and wasn’t a sex party, but it was a foursome and like a good threesome it happened in the heat of the moment. Continue Reading…



Anal Sex on the First Date

Two 43 years old women with their boy toy

Married under-fucked woman wants more sex

Men’s Obsession With Anal Sex at Halloween

I’ve got to come out here as a wife and say, that I have never seen the draw or sometimes obsession with anal sex as I experienced with some men recently. I mean I did not experience anal sex with men but I experienced other’s fascination to anal sex, even when we just talked about it.

swingers sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex Ads

hotandhornycoupleno string attached sex

Let me explain it. We got together with few friends in a bar at the past weekend to finalize our coming up Halloween party details. It will be an erotic Halloween party in a hotel set up. As a good party organizers as we too, talked about all details, when the subject of anal sex came up.

So here we go… I have tried anal sex and didn’t enjoy it at all, to be honest neither did my husband. We thought we would and anal penetration would be as enjoyable as vaginal penetration but it did not make anything “special” other than disappointment for hubby and pain for me. We tried again few weeks after that, same results, ad than that is all our anal sex experience.

I can tell, based on the above experiences, anal sex is not for us and anal sex is something that we’ve not try in 5 years. Than on that our party organizing get together, when the subject of anal sex came up, every men eyes turned to be wild. It was crystal clean, those guys ready to penetrate any woman’s anal, opening… Why they get so excited just from talking about it?

Is anal sex something we feel we have to experience because of Halloween sex party, and there are monsters, therefore its a really good time to  sexually “torture” someone. Or anal sex, anal penetration is something “I have to do it”, because  its exposure in porn, or in a slightly more darker vein.

I think it more likely Halloween and sexual torture…  Can anal sex be seen as an act of dominance and possession if you have performed anal sex on a partner?

What percentage of heterosexual encounters include a period of anal sex?

I’ve never really understood the draw and the attraction of anal sex between straight people. Do I miss something extra pleasurable erotic thing here? Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

I am sure anal sex is not for everyone, but it is no longer a taboo. A lot of people into anal sex, because they like it, not because of Halloween. In fact I don’t think Halloween have anything to do with it.

Anal sex has been around since time immemorial, even before internet boom. Internet porn just popularized it to some degree. There may be a dominance component to the act with some people, but for me does not do to much.

As you, as I too, enjoy vaginal penetration more than anal sex. However I have no problem being on the “giving” end if female partner ask me to.

Anal penetration provide a slightly different sensation, because the anus is very tight. From what I’ve heard, women who like it, they claim it gives the best orgasms when done right. Continue Reading…

anal three way

swingers sex_Nipplez

I like to be anally teased mostly… I like when my man try to get it in there,  than after a lot of anal teasing he penetrates,  but not to deep anal penetration.

I must say, on this way I’ve had some very pleasurable experiences via anal play… They are far and few in between. Continue Reading…


dondinero20066couple for sex

We both love anal sex. It is like any other sexual act, if you enjoy it and feel comfortable with it, then go for it!

Just for my two cents… Halloween Sex party or not, if you don’t enjoy anal play, it’s not “required” just because other people dressed up, like monsters.

Some people enjoy oral sex and some don’t, and it is the same with anal sex, men and women and their preferences are different. Just my thought on the subject! Continue Reading…

casual sexEverything goes no string attached sex dating ads

casual sexanal-fetishcpl

We both enjoy anal sex at anytime, give and receive too, and not just around Halloween. You really need to trust your partner, before you let him in the backdoor and you have to be relaxed. If you not trust him, you are not relaxed. It is fact, you really have to be relaxed to be at the receiving end to enjoy it. If your not relaxed it can be painful.

I, myself can cum over and over during anal sex, and those orgasms are very intensive… Continue Reading…


I love anal sex and his penis size would be perfect for anal sex but he says anal sex is gross

Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with a dildo and your dick

Single Women – Casual Dating – Leisure Sex

University and college students’ party season begins with with the back to school parties. They do not have any problem to find casual sex partner, however if you are older than those students, than you might face some difficulties.

swingers casual sex dating adsSwingers  Casual Sex Dating Ads

Erotic adult parties all over – year around, but a first real party opportunity comes with Halloween. Nothing better than a erotic a Halloween party, special if you get yourself into an unknown, which is partying with someone new. If you are not overly picky to find a casual sex partner for leisure sex, easier then you think…

If you spend time and energy to look for a single person for nsa sex partner for no string attached leisure sex, sooner or later you will succeed. You can browse adult dating profiles for free, even in this website.  A lot of singe woman into nsa relationship, in fact every  day more and more, they have erotic fantasies too. Some of them deny it, some others don’t.

However, it is well know, a man need to put more time and more work into to develop casual sex relationship with a single woman, expect if a woman want that  man….

Single women or single men,  the danger is in the word  single in casual dating. Singles do not have a permanent partner, they can get very attached, special single men,  this might cause lots of problems later on.

What you should do? You should act like you enjoyed the sex and her / his company, but don’t get overwhelmed about it. Even if you had a best sex in your life, don’t let her / him know about it.

swingers datingNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

Don’t buy a present. If your partner is female never bring over a bunch of roses. Roses smell like romance… and you are not looking for romance. If she is single and she has nsa sex with you and you bring over a bunch of roses, she will think you want more than just get laid. Don’t get fooled into this! Be nice, but when it comes to spending money, take out her a dinner or buy her a drink and pay the bill wen you get together with her.

This is pretty much the same if you are a single woman and want to play with a guy. He is your no commitment sex partner, no commitment stand  for sex only. You should not buy him and should not accept a present from him. If your sexual rendezvous happens to be at a hotel and the idea was yours, you set up the date with a man, than you should pay the bill. If you invited more then one men, then alll of you should share the hotel bill, but this should be made clear before the date.

Safe Sex Only!

One of the things that you need to understand that when you practice casual sex, many unexpected things can happen. You can get STDs. If you engage in this type of sex, then you should be very careful. Always and I mean always use, protect yourself and your partner with condom. Make sure that you get checked by the doctor often. It isn’t right to spread disease to other people, just because  you performed unprotected “bareback riding” sex. You wouldn’t like that happening to you. So please, watch your step.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sex can result in babies. Yes, leisure, vaginal penetrative sex is good enough to make a baby.  If it was a  threesome or even more threesomes, than who is the daddy…? Therefore if you are going to have casual sex, then you should be prepared to have kids. Accidents can happen, condoms break, with sex comes the chance of pregnancy, except if the partners (or her) safe, for example her tube is tied, or he had vasectomy.

halloween sex parrty Adult Halloween Parties in Your City

Also in our open sexual world a lot of couple looking for men or women, maybe both to join them in their sex play, specialty from around Halloween.  The weather is not nice anymore, not much else to do other than have sex…  at the  front of the fire place 🙂 so why not spice that sex up…  Find a couple for single men, sometimes not easy, but it worth the time. If a  couple want nsa sex partner, than they don’t want to do anything with romance and commitment.

If you keep the things at above in your mind, you might have a lot of erotic leisure fun, if you do it right, fun will be always fun and wont end in troubles. Once again, always make sure to protect yourself at all costs. Not a Halloween sex party or a pussy, no dick and no orgasm in the world is worth dying for.



Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

Organize your own erotic Halloween party

People think about kinky sex around Halloween a lot. Over the years, questions are like a ghost – keep coming back. One of them is “I do not mind to organize an erotic Halloween party but I am not sure how should I start…”

Would you like to know how can you organize your own erotic Halloween Masquerade party? Read about it here!

Halloween Sex Party

Adult Sex Personal Ads – To have an erotic Halloween Party

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