Anal Penetration During Oral Sex

My present sex friend made the suggestion that during oral sex (blow-job) I penetrate him anally with my finger. Before playtime I cut my finger nails… I lubricated my finger with the shortest nail on it. Continue Reading…

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The playtime arrived and we get into really fast. I went down on him and alternated sucking and manually pumping his cock and the mean time slowly slide my lubricated finger into his anus. He enjoyed it that much, he asked for two fingers…

He had a mind blowing orgasm. He told me, it was the kind that you feel deep inside you down to your toes.

Now I am working on my oral knowledge and thinking about to buy an anal, strap-on toy, however I don’t think he is really into receiving blow jobs… I think the anal penetration is more pleasurable for him.

What do you guys think, do you think I just waste my time to perfecting my oral knowledge? I never met a guy yet who did not like oral sex. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexYoungDub124

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan receiving blow jobs

I know in our culture they are revered as this great gift/act that
all men should enjoy but I’ve never really cared for them.

Looks like your man is not alone… Is this actually common? Did I have sub-par experiences? Continue Reading…


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Everyone have their preferences in sex and in blow job too. I would say… you should try with experienced lady few more times, before you give it up… Continue Reading…


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I actually think this might be more common than some people let on. The partner I am with in the beginning didn’t stop me when I wanted to share this pleasure with him…but he was pretty open in the fact he didn’t find them to be the end all – be all thing.

Fortunately I long to pleasure him, and took my time learning his body and responses and the things he enjoys and he is now hopelessly addicted…

Perhaps there is hope there for you to find this a truly enjoyable thing as well. Continue Reading…


NSA sexOmegaMale1000

Blowjob does not do to much for me, I can live with or with out it… make no difference, but I love butt plays…

I love when my lady stimulates my anus with her finger, before enter in with a strap on anal toy. It is a very intense feeling and can be very pleasurable, but she has to be gentle and need to do it slow, otherwise can be very painfully. Continue Reading…


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You are right. My man told me once: “Some girls have no idea how to give a proper blowjob. Sometimes I’d just rather be jacked off.” I guess a masturbation is better than a bad blow-job… Continue Reading…

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My FWB told me what makes my blowjobs so great is that besides feeling good he can tell I enjoy giving him one. So I don’t think you can rule out the emotional side of any given activity.

If one partner or possibly even both don’t enjoy the experience of a blowjob, the likelihood of either making an effort to improve technique is probably slim at best.

There is a lot of discussion about anal sex here in the advice line and I think the same thing applies. If one partner or even both don’t see the pleasure in anal, you can’t tell them to keep trying and work on their technique so they then can enjoy it.

Bottom line, convey your feelings by communicating with your partner. Continue Reading…


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I love giving blow jobs and my hubby loves getting them. For me, it’s wonderful and always causes me to have multiple orgasms as I take his hardness deep down my throat and end in a large explosion of hot cumm…

I then swallow every drop, while I have one final very long and strong orgasm…. A win – win here for sure. Continue Reading…


swingers sexVickie_Jo

Actually, I’m sure your preference is shared by some men. But from my experience you are in some very rare and unique company.

But just remember, there are a lot of women (myself included) that enjoy giving them. You cutting them out of that narrows the field of available playmate prospects. Continue Reading…

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