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OK, I understand, users – visitors comes here because the expectation of no string attached sex, which I have no any issue with.  Honestly, I am here, for a reason, that is to Find Multiple Sexual Relationships and Sex Friendships for Long Term Real Time Play.

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If Romance or other occur, well I weal deal with it, I am open to everything and I will let things naturally flow, but I am not here because I am “Looking for a Husband”. Don’t need one…

Now, with all that being said… The Pounce ‘thing’, where some men expect to be have penetrative sex with me, literally within the first 5 minutes of actual physical contact, albeit new and I just laid my eyes on you, is not something that my erotic play bases on.

I have a special get me wet process… and that going to get me go, when it wet, but that takes longer than 5 minutes… Continue Reading…

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I prefer bareback play, and not into one night stand, so until we get to know each other really deeply, you need to use condom.

Than the bareback play might come only after… when the sex friendship is standing…  You have to work on me… O very rarely I connect with someone that I am meeting for the first time and I will not jump on you and wont want you to jump on me within 5 minutes of that meeting.

I understand it happens, and can happen with me, and has happened with me, but it is rare and not desired often. I like to make some sort of connection other than you needing to be satisfied and drained… and you getting your rocks off… I want to have some fun too.

Believe me, I do have that “Fetish” of meeting and have wild sex within the first 5 minutes, but THAT IS NOT THE ONLY DIET I AM ON. This is something that just recently came up, again for me, because, I had a “First Date” get a lil’ o handy with me and I had to set him back a bit.

Now, I am not in the least bit a tease, but don’t pounce unless it is understood, communicated that. That is what is expected and wanted. Quickies and pouncing can be great, but it is not appreciated when eager pouncing crosses over into Pushy Ass-Hole who is NOT Getting Laid.

So am I alone here, or someone else plays like this too? Continue Reading…

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It sound fair enough for me… but I have few more things to say; In the end I wanna bite your clit and let my guy penetrate you in the ass. But you are the boss and we have all the time in the world. So if you want to go shopping, and you are a bit exhibitionist…  we could have sex in the mall, or on the parking lot or just piss in the grass.

Why would you go to a vetting process? Way to difficult for  us. Your the boss and you tell us what you want. With that body of yours, we love everything. Continue Reading…


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You are right, this website is definitely not e-Harmony. Adult dating through Swingers Couple saves you time and effort if you are looking for casual sex, or some say, no string attached sex.

Swingers Couples website is created to help you quickly find and connect with your best local or long distance adult dating partners. While adult dating, you can find friends for nsa sex, kinky adult dates, and get laid if you and your partners want to get it on!

When you browse those sex personals, you’ll immediately find there are many horny local adult matches for you, also looking for no string attached sex dating.

Your activity here more likely will result in sex hookups, sex friends from on-line  or hot fuck friends ship…. than something cheese & romantic date.  And if you need more than few minutes… well you can take as much time as you need to get your pussy as wet and as you said juicy…  Continue Reading…



Everything is here that our members posted about threesomes

I love cock, I really love the feeling of being filled, and I want two at the same time. I want to do vaginal – anal double penetration.

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I totally agree with you. My vetting process is more to protect me than anything else. I have met enough nutters in my life, I want to do what I can to avoid inviting them into my life, my house and my body.

If I agree to meet I am keen for sex, but just because I meet you it isn’t guaranteed and my legs will remain firmly closed until I feel comfortable.


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There is nothing more exciting than the feeling you get when you first meet someone from here.

Are they who they said they are? Will I like him? Will he like me? Will be any chemistry? And if there is chemistry, I want to him inside me… but as you sad, I have that wetting processes too and  longer is better… Play for hours and have sex few times… 5 minutes is nothing in sex… even a quickie should take longer than that…


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Guys just because this is a sex site, not every woman is going to have sex with you within the first five minutes.

Take your time and at least get to know our names. Come on dudes, invest in list a half hour or so…


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I think it is just the matter of your preferences. State it in you profile; “I am not interested in a quickie or a drive-by…”

And if you stated you tell them that is what I mean! For example I am not interested in men younger than 35… and I will not lay anyone under this age… That is what I mean!


Attached women looking for casual sex partners

You can have a great time if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have). Be yourself, be real and socialize, ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband for permission to ask his wife to dance.

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Talk to her husband and be friends with him too, remember, if he doesn’t like you then you’re not getting anywhere with her. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry.

