I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

No any sex party a sex party without anal sex, special a Holiday sex party. I love anal sex, but not everyone is like me. Your preferences and my preferences might not be the same. Just because I love anal penetration (and yes I can obtain orgasm from anal sex only), it does not mean every men who I meet going to anal penetrate me. No, that is just for a selected few.

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However I can guaranty it for you, if you are a man and  if you try anal sex, with someone like me, you are going to enjoy it. As I stated at above, I can obtain mind blowing orgasms, anal orgasms via anal sex – via anal penetration. I can keep cumming, again and again, orgasm after the orgasm. There is nothing better for me than an anal orgasm.

A lot of man think that, anal sex is dirty, because anus was created for exit only. Yes its true, anus was created for exit only, but there are many other things that created for something and we use it for something else.

Anal sex should not be dirty, of course the butt need to be washed and cleaned in details. Like you do not want to kissing with somebody who just had a pound of smoked stinky fish or garlic sausage. Even if they brushed their teeth, the garlic smell comes from the stomach, true the nose and sometimes even true on skins pores.

I know a man, he is like Dracula, if he smells garlic, his dick gets flaccid and he will ran a way…

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Anal sex is different with clean anus… No risk taken, of course condom is most. The anus is not flexible like a pussy, it can be damaged easily, therefore bleeding can happen, so condom is most not just because hygienic reason, but for protection from STD . Continue Reading…

My coworkers told me, her husband is fascinated with anal sex. Let me tell you, I invited them to my upcoming Christmas party, because I really enjoy anal sex and if the partners are right, I wont scare a way from anal – vaginal double penetration.

I believe no any sex party is perfect with out anal sex. I am not sure about you, but I think you are thinking about it too, otherwise you would not read about my anal sex addiction…

Just remember, anal sex is a sexual activity that human been performed on each other, before we even counted the years. The human race did not know what is a year or a month, but they did know where to put they erected dick… Even that time anal princess was treated with respect…

Isn’t it wonderful? I just carry the tradition… . Continue Reading…

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I love anal sex and his penis size would be perfect for anal sex but he says anal sex is gross

Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with a dildo and your dick

The Subject Of Anal Sex – Anal Penetration

For some unknown reason around Halloween the subject of anal sex comes up more often than any other times. Maybe because the summer is over, the weather not that great  and people forced to spend more time inside… Thinking and fantasize about many things and activities.

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Activity like anal sex. Maybe  because of Halloween and people want to be an  anal monster, I am not sure, I am just guessing…

Therefore I use the opportunity to explain my advice on anal sex. Before any misunderstanding, I am not a healthcare professional,  this is just my advice, you read it or don’t or you follow or don’t will not make any difference for me…

So here you go “my advice” on anal sex.

Always use a condom! There is no excuse to have anal sex with out condom! Anal sex can produce bleeding plus the anus area is a home for a lot of bacteria. Those bacteria harmless in and around the anus, but everywhere else they might make troubles… Protect yourself!

The lubrication is key to have a great anal sex! Unlike the vagina the anus wont get wet when she is in the mood. You have to get her back door lubricated. Use water based lubricant only, like KY jelly. It is not health hazard to her and it wont damage the condom.

Be gently, very gently. Play with her anus. Insert your well lubricated finger in. First just the tip of your finger. She have to get comfortable with the new sensation first. If she doesn’t have pain push your finger in al the way. Remember, you supposed to take your time and be very gently. She have to learn how to loose her anal muscle, because this ring muscle automatically try to close the entry door. Also lot of people like to use butt plug or anal toys to get her muscle relaxed.

And according to  my  limited anal sex experience, the best anal sex position is he  Doggy Style.

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The best anal sex position for experienced sex partners is the rear entry in doggy style.

Rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate deeply. It is not beginner’s best choice. He can penetrate or a other women can penetrate her with a strop on dildo, really hard. If it is the receiver first anal experience, if you penetrate her to deep and hard probably she never going to let anything hard into her butt hole again.

This position is erotic parties’ popular position, because a lot of other body part is available to play with, grab lick and suck, etc. Also it is a great threesome position, because her head – boobs free., she can play or someone can play with her in the same time.

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Anal – vaginal db is my long time erotic fantasy.

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

Men’s Obsession With Anal Sex at Halloween

I’ve got to come out here as a wife and say, that I have never seen the draw or sometimes obsession with anal sex as I experienced with some men recently. I mean I did not experience anal sex with men but I experienced other’s fascination to anal sex, even when we just talked about it.

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Let me explain it. We got together with few friends in a bar at the past weekend to finalize our coming up Halloween party details. It will be an erotic Halloween party in a hotel set up. As a good party organizers as we too, talked about all details, when the subject of anal sex came up.

So here we go… I have tried anal sex and didn’t enjoy it at all, to be honest neither did my husband. We thought we would and anal penetration would be as enjoyable as vaginal penetration but it did not make anything “special” other than disappointment for hubby and pain for me. We tried again few weeks after that, same results, ad than that is all our anal sex experience.

I can tell, based on the above experiences, anal sex is not for us and anal sex is something that we’ve not try in 5 years. Than on that our party organizing get together, when the subject of anal sex came up, every men eyes turned to be wild. It was crystal clean, those guys ready to penetrate any woman’s anal, opening… Why they get so excited just from talking about it?

Is anal sex something we feel we have to experience because of Halloween sex party, and there are monsters, therefore its a really good time to  sexually “torture” someone. Or anal sex, anal penetration is something “I have to do it”, because  its exposure in porn, or in a slightly more darker vein.

