People comes here for nsa sex, me too

There is no doubt in my mind… people comes here for nsa sex… to find someone to have no string attached sex, (some of them maybe trolls).  I am here because I love nsa sex, I love selection of men… Continue Reading…

casual sexLeisure Sex Dating Ads

casual sexfunseeker

But when it comes to leisure sex or no string attached sex are all kinds of information are all over the Internet for men, but extra nothing  for women.

At first, woman like me love men and I love to have nsa sex with different types of compatible men. That is why I am here.

There no two men are the same. They different emotionally and their love making techniques and their penis are different too. That’s right, there is no two men and there is no two penises the same. Some penises shorter, some others longer, straighter, thicker or bend a little.

My issues is… I need more than just lay on my back, open my legs and lets have sex. Oe doggie style and cow girl… I need more kinky sex position to live my fantasy out? Where can I find something detailed for women… Sex position that you might not do with your husband but happy to do with you fuck buddy… Continue Reading…

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casual sex1canuck

I am not sure at where you tried to find those nsa sex position related info for women, but there is tons of them on Google.

Just Google the words “women favorite sex positions” and you will have millions of web site to select from…

But in my understanding, there 3 plus 1 basic sex positions are, lay down, sit up and standing, plus dogie style. All others are the combination or the variation of this four. With a little fantasy, you can develop your own… and you can maker them as kinky as you dare. If any case, you might not succeed… than find an older, experienced man. I am sure he will be more than happy to show you and practice with you some new sex positions… Continue Reading…


cuckold womanmadehimcuck

For some unknown reason a lot of people underestimates the beauty of a missionary sex positions… Including funseeker…

With a little twist, you can spice up the good and old missionary…

For start let him do you in missionary positions. Let him penetrate you the way he wants it. In this case “let him” mean, he controls the speed and he controls the deepness of the penetration. You don’t do to much, just lay down on your back with wide open, slightly bended legs and just squeeze your pelvic muscle as he pushes his penis in and relax on the out stroke.

Your male partner have to maintain his erection and if you will be too passive he might have difficulties to do so. You want to make sure, both of  you enjoy sex as much as possible, so for start, you should try to cross your ankles behind his legs. To do so, you have to slide down a little, or he has to climb on you a bit to your head’s way.

This simple move will allow sliding his cock on you clit on every in and out stroke. You can grab his but and pool him in as he penetrate. It will make him increase the penetration’s speed. If you do it right, his balls will hit your vagina’s lower part in every in stroke. This will give extra pleasure for both of you.

In this position you can maintain eyes contact, you can kiss and talk with each other, plus he thinks he is in control… and he isn’t. You are in the driver seat… Of course you need an experienced lover, otherwise your partner will reach orgasm way to soon… Continue Reading…

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

 no string attached sexsummer-fun

He is lays down flat on his back. You climb top of him. You are face to face with him or you are facing to this to his feet. These is more pleasure able for a lot of women and for almost every men.

You kneel over him while facing to his feet. Rest you hand on his legs somewhere around his knees. You support your self, by transferring some of your body weight to his legs. If you move your hands closer to his ankles it will tilt his cock inside you more. It you find the right angle, his hard cock will hit your G spot while you move back on for on him.

Not a lot of men can last in this position, because they have a great view of your backside, including you butt and pussy. They can see as their hard cock slides in and out from your vet pussy and men are visuals…, plus if the anal play is on the menu, they can slide a finger in to you butt for some rally hot sensations.

Also if you love to get spanked, they can spank you here easily.

You can play with your clit or use a vibrator. If it is a “team play”, this is also excellent threesome position. Continue Reading…



Casual sex positions

Is she into anal sex? If she say yes, for anal sex than do anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me.

I love three & more somes, anal sex

I know I going to get nailed and called on all kind of name for this question, but I have to ask it anyway… My problem is; We, my man and I have few good friends,  couples and some singles too, (we can call them fuck buddies).

swingers sex

sex datingnowandthan

We get together once or twice monthly to partying. I love three and more somes, anal sex and sometimes  double penetration too.

There are two basic rules, we are not into anything  humiliating and practice safe sex only. All of our playmates know this, and here comes the problem…

sex datingnsa sex dating

At our last month party, I played with two guys, things got hot and one of them performed anal sex on me in doggy style and I gave blow job for the other.  Apparently the individual at the back door removed his condom, I did not realized it, just when he unloaded his load into my ass…

I called him a pig headed and he is a pig headed and I told him I never going to have sex with him again and I wont even play with anyone, if he is in the room.

