I am a woman and I want to get anal sex trained

I have a really good girlfriend. I mean she is not my sex friend, a friend a good friend. We are friends since our high school and virtually we do not have any secret…  what the other do not knows. This include sex life and guys and everything. Continue Reading…

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Anyways, my friends love anal sex and luckily her husband love it too. She always talks about her anal orgasm… So  I want to have anal sex too,  but my boyfriends cock is just way too big. She is lucky, her hubby’s cock is an average size cock…

Needless to say I find, anal sex with my boyfriend more painful than enjoyable and he did not even enter all the way in…

I want to get anal sex trained… Anyone have any advice on how I can work my way up to enjoying it up the ass? Continue Reading…


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I am in a different boat…

Is it normal for a woman to penetrate a guy anus with a dildo/vibrator? My boyfriend want me do him all the time…

Can anal sex cause piles in a guys or women? Is it wise for a guy with a small case of piles to be penetrated by a strap on dildo or vibrator? Continue Reading…



I think, one of my boy toy is in love with me. Older woman problem with a young man in her NSA sex relationship

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Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me


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If you and your girlfriend are  so good friend, why don’t you ask her advice and or borrow her  husband  to anal sex train you and your boyfriend.  Would not be better to get  a one on one or two on two training from someone who knows what to do and enjoy to give it and enjoy to be at the receiver end too… Continue Reading…


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Once upon a time I started on the same way… There are anal toys, and anal plugs. Start with a small one and a lot of  lubrication. Then go for bigger….

Then buy a strap on dildo, which is smaller then your boyfriend’s cock and ask him to penetrate your ass with it… of course with a lot of lube… if is dry is hurt like a hell… If is well lubed, well then you might enjoy it… When you get used to the dildo, then go for his big cock… Continue Reading…

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Everything and anything can be normal in sex, if the partners enjoy it. I don’t think you enjoy being at the receiver end, that is why you have concern about it.

And yes there are a lot of women who loves to penetrate the guy’s real end. There are anal toys available over the Internet, developed for women, to use on men, to hit his prostate gland with.

If you do it right, you can make him climax, by penetrating his anus. He can play his erected penis and the same time you massage his prostate gland with that strap on thing…  and he will have a mind blowing orgasm.

If you use the right size toy, he can not get piles, if you use some big and ugly thing, then you can make a lot of damage down there. Bleeding down there can happen during anal sex, if you do not use enough lubrications, if your penetrate him you with a wrong size anal toy or wrong anal sex positions.

If he already have piles, you should not put anything into his anus, not even your finger. First he need to fix the problem. Continue Reading…


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As at above stated, anal sex can cause hemorrhoids… big ones.

No, that’s not meant to be a joke, and yes, I know it for a fact. You can consider it as my advice… Never ever anal sex for me, never again, even though I enjoyed it… Continue Reading…


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Keep it to where you are comfy with this. And a lot of lube, I mean a lot, it have to be messy from the lube, widthwise you do not use enough.

There are great lubes out there, do not use the cheap ones. Deep breathe and try to
relax. It not supped to hurt, but  if is hurt, then tell him to back off… Continue Reading…