The Subject Of Anal Sex – Anal Penetration

For some unknown reason around Halloween the subject of anal sex comes up more often than any other times. Maybe because the summer is over, the weather not that great  and people forced to spend more time inside… Thinking and fantasize about many things and activities.

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Activity like anal sex. Maybe  because of Halloween and people want to be an  anal monster, I am not sure, I am just guessing…

Therefore I use the opportunity to explain my advice on anal sex. Before any misunderstanding, I am not a healthcare professional,  this is just my advice, you read it or don’t or you follow or don’t will not make any difference for me…

So here you go “my advice” on anal sex.

Always use a condom! There is no excuse to have anal sex with out condom! Anal sex can produce bleeding plus the anus area is a home for a lot of bacteria. Those bacteria harmless in and around the anus, but everywhere else they might make troubles… Protect yourself!

The lubrication is key to have a great anal sex! Unlike the vagina the anus wont get wet when she is in the mood. You have to get her back door lubricated. Use water based lubricant only, like KY jelly. It is not health hazard to her and it wont damage the condom.

Be gently, very gently. Play with her anus. Insert your well lubricated finger in. First just the tip of your finger. She have to get comfortable with the new sensation first. If she doesn’t have pain push your finger in al the way. Remember, you supposed to take your time and be very gently. She have to learn how to loose her anal muscle, because this ring muscle automatically try to close the entry door. Also lot of people like to use butt plug or anal toys to get her muscle relaxed.

And according to  my  limited anal sex experience, the best anal sex position is he  Doggy Style.

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The best anal sex position for experienced sex partners is the rear entry in doggy style.

Rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate deeply. It is not beginner’s best choice. He can penetrate or a other women can penetrate her with a strop on dildo, really hard. If it is the receiver first anal experience, if you penetrate her to deep and hard probably she never going to let anything hard into her butt hole again.

This position is erotic parties’ popular position, because a lot of other body part is available to play with, grab lick and suck, etc. Also it is a great threesome position, because her head – boobs free., she can play or someone can play with her in the same time.

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Anal – vaginal db is my long time erotic fantasy.

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

Anal Sex Position with Anal Sex Position Photos

Some people takes sex to seriously. Swingers treat sex like anything else, they do if for fun. They separate swinging sex from marital relationship and perform intercourse with others. Their primary partner do the same, for no other reason than personal satisfaction. For swingers sex is about enjoying themselves, and sometimes this sexual activity might includes anal sex too.

anal penetration

I do not want to talk about how can you get your wife or girlfriend to let you have anal sex with her, also I don’t want to talk about anal sex basics here, I did this at many times, but I would like to  explain few facts that might let you and your partner enjoy anal sex to the max.

How should You Approach Your Partner’s Anal Opening

How do you approach your partner’s anal opening or how your partner should approach yours? Do with respect and patience. Your partner must now, you wont do anything stupid, for example stick up an eight inches long dildo in her  butt hole with a fast move. That would mean a trip to the closest hospital emergency departments.  Your partner have to trust you and you have to earn her / his trust by being trustworthy and patient.

I assume you have collected a lot of anal sex info, you warmed your partner butt up with your finger and or anal plug. You use a lot of of water or thinner silicon based lubricant. I assume both of you know what you do and what will come, and  both of you want it badly. Also condom is a MUST, you should condomized even your small anal dildo…

Anal Sex Positions – The Missionary Position

Beginners best anal sex positions is the variation of the missionary position. The receiving partner lays on his or her back while the penetrating partner partner kneeling between the receiver’s partner legs. Lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. If the receiving partner is female, her clit is free for finger play.

Some women required vaginal stimulation to enjoy anal sex. It can be double penetration or in this position her pussy is available for finger fuck or to receive a small vibrator.

Spoon Anal Sex Position

anal sexAnother  good starting position is the spoons position.

Each partner laying on his or her side, one behind the other. This prevents the penetrating partner from going too fast, and allows complete control over penetration.

It also brings you closer to your partner, making it easier to judge his or her reactions to what you’re doing.

During anal penetration some women want to be on top to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Others like to lie on their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style. Some women enjoy being penetrated while lying on their sides. Doesn’t mutter what is her preferred position, you should take your time and use plenty of lubricant. If your partner complains that it is hurting, do not proceed until your partner is ready and comfortable.

The Best Anal Sex Position

The best positions for anal sex depends largely on what stage you and your partner are at in your experiences. Rear entry or the “doggie style” position is the position that most people associate with anal sex. However, rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate deeply, and may not be the best choice for the beginner.  Doggy style position allows the anal penetration to be the deepest, and permits the receiver to better open the anus for entry. Rear entry doesn’t offer the kind of intimacy or ease of communication that the other positions do, but for more advanced lovers, can offer the greatest amount of thrusting and penetration.

Doggy style anal sex position is poplar erotic parties position because more men and women can play together. Even four person can serve the receiver sexual need, just to be sure she / he going to have incredible orgasm.

