Can you please fuck my wife?

Our first foursome did not work out. List not on my part. My wife had a blast…

We have a new neighbour, they are a married couple like us and by the look they are close to our age.  They organized a house warm up party at Saturday evening and invited us and their other neighbour over.

For my big surprise they had a pretty good karaoke machine in the basement. They recognized my surprise and said, every Filipino own one or two karaoke machine. They said Canadians  crazy about ice hockey, Philippines crazy about karaoke.

I am not blind. I could see she is an oriental lady, in fact she is very attractive, but did not know she is Filipino. Her husband is a Canadian man. Continue Reading…

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My wife is a big karaoke singer and she really enjoyed herself. She head more than few drinks and she was singing all night. The other neighbour couple left early, they said they have to go somewhere early at tomorrow morning.

So we stayed, we drink and the two women song. Than in one of the quiet moment, the neighbour, lets call him Joe  told me, they are into casual sex with others and asked, do I want to play with his wife…

I told him my wife and I like to try new things and might be interested, but it’s something we would have to talk before we do it and when we are sober. He dropped the subject.

His wife and my wife did not know anything about our short discussions and his wife, lets call her Janet, told to my wife, just from nowhere… how much she loves to suck cock. Both women was drunk a little, but this kind of subject get my wife attention from the karaoke machine. I know she is bi sexual, she had a bi sexual relationship for years in her student age  and she still attracted to some kind of women and I think Janet was one of her kind of woman. Continue Reading…

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So my wife  told to  Janet, she does not care about cock at this moment, she wants her and asked her to go upstairs.   Janet said it is more fun here and they started making out on the floor. Joe and I was watching it. Than one point Janet told Joe get naked, and he did.

My wife was kissing all over Janet, I got naked too and get under her and started to eat her out, and than for my big surprise just over my face, Joe condomized cock entered her. My wife adjusted her position to make easier for Joe to enter into her.

I was pretty excited before, but it made me lose my erection immediately. His cock was in my face and I did not really know what to do.

Than he asked me very polity. Can you please fuck my wife? She takes it in her ass to, so feel free to fill up her any holes…

Anal sex is one of my erotic fantasy and my wife does not take anything, not even my finger into her butt. Here was my big opportunity and my dick status was between limp and extremely limp. Continue Reading…

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Anyway, Janet and I moved over and started to play. She tried to give me a blow job, but I could not concentrate on us, I just looked Joe and my wife. He gave her really hard in doggies style and I could see on my wife body position she is just about to orgasm and she did, and did so Joe. I was kind of happy, I think it was over, but no it wasn’t.

I heard my wife voice. She said I am still horny  just keep fucking me and Joe did, many times and in all possible position.

Than Janet realized, I wont be able to fuck her and she joined them in. And I left home with my limp dick.

My wife came home at mid day next day, so I had a lot of time to thinking. Does she still love me? I wasn’t sure anymore.

We started to talk. I told her I was limp all night, she said she didn’t even realize Janet and I didn’t actually fuck. Then she told me I needed to fuck her now. I did her, but did not enjoy it… I heard her voice in my mind as she begged for Joe to keep fucking her.

Than I asked her, if I could handle it, sex with others is something that she would want to keep doing?  She  answered without hesitation, oh yes, it was a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

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I am not sure what will I do, but I know it now, I should not ask questions, if I can not face with the answer.

Really, what should I do now? Can someone help me? Continue Reading…


What type of penis Asian women like?

What type of penis Asian woman like. Shaved or hairy?

According to my experience Asian men like women with hairy genital. I guess because Asian women not really hairy… and men always want to get things that they can’t have or hard to get. Continue Reading…

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What is men’s favorite, if we are talking about pussy? Shaved or hairy pussy? What do you prefer? Continue Reading…


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Personally myslef prefer shaved or neatly trimmed pussy, however any pussy is better (hairy or shaved) than no pussy, as far as that pussy is nice and clean and smells and taste as a clean pussy suppose to smell and taste… Continue Reading…


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If I can have a choice I will take a shaved one, but a hairy Asian would be good too…

Anywyas, there are a lot of web pages on the Internet that talk about what kind of female’s genital men like, even pages a pages on this blog too…

However not many web pages talk about women’s male genital preferences. For example what type of cocks Asian woman like, hairy or shaved…? Continue Reading…


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My number one choice would be a big and thick one, but not longer than 8 inches. Hairy or shaved…? Not shaved, no oral sex… Continue Reading…


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Probably women are not too different than men. Some of them don’t care about the amount of hair on the male genital, some others do. Some of the woman care more about his penis sizes. Just see the comment at above…

On the other hand today’s open minded women are different than the 1970’s women. They do have the same rights as men have. They can talk about sex more openly, therefore they do not hesitate to tell to their partner they will not go down on him, because they don’t want dicks hair in their mouth…. As the Asian lady stated at above…. Continue Reading…


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How Big is Possible for an Asian Pussy?