I think it more likely Halloween and sexual torture…  Can anal sex be seen as an act of dominance and possession if you have performed anal sex on a partner?

What percentage of heterosexual encounters include a period of anal sex?

I’ve never really understood the draw and the attraction of anal sex between straight people. Do I miss something extra pleasurable erotic thing here? Continue Reading…


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I am sure anal sex is not for everyone, but it is no longer a taboo. A lot of people into anal sex, because they like it, not because of Halloween. In fact I don’t think Halloween have anything to do with it.

Anal sex has been around since time immemorial, even before internet boom. Internet porn just popularized it to some degree. There may be a dominance component to the act with some people, but for me does not do to much.

As you, as I too, enjoy vaginal penetration more than anal sex. However I have no problem being on the “giving” end if female partner ask me to.

Anal penetration provide a slightly different sensation, because the anus is very tight. From what I’ve heard, women who like it, they claim it gives the best orgasms when done right. Continue Reading…

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I like to be anally teased mostly… I like when my man try to get it in there,  than after a lot of anal teasing he penetrates,  but not to deep anal penetration.

I must say, on this way I’ve had some very pleasurable experiences via anal play… They are far and few in between. Continue Reading…


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We both love anal sex. It is like any other sexual act, if you enjoy it and feel comfortable with it, then go for it!

Just for my two cents… Halloween Sex party or not, if you don’t enjoy anal play, it’s not “required” just because other people dressed up, like monsters.

Some people enjoy oral sex and some don’t, and it is the same with anal sex, men and women and their preferences are different. Just my thought on the subject! Continue Reading…

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We both enjoy anal sex at anytime, give and receive too, and not just around Halloween. You really need to trust your partner, before you let him in the backdoor and you have to be relaxed. If you not trust him, you are not relaxed. It is fact, you really have to be relaxed to be at the receiving end to enjoy it. If your not relaxed it can be painful.

I, myself can cum over and over during anal sex, and those orgasms are very intensive… Continue Reading…


I love anal sex and his penis size would be perfect for anal sex but he says anal sex is gross

Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with a dildo and your dick

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

Anal Sex’s Definition

According to Wikipedia, anal sex or anal intercourse is the insertion of the erect penis into a person’s anus, and rectum, for sexual pleasure.

Other forms of anal sex include anal fingering, the use of sex toys (anal toys, dildos, vibrators) for anal penetration.

anal penetrationI love to swallow. My pussy is tight and I am into anal sex too.

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Oral sex performed on the anus named “anilingus” in casual sex word,  it is equal, lick tongue play with the partner’s anus.

Though the term anal sex most commonly means penile anal penetration, sources sometimes use the term anal intercourse to refer exclusively to insert the erected penis into the partner’s anus.

However anal penetration, and anal sex can be refer to any form of anal sexual activity, especially between pairings as opposed to anal masturbation.

While anal sex is commonly associated with male homosexuality, research shows that not all gay males engage in anal sex and that it is not uncommon in heterosexual relationships. Types of anal sex with strap on dildo, can also be a part of lesbian sexual practices.

anal sexI Love anal sex. His penis size would be perfect for anal penetration, but he say, anal sex is gross!

People may experience pleasure from anal sex by stimulation of the anal nerve endings, and orgasm may be achieved through anal penetration, but is it not an easy orgasm.

Some men can obtain orgasm from  anal sex by indirect stimulation of the prostate. Women often rich orgasm in anal sex by indirect stimulation of the clitoris or an area of the vagina associated with the G-spot.

However, people may also find anal sex painful, sometimes extremely so, which may be primarily due to psychological factors in some cases. Like extra large penis into a tight anus causes ripping, tarring and sometimes it ends up in screaming and visit to the hospital’s emergency room.

People who are into no string attached recreational sex, often love anal sex. Our blog have a lot of anal sex related information, even detailed (explained in details)  anal sex position with illustrative anal sex photos.

anal three wayHubby wants me to have anal sex with his  freind while he watch

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I love anal sex.  Last time I had anal happened years ago at one od those wild party… Husband’s penis size would be a perfect size penis for anal penetration, but he say, anal sex is gross! He wants me to have anal sex with his friends and he’ll watch us.

Also there are a lot of anal sex related post from our users, members and website visitors in our erotic dating blog.

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I love my ass & pussy, both being fucked at the same time.

Kinky sex & ass play. How can I enjoy some anal stimulation?

What do you enjoy most? Anal sex, rimming, ass play, (like fingering) or enemas?

Holiday Season Anal Sex Fascination

There is no better sex than anal sex and there is no better way to celebrate the any Holiday than a sex party, A sex party that will end up in anal penetration or if the mood is right an anal vaginal penetration is can be on the menu…

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Bored Housewives Looking for Casual Sex

Anal sex is not for everyone, I mean I might enjoy vaginal sex with someone but I never try to receive his penis in my butt.

Why not? There are a certain size, that my anus can receive with out pain. I enjoy anal sex, and I fascinated with anal sex, I can stop cumming and cumming form anal sex, but it should pleasure and if the penis is big, that is not a pleasure.

The second thing, I into anal sex only with men who I rust. Don’t do anything stupid and anything rough back there, because a lot off damage might happen.  My butt hole is not my pussy, my butt hole is no flexible, that is the reason for not to receive  big and thick erected penises there.

Anyway, I will host  an erotic Christmas party with few selected sex friend and than a more open New Years Eve Sex party. I hope it will work out, he same way how it worked out last year. Last year we had a blast…

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I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play