I crave to have animalistic sex. My fuck buddy sometimes makes love to me, some other times he fucks the hell out of me

Do you prefer to be fucked or made love to?

I’ve been thinking lately how it’s been so long since I’ve been made love to. Sure, I’ve had sex but not very frequently but I would classify it more as getting fucked.

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erotic datingflirtatiousone4u

The reason I say that is because it was done with not much intimacy. I do also think it’s possible to be fucked and made love to by the same person on the same night or different encounters.

What do I mean? Well, for example I had a friend once who once told me that he thought that I liked to be made love to then get fucked really hard. Meaning I love the kissing and the foreplay but I also like to be pounded by a nice hard cock in the same session.

Another example springs to mind of when I met a gentleman and we got together and it was very intimate and passionate sex, but it was casual sex, not love making.

For a first encounter I was surprised. I think we were both hungry for some intimate loving’ even if we weren’t per see in love.

I think fucking and making love can both be enjoyable depending on your mood. Right now I need to make love or maybe I should say I want to have passionate sex with someone so I don’t scare them off with the ‘L’ word.

Do you like to be Fucked or Made Love to? Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I agree with you, but just partially… You are right, fucking and making love can both be enjoyable, but…

I think we made love with a loved one. This is something that couple do in the privacy in their bedroom, they make love, have sex..

I like to have NSA sex, fuck hard for pleasure with fuck buddy… or with an erotic sex partner. And I definitely do not like to get fucked. That is not my cup of tea… Continue Reading…



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casaul sex adssipthewine

“Ideally, it would be a mix of both. The intimacy of making love and the passion and lustfulness of fucking”.

I could not have said it better. Simple, to the point and the absolute truth. Continue Reading…


anal sexlilsprite

It all depends on who I’m with and my mood. My fuck buddy sometimes makes love to me, then just fucks the hell out of me. My lover sometimes fucks the hell out of me too, then ends it in a slow and soft…. romantic love making..

Then there’s the others…. oh never mind, it all depends on what we are up for!!! Continue Reading…


sex datingbobodoll

I don’t think you can make love without being in love although when I am having sex with someone I am very passionate with them.

I’ve seen where some on here say no kissing but to me it’s all the same. To have sex is everything combined – kissing, hugging, oral sex and intercourse.

When I’m with my lover I am making love. Sex with my lover is making love even though it means I am getting fucked… Continue Reading…


sex datingsassysweetbbw96

I feel there are three types. There’s sex, fucking, & making love. 90% of the time it’s fucking, then sometimes you have sex, but to me you can only make love if you are in love.

I think you can do all three if you are in love, but can’t make love without being in love. Who wouldn’t like to make love? It’s the ultimate gift, that just human have. Continue Reading…


adult datingdirtylildi

I don’t often crave to have animalistic sex.  But then, I don’t engage in casual sex to often, so there’s always an underlying intimacy, even if we’re getting down and dirty. Continue Reading…

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adult datingntnwillis98

I like sex with a skilled, respectful lover that understands my needs and his and does accordingly. I try to do my best in return.

Call it whatever the fuck you want to. Continue Reading…


adult datingAnewWoman

I am definitely make love with my loved one. I need that time and closeness to feel my guy wants and cares about being with me, because that is how I go into the relationship. I could be happy with the intimacy alone.

I love this question, but the requests I get from guys makes me wonder if they know there is a difference. And big NO, make love to does not mean making sure the woman also achieves orgasm. Continue Reading…


sex adscoconuts322

Ideally, it would be a mix of both. The intimacy of making love and the passion and lustfulness of fucking. Continue Reading…


haloween partytrisha_ann_glynn

I want to be made love to by the love of my life.

The same act, with someone else, is fucking.  He is fucking me, not making love with me. If it’s not that one person in particular than there is no either or.

It’s who else was available, until “that someone” and I are together. And until that time, a really, really good appetizer is fucking. Continue Reading…

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