Just to make it clean, I am talking about cock…  I love big cocks, and love sex, but my question is; How big is possible for an Asian women,  what is to big for  a tight Asian pussy like my pussy. Continue reading… Continue Reading…


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Some men say that, the cock’s body has no hair on. The balls are usually hairy… I think most important thing is what your partner and you like. If she likes it bald, shave it off, however most off the women don’t like a bald cock. They say bald cocks are too gay. So the best way to go is to trim it nicely and maybe shave the balls area. Continue Reading…

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Some at ask asked me, why shave my genital? Why I take a risk to cut it with a shave.. How I shave? By the way all my previous lover, sex partner preferred, clean trimmed penis attached to to two shave balls…

Why and how to shave you genital?

Why, well, there are myriad of reasons to. But mainly,  because shaved or trimmed is cleaner and easier to keep it clean… and smell free.

And there is an other benefits of shaved penis… Shaving makes your penis look bigger. Without your pubic hair, an extra 2 inches of your man hood is exposed. A clean crotch is also very tempting for a nice blow job. The act of shaving itself is a highly erotic act which you and your sweetie can share.

What do you need? For starters, you will need a razor and shaving gel. Use a brand new razor, do not even bother with electric shavers. And do not use shaving cream that you use for your face, get one which is for sensitive skin or is for feminine use.

Gather up your things and proceed to the bathroom. Trim the longer hair first before you go about it to make the work much easier for you. Wash up the area with warm water and lather it up with shaving gel thoroughly. Also hot shaving oil is a big help.

How do you go about it? You can start by shaving off the part above your penis. Remember to shave against the grain (bottom to top); it will give you the closest, smoothest shave. Gently pull down your penis so that you can go about the area much easier. Then, pull it on either side so you can get into the corners.

Now, you’re ready to do your scrotum. Stretch out the skin as you gently work your razor with equal strokes. You can reach the area under by pulling your entire package — shaft and all — up against your lower belly. Feel the skin and shave the area that you may have missed. Voila! You have just made your package look bigger.

Remember to shave gently and focus on what you’re doing (turn off the sport channel on the TV) to avoid any  accidents.

Rinse off with a nice body wash and give your pubic area  a good lathering and wash off any stray hair. You can also use body scrubs to remove off dead skin cells which causes itching.

Dry off by patting the just-shaved area with a clean towel or cloth. Wear boxers for proper ventilation. To alleviate the itching, apply some lotion, baby powder, or anti itch cream. You do not need to do this everyday, maybe just before you go to a date or once in a few weeks. Try it out on your partner and see if she can notice the extra inches of visual effect you have just gained! Continue Reading…

How Big is Possible for an Asian Pussy?

I am an Asian and want to know,  just don’t tell me try, because I keep trying it. Okay, lets make it clean, I am only 4’10 tall therefore a 8 inches .penis can do permanent damage down there, so I am not asking how long is to long.

What I want to know  is how fat penis is to fat penis for an Asian woman…

Just face it, the vagina is the door for life. Babies born and enter this world true vagina,  I know there are stretches and broken tissues, and the women cervix will dilate, plus doctors might cut, but the baby still arrives true on the vagina.

So the question how thicj penis I would be able to take? I tried vaginal double penetration with two  Filipino guys, but their dick wasn’t thick. A white guy’s thumb is thicker then those Filipino men dick.

But I have to  be honest here and doesn’t matter their cock size, I really enjoyed my play time with them. Their had “shabu” and I tried it and that stuff made sex much better. I never get tired they did not get tired also… and was a lot of fun.

Anyway how much can my pussy dilate without suffering? I mean how thick a man penis should be, that will make me really fulfilled?

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