One important thing to understand about couples (and women) who are in this lifestyle, is that every couple plays for this a reason.

It is their own personal enjoyment, not yours. Some are interested only in other couples, some only in women, some do nothing, they just like the atmosphere, and some are interested in playing with single men, (this is where you might come in).

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Remember most of the swingers club are members only club. Of course most of the club let guests in. If you are a single male the easiest way to get in with a member couple. You have to understand that discretion and privacy very important for every swingers. You really have to behave, your character is under continual scrutiny…

That means that just because you are in the club today, does not mean that you can be in tomorrow too. If you misbehave, act badly or disruptive then your will be ask to leave immediately and you will be permanently bared from ever returning to that club again.

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Club members know each other. This also means that if you insult or offend one couple, word will spread very quickly to the other members. By the same token if you are pleasant to a couple and they enjoy your company, they will be eager to introduce you to other couples and ladies so that they can enjoy your company too.

Just like close friends love to recommend a good movie or a good restaurant to their friends… Swingers like to recommend people with to their friends!

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A married woman celebrated Thanks Giving with threesome. True erotic story…. I red that story and I just wondering… what is her plan for the New Year’s Eve Party? More threesome… or a gang bang…

Swingers Sex or Casual Sex

I browsed our erotic dating partners adult dating related advices and I ran into a very interesting adult dating – advice – line – question.

One of their lady member  asked it:
Where does loyalty come into the equation in this land of milk and honey? When does “swinging” come in and when does loyalty fly out the window?

Who draws the line? And when do you cross the line and believe that it’s OK? Those of you that have been “swingers” help a girl out here. Are there “rules” to swinging?

And is it OK if one of you gets hurt… just to make the other one feel good? All comments welcome… I’d really
like to know.

She got a lot of answers form a lot of users. If you would like to read all, you visit their on-line swingers magazine , log in (you can do it with free membership) and select from the menu bar, My Magazine – Member Advice Lines.

There are some very good advices and opinion about swingers, swinging sex and rules. One the lady wrote it to her:

Swinging is not for everyone. If you are really apprehensive with participating in “the lifestyle” then don’t do it. You will end up feeling hurt and betrayed regardless of rules and drawing the imaginary line.

If you want to even up the playing field and feel less betrayed, then find a couple for a full swap instead of just a girl to join your man and you. That way both you and your partner are both pleased and one is not getting more attention than the other.

Also, communication is key. Sit down and discuss things that you don’t feel comfortable happening (ie the guest kissing your man too much, them leaving the room…) Cover all your bases. But at the end of the day, if you already know that seeing your man with another woman is going to drive you nuts, then say so.

Analyze your relationship and make sure it’s rock solid before you swing. It is never OK if one of you gets hurt. Never.

The above answer have almost everything that anyone should know before get into swinging. I will say just few more things. If you are a single man or single women, you have nothing to very about. If you can handle swinging, then you can have a lot of fun. If you can’t handle, you stop do it. Sometimes, for some people a hard core swingers party just to much.

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All of the above are true, bu, if you think you are one of those people, but you still want to have erotic adult fun then you should try to find for yourself, casual sex partner. Just you and your partner and what ever you do and when ever you do it, it will be just between you and your casual sex partner. No one needs to know it. There are many people looking for casual sex.

People who are to busy with life, work carrier and they do not have time and energy for dating, but they can’t live with out sex. You can find them everywhere, I am sure many of them are from your city. Check them out here.

Let’s go back  back to swinging. If a couples thinking about swinging, they have to be very careful. Only strong marriage can survive the first “shock of” swinging experience. And usually men gets hurt.

Every swingers couple should have their own rules. They should know, how far they want to go, and they should talk about every possible scenario… Every swingers couple should discusses the boundaries.

One advantage swingers couples can have over traditional couples is that boundaries are most definitely discussed. In other words open communication.

Traditional married couples typically tend to assume rules and limitations, what they learned form their parents, they most likely never talk about sex and this usually lead to a misunderstanding and unsatisfying sex life.

Some example of swingers rules: Play alone or together, same room erotic play, or separate room, go all the way or no intercourse, kissing or not, one on one sex, or threesome, or more some, bring sex partners home or not.
There are many more things that you should know about swingers lifestyle, before you decide to join in. Visit our website [] for more at next>>>

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