Couples looking for friends for same room sex without swapping. Are you into soft swing?

I thought everyone on Swingers Couple wanted either an affair, a threesome, couple swap, group sex, or into some form of swinging.  Continue reading...


swingers couplesatokacouple69

The question is: What are you looking for here…? NSA sex?

Its good for all. It depends on what your looking for.

Some are looking for encounters with others.  Some chat and some just read and enjoy themselves. We are here for casual sexContinue reading...

swingers NSA sex dating NSA Sex Dating Ads


I thought everyone on Swingers Couple wanted either an affair, a threesome, couple swap, group sex, or into some form of swinging.

As I’ve been here for a while, I’ve read on this magazine section that there are people that are on here who are in a monogamous relationship and are not interested in anything else.

Do or did you all think the same way?

Whether or not you interested in something outside, away, including your partner, or nothing at all, this is a good site for information on what other people are doing or feeling. Continue reading...


Erotic datings_e_rath

Do or did you all think the same way?

It is only reasonable to assume that people are on here for a variety of reasons: including those looking for just monogamous relationships, those looking for affairs, and those who wish to swing.

This site does have space for everyone and actively pursues people seeking other than monogamous as seen in the various sister sites.

To me it seems all people regardless of their sexual orientation or why they are on here should treat others with respect: exception those that come on here to cause harm to other through insults etc have no respect to begin with. Continue reading...



Think of Swingers Couple as more of an adult social networking site. What other site can I go to and find some dufus talking about Lesbians? Just the entertainment value alone of this site is better than many reality TV shows. Plus for extra you can find here what ever you are looking for, if sex is in your mind! Continue reading...



I figured from the start there would be people here who wanted just a person at a time or just wanted cyber encounters or phone sex.

As well as every thing else you said every one has their turn ons and kinks so just enjoy what you can and what you like. Continue reading...


swingers datingwants2_licku

In my experience, many of the “women” on here are exhibitionist, “webcam” sites etc. However they not give to much fro free, I mean those women.  If you want to go for privet room… many of them here for money…

Also this is a business and as  a good business  there’s a fair  amount of commercial involved from time to time as well.

But there are some good people here as well. I’ve met a few nice couples, and a few nice women over many years on here.

I have seen couples looking for friends for “same room sex” without swapping. I guess it called soff swing. And others who just want to chat or fantasize or read the fantasy stories, blogs, magazine entries and advice line stuff.

There are all kinds on here and if you can not find what you are looking for here, then something wrong with you… Continue reading...


swingers womenbrooklynborn52

I came here because I am married and this website is non-judgmental. All I was ever looking for was just one husband. I am perfectly happy in a  monogamous relationship.

Due to a huge age gap, me and hubby are just room mates. Having one nice guy as lover – sex friend and friend; is why I am here. Continue reading...


oldere womennever2old4luvnu

I came here looking for a younger lovers and made some friends in the process.  I got that… it was easy

Now I come here to keep in touch with them and to put my 2 cents in here on the forum. It’s entertaining most of the time and I have learned some things along the way.

I enjoy the site and the craziness that goes along with it. I try not to assume anything because you just don’t know what goes on in the minds of others. Continue reading...

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