Of course all the other guys asked him to leave. Than he realized he did a big mistake and he said he wont do it again… and asked me not to make him him feel bad.

I know, if a dog jumps a fence once, sooner or later will jump that fence again. I do not trust this guy anymore, I refuse to have sex with him and with anyone else if he is present.

He told me I acting like a child. I think he is a the childish not me.

He knows our rules, why did he think he allowed to break that? What would you do in a similar situation? Continue Reading…


nsa sexWeRnnewCpl

Why did not you check that he had a condom on? Safe sex is your responsibility and nobody else. You just can blame yourself. Good think he did not ejaculate into your vagina… Continue Reading…



Is she into anal sex? If she say yes, for anal sex than do anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

If anal sex does not hurt for you, you may want to give this a try sometime. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you. Double Penetration Tips for Women


erotic datingouttherelinda

Sorry but he isn’t a friend in any sense of the word if he was willing to disregard your rules.

I think you did  the right thing. I would dump his arse quick smart too.  Continue Reading…


nsa sexcupl4fun56

The idiot may be misunderstanding the “slave” portion in your profile. I doubt you mean for him to ignore limits….

I would move on and find someone who is a better partner, better team player. Continue Reading…


nsa sextjanedoe

Let me sum this up: A man breaks a rule endangering your safety. Is a “pig head” control freak who disrespected you and your desires. Yet you are concerned about what to do?

He may be acting like a baby, yes. I also feel you are being immature for playing his game. Run away, get assholes like him out of your life. Continue Reading…


casual sexJAsizzlers

Sorry OP, that’s a downright nasty experience.  Sounds like you’d better find a new friend, someone deceiving you when it comes to very basic safety issues can not really be considered a friend.

Get a check up done and next time make sure to check that the condom is actually on before penetration!

Don’t worry about how he is acting now, kick him to the curb. He deserves it! Continue Reading…


swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

And I would say to him “what the hell give you the right to use my body any way you want”! And I would also tell him, “you will not see my  pussy and my naked ass anymore”.

It is simple, no see, no fuck… It is my body and you violated the agreed upon rules. Yes it should have been you to make sure he was wearing a condom, but honesty, when a man back there you can’t make sure his condom is properly on or not.

He has crossed the boundaries already agreed upon and if he crossed that line once who knows what lurks in his little mind? You did the right thing, I would do the same.

I am a woman over 40 and have always wanted to try anal sex.

browneyes5527 Anal Sex

What is the best way to have anal sex for the first time? I am a woman over 40 and have always wanted to try this. For some reason it really turns me own. Continue Reading>>>

NSA SexNSA Dating Personal Ads

swingers sex datingNaturalEmerald

Choose the right partner: someone you trust, who listens to you and reacts appropriately and who cares that you have a positive experience. Get lots of AstroGlide and take your time.

Take a thorough shower first. Some like to use an enema first and then shower…. Have your partner start slow, get you turned on first and then start by inserting one finger or something small.

Be patient and take your time. Let your body adjust to a larger object before moving
on. Talk to each other, take it slow and enjoy. Good luck!

Oh, and stop if it hurts at any point. It should not hurt, maybe some slight discomfort for a bit before it becomes pleasurable but there should be no pain. Continue Reading>>>


swingers sex datingsexychat1971

Make sure you have anal sex with someone who knows what they are doing and who is very patient. Also make sure you have the right lube they are not all the same.

Finally start of slow let the guy warm you up first use lube stimulate you, maybe use a finger first. Then when you are ready and only when you are ready let him go in slowly until you are comfortable.

Good luck it is a great feeling once you get passed the thinking it might hurt. But if it does hurt stop do not force the issue.

Have fun. Continue Reading…


anal sexSDBBW4fun

I’m right with ya…I want to experience it as well.

I’m thinking lots of lube, a guy you’re really comfortable with & for me lots of tequila! Continue Reading>>>


shared sexobsequious4u

Go slow, relax, make sure you have a partner who you trust, use lots of lube.

Oh yeah, and make sure you clean yourself really well first (enema). Guys don’t like “fudge pops”. Continue Reading…

NSA datingNSA Sex Dating Ads

anal sexlilsprite

First and foremost, the first time, you really got to RELAX! Think lots of lube, lots of foreplay, lots of time.