Sitting Anal Sex Position

Sometime this position is called “cowgirl” or rider because she rides him like the cowboy rides the cow on the rodeo. She can even jump up and down if she prefers, because she is 100% in control.

cow girl anal sexCowgirl Anal Sex Position

If a naked man sit on a chair or on the sofa, and his erected cock is pointing up, the lap dance can have extremely erotic riding ending. While his partner facing a way, she can lower her anal opening on to his cock, while she support herself with her arms, hold on his legs.

She transfers some of her body weight to his legs from her butt. How much weight, is depends on how hard she likes the penetration into her butt hole. She is the receiver, but she controls everything, the deepness, the speed  and the angle too. He just have to sit there and enjoy the view… or he might lay down on his back and feel really comfortable, because he has nothing to do. She is going to bang him into an incredible anal orgasm.

There are many more positions and techniques to try. Many people discover new and exciting positions through experimentation, and most people find the one that best suits them. Good communication is the key to such discovery, and a manual, video or even a picture can help.

Regardless of you and your partner sex, regardless of which position you  try, the important think is to use a plenty of lubricant, start slow, wait for the butt relax and accommodate. If you do it right, you and your partner going to feel sensations that you never felt before…

The thumbnails at left shows several different anal sex positions. The position are from the top to the button: At the top is is threesome combined with spoon based anal sex. She is the receiver and you can see how gentle is the anal performing male.

The second picture’s position is based on the sitting or riding anal position but on the picture he is laid down, but it wont stop her to ride on his hard male member.

The third thumbnails is missionary anal sex position in a threesome.  The next is female – female – male anal performance in spoon position. The fifth picture shows a deep anal penetration from behind, doggy style, and the last one is anal sex and team work  combination in sitting position.

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Holiday Season Anal Sex Fascination

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

Anal Sex’s Definition

According to Wikipedia, anal sex or anal intercourse is the insertion of the erect penis into a person’s anus, and rectum, for sexual pleasure.

Other forms of anal sex include anal fingering, the use of sex toys (anal toys, dildos, vibrators) for anal penetration.

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Oral sex performed on the anus named “anilingus” in casual sex word,  it is equal, lick tongue play with the partner’s anus.

Though the term anal sex most commonly means penile anal penetration, sources sometimes use the term anal intercourse to refer exclusively to insert the erected penis into the partner’s anus.

However anal penetration, and anal sex can be refer to any form of anal sexual activity, especially between pairings as opposed to anal masturbation.

While anal sex is commonly associated with male homosexuality, research shows that not all gay males engage in anal sex and that it is not uncommon in heterosexual relationships. Types of anal sex with strap on dildo, can also be a part of lesbian sexual practices.

anal sexI Love anal sex. His penis size would be perfect for anal penetration, but he say, anal sex is gross!

People may experience pleasure from anal sex by stimulation of the anal nerve endings, and orgasm may be achieved through anal penetration, but is it not an easy orgasm.

Some men can obtain orgasm from  anal sex by indirect stimulation of the prostate. Women often rich orgasm in anal sex by indirect stimulation of the clitoris or an area of the vagina associated with the G-spot.

However, people may also find anal sex painful, sometimes extremely so, which may be primarily due to psychological factors in some cases. Like extra large penis into a tight anus causes ripping, tarring and sometimes it ends up in screaming and visit to the hospital’s emergency room.

People who are into no string attached recreational sex, often love anal sex. Our blog have a lot of anal sex related information, even detailed (explained in details)  anal sex position with illustrative anal sex photos.

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I love anal sex.  Last time I had anal happened years ago at one od those wild party… Husband’s penis size would be a perfect size penis for anal penetration, but he say, anal sex is gross! He wants me to have anal sex with his friends and he’ll watch us.

Also there are a lot of anal sex related post from our users, members and website visitors in our erotic dating blog.

Our members blog posts about anal sex:

Why do women like anal sex?

Anal vaginal double penetration.

Anal orgasm. Is it possible?

I love my ass & pussy, both being fucked at the same time.

Kinky sex & ass play. How can I enjoy some anal stimulation?

What do you enjoy most? Anal sex, rimming, ass play, (like fingering) or enemas?

Some women obtains multiply orgasm from anal sex

I will admit to being a novice when it comes to anal sex but I have heard a few things and thought I would get some insights from my Swingers Couple friends. Is it possible for a woman to have an orgasm anally with little or no contact to her clit, or vagina?

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Secondly I have heard that some women find that an anal orgasm is much more intense, and easy to achieve multiply orgasm from anal sex.  Is this true? Continue Reading…


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The answer is yes and yes. You will get a lot of answers but in general it  will be that most women will tell you that they achieve much more intense orgasms from anal sex.

I know most of our lady friends and definitely most of the women in our couples friend love anal sex.

They have to if they want double penetration and they all do. Continue Reading…

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anal sex loverrm_VeryEdible1

Of course women are going to be different from one another… I prefer anal sex with us facing each other – the visuals are fantastic, it’s far more comfortable and I (happily) get my clit stimulated also…

I think that orgasms can be more intense but that will also depend on the man too, and how much foreplay has gone into it, and if he is doing the other things (talking dirty, etc) that he knows turn her on… Continue Reading…


adult datingJusdewit8

From what I’ve seen, women tend to be wailing on their clit during anal sex, and if you ask me, it’s to counter act the pain.

