Holiday Season Anal Sex Fascination

There is no better sex than anal sex and there is no better way to celebrate the any Holiday than a sex party, A sex party that will end up in anal penetration or if the mood is right an anal vaginal penetration is can be on the menu…

double penetration

Bored Housewives Looking for Casual Sex

Anal sex is not for everyone, I mean I might enjoy vaginal sex with someone but I never try to receive his penis in my butt.

Why not? There are a certain size, that my anus can receive with out pain. I enjoy anal sex, and I fascinated with anal sex, I can stop cumming and cumming form anal sex, but it should pleasure and if the penis is big, that is not a pleasure.

The second thing, I into anal sex only with men who I rust. Don’t do anything stupid and anything rough back there, because a lot off damage might happen.  My butt hole is not my pussy, my butt hole is no flexible, that is the reason for not to receive  big and thick erected penises there.

Anyway, I will host  an erotic Christmas party with few selected sex friend and than a more open New Years Eve Sex party. I hope it will work out, he same way how it worked out last year. Last year we had a blast…

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I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play

Butt Plug for Anal Sex

swingers sex adsNo String Attached Swingers Sex

adult datingplaywithme

I am want to try anal sex and want to go step by step. Therefore I am getting friends with  the idea of trying a butt plug .

In terms of wear ability,  I am hard pressed to pick a favorite between the two – Jeweled Crystal Make or a jeweled Stainless Steel Make?

The delight pleasure of inserting it by a beginner and the same flesh kind feeling of stretching while insertion or going in and suction during removal or coming out.

To all those who are already tried Butt plugs, which one would you prefer or recommend for a beginner? Continue Reading…


anal sexgolosa1115

I don’t know anything about anal sex and about butt plugs, but this blog is turned me on…

Hot photos and hot videos. I am thinking of taking a photo shut, just like that,  above big photo.

Anyone volunteer to be a camera man? Continue Reading…

anal three way

sex datingwannabefuncpl

My wife likes to have a butt plug in most of the time. She likes the feeling and when we’re having penetrative sex, with the plug in, it creates more sensation.

It feels like we have double penetration. I can feel the butt plug in her rectum, even though my penis is in her vagina….

She loves semi-hard plastic ones. They made from the same, silicon like material what the vibrators made from.  Continue Reading…


nsa sexweRnewCpl

We do use plugs sometimes during normal sex acts. She likes the feeling of being filled and she gets off from feeling with penis and plug during vaginal sex.

However, we  do Anal too, at that time she use it to prepare her butt… Her is made from glass or maybe Christal…  Continue Reading…


sex datingluv2watch

Both women and men enjoy butt plugs for a combination of  stimulating pleasurable nerve endings, and or the feeling of fullness they provide.

People enjoy wearing them for that stimulation and for the mental stimulation of wearing a sex toy out in public. What surprised me…  Wife told me, a lot of people women wearying them in the gym. Don’t ask me why…? Continue Reading…


casual datingWeReal2

I have one a tail butt plug plug. It’s so comfy, it made  from crystal and I got it from Chrystal Delights.

I love my plug I even sleep with it, of course it is in… It is good for starters, because it is thin, very easy to clean and sanitize.  Continue Reading…

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exhibitionist womanexhibitionist-chick

I really like anal beads, but always in a flexible type. I would think anything that’s hard like a Christal or stainless steel,  wouldn’t be the best choice. Continue Reading…


adult datingunykorn

Glass, or Christal  is the most hygienic, can be sterilized, and will not give an allergic reaction to anyone.

Plus with glass you have the option of heating it or icing it, to add some extra spice into your play. The Icicle brand is a reliable one. Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

Neither. I would recommend one which is rubbery and not too hard.

I once tried a hard butt plug and I started screaming so much I thought my butt would explode…

A  soft butt plug, the one that you can pump up and changes it size is definitely warranted for new players…. Continue Reading…


casual sexanalfestishcpl

The best butt plug is a man’s finger than two and three, and after that his cock.

And for extra… it does not cost any money. Continue Reading…

Anal Play



Is she into anal sex? If she say yes, for anal sex than do anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

If anal sex does not hurt for you, you may want to give this a try sometime. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you. Double Penetration Tips for Women

Advice on anal penetration. Anal sex

The today’s question is (on our partner erotic dating advice line) came from a lady:

Which one is better? Anal or vaginal penetration? How is anal penetration different from vaginal penetration?

And the responds are:

This one posted by a man:

“Her golden hole is tighter and I find that my orgasms are twice or three times as powerful. The first time I did it was because I kept screwing this woman in her pussy for about thirty minutes and I just could NOT cum. And I really wanted to cum, so I reluctantly begged her for anal sex. She said “yes”. I lubed her butt hole up, entered her and came in about 15 seconds.”


The next respond posted by a woman member:

“Well, for one thing, if you don’t relax and use a lot of lube, it can hurt like hell. Sometimes even if you do everything right, you’ll sit gently on your but for several days after you do it. Find a partner who knows the technique and go slowly, because it’s not something you want to just rush into.

Some women (like me) really enjoy anal sex and some don’t. I guess you won’t know until you try it.”


Anal penetration is much different, much better. Tighter feel. With the right woman who has learned to prepare for, and truly enjoys it, the net results will be better for both. Kinda like a REALLY good dessert that you can split to finish with.”

I don’t think I have to say that, the above respond came from a man.


The next one is a man opinion too.

“Really no comparison… don’t get me wrong I enjoy both. There is the psychological [taboo] and the physical
[tighter, hotter] but both partners need to talk about it and take some extra time. If someone says stop STOP!

Depending on the action it can be painful for either party. Also, explore. There is more fun to be had other than just anal penetration.”

Women – couples – looking for gang bangs

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A lady wrote it:

“My trainer turned me on to anal back in Oct ’09 and I am proud to say I am his little Anal Princess. He has shown me more pleasures than I can count involving both my asshole & his.

Lick it, finger it, fuck it with you cock, stuff me full of toys or whatever, but I’ll be dammed if I’ll ever
go without anal sex again.

Every man I am with for the rest of my life should thank my trainer for showing me the light. I am his delicious anal sex lover angel.

Anyone who doesn’t like, enjoy anal sex is just scared and needs to relax. My best orgasms come from getting
my golden hole pleasured!!! Oh yeah, I am getting wet, just to think about it… I think I need to find a man, or my toy…”


As you can see and read at above, there are many different opinion about anal sex. Some women likes it, and some men loves it (of course only when they are on the giving end). At once one of my lady friend told me, if you ever want to find out how anal sex fill like, why don’t you take a cock into your ass… Well I don’t think I want to find out. Actually I don’t want to be at either end, not on the giving and definitely not at the receiving end either… So this is the reason, why the next respond is my favorite:

“Depends on her butt. Some guys just wanna fuck that butt .. I would rather hold it all night.”

You can read all the answers at next>>>

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