I am a woman seeking erotic sexual pleasures here

I am a woman, I am here to seeking sexual and often very erotic pleasures with men for the sake of pleasure. I do not want to get attached and typically do not become attached. I love nsa sex and do not have problem to separate sex from my emotions.

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However men can’t get this… Sooner or later they try to claim “ownership” over me. They plan their future with me, they just can’t get it, I am int, nsa sex and nothing more… I am not here to build a romantic life long relationship… I am here the trill of nsa sex.

At this point in my life I prefer put more time into my career, than waste it to build a romantic relationship… Why men can’t get it? Continue Reading…

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Pretty good question… and I am 100% at your side…

The reason I came here: This is a nsa sex dating website, so people com here to have nsa sex, with out any attachments.

I like to have sex, like this, because I’m single and actively not dating, I do not want to dating at all. I don’t want a boyfriend.

Basically I want to get to the next level in my career, which is my own small home based business. I want to make it to something where I can work at for myself for the rest of my life.

Plus, I think I am different kind of woman, I can’t imagine myself to wake up next to the same man every morning in the rest of my life… Look at the same face at every morning, that is not for me.  I just don’t have that thing most people have where they want to be in a relationship?

I am okay like this, actually I am more than okay, there is nothing missing from my life, except a man, who do not want attachment, just sex only.

It seems like a lot of man want to meet girls for leisure sex, but I have hard time to find  one or two… who understand what leisure, nsa sex stand for. Looks like I am not the only woman… Continue Reading…


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I’m 27 year old single mom. I am not ugly, but I have about 10 – 15  pounds of extra weight (on my butt and stomach).

I do not looking for father of my daughter. I  have enough income to and  I am perfectly capable of take care of her and take care of my widowed mom too.

And no  she wasn’t born by accident. I wanted to have a kid… But the income is one thing and sex is other, I can not and do not want to live without sex.

I have few profiles here, more than one (makes easier to meet men)… Usually I have anonymous sex with men I meet on-line. I mean, I find a guy here than we meet for dinner or something similar and if we like each other than we “hang out” a little longer and end up in a hotel room.

There is a rule, one man, no more than three times. As the first post stated, after few times, men try to manage the women’s life… I think they should be happy to take what they get… But they don’t, so that is why I move forward to the next one… You should too, before they claim ownership over you. Continue Reading…

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I’m am the woman part of the couple and I am wondering… can a woman be satisfied from no strings attached sex only?

We are into nsa sex with other couples and single men too, but my husband is always there and I want him to be there.  His satisfaction give a big boot to my enjoyment… Plus well know facts, during nsa  hookups, most extra men are not as focused on the woman’s pleasure as  husbands or permanent partners. He is the one who makes sure, I always have god time…

I would not enjoy it without him, that just would not be the same… Continue Reading…

swingers sex

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Looking fort NSA – No String Attached Sex – rather Anonymous Sex

Hard to find a competitive sex partner for NSA sex, a person who enjoys casual sex. Even harder to find  a woman for NSA, a woman who love to go in the bed with a couple.

Check out the next ad. I copied it from our members section.

… We are a couple who are looking for a woman who would like to have sex with me, while my husband watches and later participates in straight sex such as double penetration with both of us…

NSA sex datingNSA sex Dating

Unfortunately I have a bad news for you. Find an attractive lady via Internet, who willing to go in the bed with male and female is not easy but not impossible. A lot easier to find a couple where she is bi sexual. Actually in our sexually open world, women from swingers couples, around 50% of them are bi sexual.

One of my male friend asked me a few days back: Where that lot of bi sexual lady coming from lately? Well I don not know and do not care, in fact this is something that absolutely do not bother me, because I am always ready to play with a nice lady…

However I do not want to talk bi sexuality. I just would like to give some idea to find a casual sex partner.

Our sister website have a web page with information on How to Find A Single Girl For Casual Sex .

Then women who are into casual sex, do have problems with men… Many women experienced it, in a NSA hookup man feels his identity should be private. Continue reading...

NSA sexNSA Threeseomes

NSA sex dating adsAgree or disagree, a man believes in a normal relationship his background can be known, however in NSA situation a woman is not entitled to his full identity or name.

She is expected to allow him into her home freely, where she will be tied up for sex on a second meeting. If he won’t tell and she is able to glean information from what little he has supplied her is she invading his privacy? Or is this okay to satisfy her safety concerns.

She know knows his full name, employer and next of kin and some background, all public records.

Are a woman’s rights to safety based on the level of relationship offered?

Is it just me, or does anyone feel he is treating her as second class goods? Continue reading...


This is simple wrong.  If you have doubts and he refuses to HONESTLY allay your concerns you should not even become involved with him. You certainly should not allow yourself to be rendered helpless by being tied or restrained. In fact, you should not even allow him to know where you live until you feel that you can trust him entirely. Continue reading...

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NSA sex adsWhat ever works for you,  but I wouldn’t meet without knowing his identity or where he lives…

Safety is my first concern!!! Continue reading...


NSA sex datingI get a lot of the same shit from guys and from couples too. They want me to get “all Dolled up” so that they can come over to my place and
use my mouth.

But they don’t want to give me a name or a phone number or anything. However, I think that the term you are looking for is not NSA (No String Attached Sex) but rather Anonymous Sex.

But only anonymous on one side – theirs.

In general, I give those guys a pass.

But I have met a couple who have been on here a long while and who eventually dole
out some personal info.

Once I have gotten comfortable with them they have turned out to be nice. One just needs
to be patient but insistent. Continue reading...


NSA sex…it should go both ways.  And as to safety, you can only be the judge of that yourself as to how safe you feel about some stranger coming to YOUR house and tying you up.

Myself now I wouldn’t feel safe at all.

If he wants to be anonymous, make him pay for a hotel and you meet him there. In a hotel the security gourd is just a phone call a way. Continue reading...

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