Some claim they can have glorious big orgasm without that. I’ve had anal orgasms, and since then I’ve learned to have blended orgasms, which blow the butt O’s out of the water. Much  stronger, and I don’t have to take a dick up my ass nor de – contaminate after. Continue Reading…


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NSA sexgivit2me999

I enjoy anal sex, but it depends on mood and partner, and always cum that way. All my orgasm are real are good. I prefer no other stimulation while doing anal as I want to feel just that… but know it’s a personal preference.

I recommend if you decide to try it, do it with an experienced partner. Could make the difference in whether you enjoy it or not.

You definitely need to make sure you’re relaxed when you do it or it will be painful. Might need to try it more than once before you decide if it’s for you or not.

Good luck and be careful! Continue Reading…

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NSA sexwelikeall

Here’s my two cents worth! First, make sure you clean out really well. Go to the toilet, perhaps an enema.

My favorite position for anal sex is on my back with pillows under my ass.

Use lots of lube, get him to play with your ass for a bit first, loosen you up till you feel ready to try more. Have him go slow.

I like to change it up, sometimes I like a dildo in my pussy as well, sometimes I play with my clit, or sometimes we just kiss passionatly, and all work well depending on the mood.
But, try it, twice at least just to make sure. Those who love it, love it forever… Continue Reading…

Anal sex for the first time

I’m considering anal sex for the first time and I’m wondering if it really is pleasurable.


Are you male or female? Are you considering giving or receiving anal?


Give it or receiving, either way, anal sex is depend on the person. Some find it painful others very pleasurable. If you are going to try it, go slow.

anal three wayIt’s definitely worth a try to see if you like it or not. Do a search on here to get some tips on how to do it right and then you just have to find a sex partner, who is considering anal sex too.

If you are giving it… you don’t just stick your penis in there like you do a vagina. Be sure you use condom.

If you are receiving it… then you need even more lube. It takes lots of play and lube for it to be comfortable/enjoyable for the receiver.


Being at the giving end in anal sex anal feels great. I understand how women may be turned off by the idea completely, and if they are not comfortable with it (because they think it’s gross) you must respect that. If they don’t like it because it hurts, I think they just haven’t been pampered enough to relax and enjoy it. Diplomacy is getting someone to do what you want.

The highest form of diplomacy is getting someone to want what you want, and this apply for sex plays too.

If your partner is new to anal sex, the easiest anal sex position for her will be laying flat on her stomach or her side. If she tries her first time on her hands and knees, or with her butt in the air, there will be more resistance and discomfort for her.

First, make her cum with vaginal penetration or with oral sex. Then, give her a massage to relax her further. Massage her buns. I like to lick around the area to tease her, then rim her.

If you’re not into that, use your fingers to caress her there. Use LOTS of lube. Go very slowly. Don’t ignore the other parts of her anatomy and don’t go jamming things inside until you’ve been warming her up for a long time.

Kiss her and talk to her while you’re massaging her.

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You will need to insert fingers and larger items progressively over time: one finger, two, three, anal toy, etc. Finally, your hard penis. You can not perform anal sex with semi hard penis. You can find few anal sex positions with anal sex photos at next. You can see there how anal sex should be done.

If you have sex with the same partner often, you can massage her rectum while she’s experiencing the most intense moments of sex. If she learns to associate the massaging with pleasure, she will start to enjoy ass-play on its own.

If you are patient and persistent, going further and further each time, she may even ask you to use your penis. That’s if you’re with the same partner over an extended period.

Anyway, ask her questions like “do you like this better, or this?”

Listen to what she says.

I think it’s a very good idea to use sex toys on her to keep her other parts feeling good while you play with her ass.

Did I write listen to what she says? She will make noises that might make you think she’s not enjoying herself, so work out a safe-word beforehand so you don’t have to keep asking “are you okay?”

Go slowly. You cannot pound her like she’s a porn star, especially if it’s her first time. Plus, she’ll be squeezing you so tightly, you won’t need too go very quickly.

I like to put my fingers in her mouth while I’m doing it. Don’t be a dick about it though. Be respectful!
And don’t stick the fingers you had up her butt in her mouth or vagina!

Don’t be stupid! Use a condom!

When you finish, you can relax and she can use her muscles to push your penis out. They’re designed to push stuff out of there. If you just pull out, it may be uncomfortable for her.

You have to think about your ass, when you are considering anal sex, because she may want to play with your ass too. She let you in hers, so it’s only fair to reciprocate. It can feel pretty good if she makes sure to keep you erect via other means. If she doesn’t want anything to do with your ass, then don’t press the issue.

There is a web page with anal sex basics. You should read it before try to shovel up your dick into anyone’s ass…

Visit our partner’s erotic on-line dating advice section for more anal sex tips, anal sex advice.

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