Find someone who really wants to take his time with you, not force himself on you.

After that, the best position is what feels best for you. Continue Reading>>>

My Favorite Anal Sex Positions

I’ve had guys enter me while I’ve been lying on my back with my legs over their shoulders,
then I’ve had a few that have entered by me being on my knees.

Both positions worked, both felt good after they let me get used to them being in there. You need to remember LOTS of lube and time. Which position is best is up to YOU!

Popular Anal Sex Positions with anal sex photos Continue Reading…


anal sexFLfunCPL2011

You need to go slow. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be to get it in. Don’t try to ram it in…it will hurt. A little at a time until you loosen up. Oh, and plenty of lube is a must. Good luck!!!!! Continue Reading…


big boobsbuxombrunette21

The best way to have anal sex for the first time is to have a man stick his dick up your bum…

Surprised a 42 year old has to ask this. Continue Reading…


anal sexFrndlyguy8

Well it is best to find someone you not only trust but feel comfortable with, also someone who may have some experience and are willing to take it as slow as you need.

Experience is key so they can kinda tell you to do step by step through the process because it is a little different for every one.

There are a lot of different tricks and tips that really help through the process. Lots of lube and the more relaxed you can stay the better, good luck hope your first time is enjoyable. Continue Reading…


anal sexTritwo1

Its different for everyone men included! Wanting to try and then actually doing it can be both a nice and unpleasant  experience.

But it does get better and easier. Just shoving a mans dick up your bum can actually be a turn for you. But their are some great suggestions here.

Lube, a nice guy with hard dick, and a bit of wine always helps. Continue Reading…

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How do I get my wife or girlfriend to let me have anal sex with her?


How do I get my wife or girlfriend to let me have anal sex with her?

It’s simple, you can’t. But you can play with her golden hole, and if you are lucky enough, she will ask you for anal penetration

Men and women are different, but the anus… both sex get one. If you are really into anal sex, you should know, the younger, more adventurous, less desperately homophobic generation of sexual adventurers, male and females more willing to accept anal play, anal penetration with far fewer preconceptions.

adult dating ads

Get laid tonight! Local erotic dating personal ads!

Both men and women can enjoy, satisfying and pain free anal stimulation. Men are luckier in this department, because  their butts are wired to feel exquisite pleasure… because the prostate gland location.

The prostate gland can add significant amount of pleasure to the men’s enjoyment during anal play, finger fuck or anal penetration.

Some people learn what to do and how to enjoy anal sex very quickly, some others never going to get turn on, form the idea of anal penetration. To be fair a lot of people never become comfortable with the anal penetration idea.   Much – less they really enjoy sex, with out anal play.

local erotic adult datingErotic Dating Video Profiles

So all of us have to equipment (anus) to enjoy anal sex, in one form or other. Because everybody have anus,  doesn’t matter your sexual preferences, anal play is always an option… You can be str8, or bi or gay, anyone anus have millions of nerve endings… but it is common notion, but play, butt sex is unnatural.

Labeling  anal sex as unnatural is,  generally an attempt from religious institutions from keep you to doing in… For what reason? I a am not sure… If you want to know ask it from a  religious person.

What about view, held by both genders, that anal sex is  wrong, and there is nothing that a strait person can enjoy… during butt play.

On the other side, some str8 men enjoy it so much, they can’t control themselves and they blow they load very early.  So early, their partner, think they suffer from premature ejaculation. Let’s see what our user have to say about anal sex and premature ejaculation.


Does anal sex cause premature ejaculation more often than vaginal sex, even in older men?

Do you think it’s because women’s anal orifices are tighter than their pussies?

Or, do you think men get more excited when they have anal sex? Continue Reading>>>


For me personally, I go completely wild when having anal sex so it definitely excites me more (and hence, makes me cum also earlier).

The trick is to find a good balance between when to do it and how close you are to coming. Continue Reading>>>


horny menI just will never get this.

I find absolutely nothing sexy or appealing about having anal sex with a woman but will do it if she ask me to.

It has never once felt good to me. Like fucking tight sandpaper to me.
I’d rather have the pussy and it’s natural juices for an easy entry any day other than having to use some lubricant to use to coat myself so she can be pleased in some way by me ripping into her asshole.

I just don’t get it, never will.  But more power to you if that’s what you like. Continue Reading>>>


I love both vaginal and anal sex. They are completely different for women. I think perhaps my lover enjoys anal sex with me because I really get into it and he hasn’t had much anal in the past. Continue Reading>>>


anal sex loverI and my man have anal often. All I can say is “Thank You-May I have Another”. Continue Reading>>>


Definitely because it is in the realm of forbidden sex. It is erotic and it is much tighter than a beautiful vagina. When a woman shares their wonderful treasure with any man, this is special. So obviously they Cum faster and more readily.

Please forgive those of us who pop the cork to early. Continue Reading>>>


anal lover womenMember bobscadi is soooo right!

I always give my man a hummer before I want backdoor booty. It makes him last so much longer for the wild jungle sex I love. Continue Reading>>>


A lot of answers to this one….

I find that I almost never cum via anal because there is only the sphincter muscle that gives me any sensation. But the two women I date on a regular basis both orgasm via anal,
so I ass fuck them almost any we have sex. Continue Reading>>>


I’ve only had the chance a few times. Only came once…the other times the girl got to uncomfortable with it, or she chickened out and we stopped.

Talk about a buzz kill. There is something about it that is very interesting… I think its the taboo sex and dominant aspect. Continue Reading>>>

anal sex positions
Anal Sex Positions with photos

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Anal Sex & Anal Sex related info

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Yes for anal sex – no for oral sex

tantric sex

I heard it before, there are women who love anal sex and they would not give a blow job to men. I just heard… until recently.

I recently met a woman who has a healthy sexual approach, is very open-minded, claims to love anal sex, but refuses to go down on a guy. This isn’t the first time I have had met such a women, the first time was when I was with one. To clarify, this isn’t that they won’t perform oral after anal, they’ve all felt oral was gross…

Are they any women here, who feel the same way and would like to share their feelings? Any guys have similar experiences?

Read More>>>>

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I am a man and I think anal sex is gross. That hole was created for something else… not for sex. Women that do anal instead oral is very hardcore. I wouldn’t prefer to be with.

I know anal sex can be a lot of fun, but that is not my type of fun.

Read More>>>>

horny stars

Some women just don’t like it…period. It’s their choice and if it’s gross to them, then they leave oral alone.


I personally do not like blow jobs: not gross but the fact that it hurts my jaw after a few minutes and I can pop the jaw out which hurts more. I will do it for my lover, but not long and I take some pain killers first for the pain.

Read More>>>>

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Adult Dating Video Profiles

hot horny woman

No, I can not imagine.

I love anal sex and oral sex too…. Can’t imagine any woman would not at the very least love oral but I guess there are all types! I want it all though!



I will play with you

I’m starting to wonder if you are a friend of that saddle back jerk. There is something about your questions that isn’t quite right!!!


Don”t you people know anything.  Some women, who are not liberated sexually enough, don’t like anal, unless they have low self esteem and don’t value themselves.

Also if a woman won’t do oral at all it means she was probably forced to do it alot on a stinky dirty cock when she was young. Maybe she had to do for living…

Most women will do it if they care about the guy even if they don’t like to. I learned this from chicks I used to work with.


So what’s the problem? Enjoy the anal sex and whatever else she offers you… or leave her alone and find somebody else.

Read More>>>>


Some men smell bad, either because of hygiene. Some men can not or do not want control themselves and they wont notify their partner and cum into her mouth. And many of them taste really bad, because of smoking or diet issues.

When a woman has been forced or pressured to perform oral sex , I can understand her not wanting to do it after. And sometimes there is a physical mismatch, her mouth is too small and he is too wide. Clearly, her experiences with anal have been better.


Until you meet the guy or girl. Until you see and feel with your own two eyes what you are about to get into. I’m not saying she is wrong or she is right.

I’m just saying that sometimes what we normally enjoy maybe we get cold feet? Maybe we had a bad day and won’t do it? Or maybe we just lied to make it sound better than it really is to get attention on our profile in

Read More>>>>


naughty little brat 69

Would you like to stick something in your mouth that’s just been up your ass? Or if it was on a sex party, and your cock was somebody’s else ass, then what would you do?


Can only speak for myself, but I really get off on giving oral, but I won’t swallow. And positively will not give oral after anal, even if you had condom on. Before anal, hey no prob sucking and the longer the better!

Read More>>>>

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young sweet hottie

Are you looking for interracial sex?

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